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  1. Hi Everyone I'm new to SMS and have been trying to install it as we just recieved the software. What i've done so far... install sql 2005 install sms 2.0 problem.. when opening admin console i get the error connection failed. When trying to specify a database to connect to i get error that the site server cannot be contacted.... SQL is all default install >next >next... when installing SMS i s pecify my site name as TestLab didn't work. Then i thought instead specify the same name as the server.... Still no Go... Any Help ?? Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks Guys... We got it fixed.. It was mapping a drive to a network source through a registry setting. We removed that and used auto drive mapping to the same location works great. Thanks Minus Human
  3. Hi hope you guys can help ...again.. catch 22 scenario here We have a scenario where would like to delay login on a terminal so that all network recourses are loaded and ready for use. We've enabled auto login which you could disable but in this scenario we need to use it ...catch22. Thanks Minus Human
  4. Hi licensing is not my thing so if i'm asking a stupid questions here, excuse me.. Where can i find the following information: OS LicenseType OS NumLicenses OS Number of People actually using SQL NumLicenses SQL Number of People actually using I don't have the agreement number or the information required to trace this stuff through microsoft's lisensing site. I did speak to someone from microsoft who said i could get some of this from Systems Management Console but we don;t have SMS so that ain't gonna help.. Anybody have some advise for me ? is there somekinda tool i could perhaps use ? Thank You! Minus Human
  5. Hi Guys, Is there a way i can audit all the accounts in my AD ( who has logged in who hasn't and when last they logged in) I can setup auditing i aware of that but it's only going to audit from when i enable it onwards, what if i want to get all the information on the user accounts since AD was installed ? Thanks Minus Human
  6. They're nortel 450 switches and a couple of 470 switches. last night we had the same problem.we've changed the spanning tree option from fast learning to normal learning. we set up port mirroring on a port that was pushing through a high rate of traffic (99%) 85% of this traffic was UDP traffic. But i can't find anything that would create such a larage amount of UDP traffic? Any suggestions. Minus HUman
  7. HI Hope you guys can help, we had a strange problem last night. All of our Netware servers crashed last night with an error that a "duplicate IP Address" After rebooting the servers and all switches the problem was solved. But our concern is why would this happen? None of our Microsoft Servers gave an error. Anybody have this before? It happened around 3'oclock in the morning. I'm concerned it could be a virus of somekind? Any help? Thanks Minus Human
  8. I've seen this before with WYSE teminals but not with Computers ( i assume they are PC's) Try using nbtstat -A x.x.x.x (ip) and check if it comes back with an expected response. I'm reaching here but perhaps the Firewall on the local PC(if XP) is blocking the information. Minus Human
  9. Try Installing Adminpack on your Server, it includes a remote desktop MMC you can use. You can create pre-defined connections in the MMC to all you XP boxes.The connections will be listed on the left and u can select which ones to use. Minus Human
  10. Sorry no idea, but if you don't mind me asking where did you get longhorn server ? Thanks Minus Human
  11. Not sure but why not setup an additional server with 3 virtual network Interfaces. Configure the IP's as follows NIc1=10.1.20.x NIc2=10.1.21.x NIc3=10.1.22.x And enable Routing through RRAS on that server. That should do it Minus Human
  12. Unless you set up a DHCP relay agent through RRAS to listen for DHCP requests from your second interface. Minus Human
  13. If i remember correctly the following should work. You say you already have a group named WSusTest - Ok go to your pc you want to add to this group and from the run command type: gpedit.msc when it opens browse to Computer Configuration> Administrative Templates> Windows Components> WindowsUpdate> Then open the option client side targeting. Select Enable and type WSUSTest in the space. That Should do it Minus Human Ofcourse for multiple PC you would use a GPO to do this Minus Human
  14. Hi, I think everyone here is right you must have a virus i've had the same problem before. When your server starts a countdown to reboot type the following in the run box shutdown -a that should stop the countdown. and get Sp1 installed it's free!! Minus Human

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