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  1. Windows NT was great back then and still works with some legacy hardware. A client I work with got burned because a piece of hardware was certified for NT but she wanted to use it on Server 2003 and it didnt work out. (Ended up getting it working in virtualized NT)
  2. On Windows 2000 when nLite starts finalizing it will crash. It happens every time. Any ideas what causes it to crash?
  3. Here is a fix for Windows Media Player movies and files not playing in Firefox on Windows Server 2003. Download these dll files and unzip them. Then place them in C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\plugins . I dont know if they work with WMP 10 as I have WMP 11 installed on Windows Server 2003.
  4. Depends on your usage. I personally like Windows Server 2003 in terms of development and testing as its more stable and can take the punding of constant changes. The dislikes I have of using it is the minute you tell someone, "Oh, I run Windows Server 2003 on my desktop" they automatically proclaim you to be a pirate. If you are not a developer and have no reason to use the OS then stick with Windows XP. If you still decide you want to use it, get Windows X Windows Server 2003 conversion pack.
  5. Change the platform identifier, but if you have a pirated version of Windows 2003 SP1 thats going to screw up the works for you.
  6. I finally got it to install. Does anyone else need instructions on how to get it done or is this a "lost interest in doing"
  7. The XP conversion kit is not really helpful as it will destroy a VLK version of Windows. Some of the enhancements will work but stay away from fast user switching and the welcome screen.
  8. Service Pack 2 for Win2k3 has a huge tendency to screw things up. All I did was replace the uxtheme file, disable the restore files dialog
  9. Try downloading the patcher from Neowin.net, that may help fix the problem if not then restore it using your original Windows Server 2003 disk.
  10. PCLinuxOS has spport for MP3, DVD and WMA, WMV and QT. Also has ndiswrapper included.
  11. I thought hye was talking about upgrading XP Home to XP Pro[ quote name=Takeshi' date='Aug 6 2006, 08:42 PM' post='543974] What do you mean upgrade Win 2000 to Pro? Win 2000 is already the Professional version. The only snag in any Win2k/XP multiboot system is the boot files, esp. ntldr and ntdetect.com. The older versions in Win2k won't boot xp. So make a copy of them first and restore them after. Boot.ini shouldn't be any concern. In any case you can always fix it manually or with the RC.
  12. So if I call novell and tell them I just want the CD's, not the manual or support. Just the box and disks? Will they send it? In short, no, thus you are indeed paying for the OS.
  13. If you are upgrading to XP Pro from home, your original settings will be intact u nless you decide to do a clean install of XP Pro.
  14. Not an absolute flop. There are some peices that need more work and need to be tweaked more. This is a beta and nobody should expect it to be perfect.
  15. Office 07 is shaping up to be a pretty decent release, but I agree Office 2003 for now.
  16. WGA Notifications is the ONLY tool from MS for WGA that contains the Phone Home technique which does not work under Windows 2000 AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!! WGA Notifications was pushed out through Critical Updates. The ActiveX control only exists for Validation at the MS Downloads website. All copies of Windows 2000 pass validations as Win 2000 did not contain an activation scheme and has no way for Microsoft to keep track of Windows 2000 keys used.
  17. Sounds like a media problem during the initialization process. I had something similar happen to me when I used an nlited to death install image. Clean your media if its the original media, if its an image disk or nLite material burn another copy if you are able.
  18. I have been looking for this for a long time as well. Unfortunately, I havent found a shortcut myself, sorry
  19. Windows 2000 is not required to have WGA, its not checked. The active X control is required for downloads from Microsoft but the ActiveX control only reports the OS to MS. If you were on XP you would get WGA notifications and WGA Notifications is the spyware.
  20. rjdohnert


    When you download SyncToy or the Virtual CD-ROM powertoy you have to validate but they install otherwise. Just remember under Windows 2000 and Server 2003 they are unsupported. Windows 2000 should pass automatically as does Server 2003. Im expecting that to change for Server 2003 as more people are adopting it for their desktop. Software like Private Folder and PhotoStory will not install on 2k or 2k3 either.
  21. I think its after yiou install USP5. Thats how mine was.
  22. Ok /G, sorry about the insinuation. just no one has seen hide nor hair of you for awhile and Dirtwarrior said something about you being ill so no one knew. Good to have you back though.

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