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  1. So i have an existing network running off a single server running windows 2003 SBS. I am about to add a file server that originally was going to run Linux.. However.... i was wondering if i set up windows 2008 if i could add it as another domain controller? I just saw this: Adding a Server Running Windows Server 2008 to a Windows Small Business Server 2003 Network which seams to say i can... the goal of the 2nd server was to only be a file server... however, if i could use it as sort of a fault tolerance for the services running on the SBS machine (dns,wins, print server, sql, login server etc) then that would be cool as well. Thank you!
  2. We have some 30 brand new dell computers with office 2007 OEM. All the outlook clients are using pop3 hosted service (google apps). Sometimes a user will open outlook and it will ask them to create a new profile. if i look in c:\documents and settings\username\local settings\application data\microsoft\outlook after i create the profile, the original .PST is still there.. so i need to copy the Outlook.pst to Outlook1.PST and reboot outlook. why would outlook create another profile if the pst and other files needed are still there in their correct profile directory? what would cause outlook to think it needs to create another profile? this has happened 4 times in some 3 months, 3 of the times being earlier today. our office had a power outage, but to my understanding the computers were not restarted.. and once again - the profile folders were in tact, and the outlook data files were in tact. Thanks guys!
  3. I moved our office from exchange to a hosted pop3 service. For everybody sexchange folders, i exported all the data to pst. Then i created new outlook profiles with that pst, configured the pop3, and everything works fine sort of. all contacts are in the users outlook if the 'navigation plane' or whatever it is on the left hand side, if they goto Contacts all their contacts are there. but if they open up a new email, and press TO - it should show their contacts, and they are not there. any ideas? I have even tried to re-import the contacts into the pst, and it imports, but still doesn't appear when creating new email messages and pressing "to" - i get no errors. - i have tried to reinstall the MAPI address book (uninstall + reinstall) - same results, no error, just they aren't there. - When i try to create a new contact - they appear in the TO field in new messages ....
  4. I have in california a windows 2003 standard machine as my only domain controler on its own domain. Its on a 192.168.111.x network IN another part of the state i have a windows 2003 standard machine as the only domain controler (different domain then above), on a 192.168.222.x network I have a pinned up VPN between the two for simple backup scripts that i have to ftp info back n forth. The VPN is pinned up via two watchguard fireboxes.. the VPN will allow or not allow any kind of traffic - this is not an issue. I would like if a server in one location went down, for the other to pick up the slack untill repaired.. Is this possible? Do i add them to the same domain? can they replicate between the two on seperate networks? can AD replicate and take over if one went down?
  5. since i have deployed a new machine running windows 2003 server, my firewall is reporting that i usually have some 20 or so connections opened from my windows server to other DNS servers port 53. i understand that my server needs to make queries to the outside, but 30 connects running 24/7 ? seems excessive no? dns server is running fine, and dns shows no errors. it has been doing this for a week now.
  6. The ESA earlier today applauded twp prison sentences handed down for two pirates in the United States. We can assume the ESA, who has spent almost $2,000,000 in six months by lobbying the U.S Government is happy with seeing some results. http://www.piracyisacrime.org/In-The-Court...-sentences.html
  7. I have a DELL Poweredge 700 and its been running perfectly for 4 years. Earlier this month a drive died. I ended up moving all the data to another server and took this one out of production. I figured since i am rebuilding the RAID anyways, and since the drives have been ON/RUNNING/IN USE for 4 years i should probbaly change the other drives in there as well. So i am replacing all 3 MAXTOR drives in the server. What kind of drives are good and "rated" for a server or RAID ? The server has a Raid controler (CERC 6ch) and this will run Windows 2003 SBS I am looking for something reasonably priced that i can also depend on.
  8. I would like to transfer all active directory responsibility, and DNS/DHCP/WINS, and FSMO to a windows 2003 server so i can bring down the SBS machine, maybe perminatley. i think everything is easy except for FSMO i should be able to dcpromo the standard machine to me a 'member server' and it will automaticly start replication to my understanding for all the services installed.. but how do i transfer FSMO over to the windows 2003 standard machine so i can take the SBS machine offline? Also will i need to rename the COMPUTER NAME or anything of the standard machine? and how do i PROMOTE it once the SBS machine is offline, or should it be automatic??
  9. Update to UBSOFT vs. OEM Earlier today I received a copy of the complaint and was hoping this could answer some questions as nobody at Ubisoft returned my requests for comment. The complaint lists a few things but doesn’t answer the question I was most interested in asking – how did you track the leak down to an employees house. Click here to download the court complaint (in pdf) or read the rest of the article: http://www.piracyisacrime.org/In-The-Court...turing-inc.html
  10. http://www.piracyisacrime.org/General/ubis...creed-leak.html
  11. 2007 State Piracy Report by the BSA was recently released - many saying its very misleading. For example, the lost tax revenues to state and local governments -- an estimated $1.7 billion -- would have been enough to build 100 middle schools or 10,831 affordable housing units; hire 24,395 experienced police officers; or purchase 6,335 propane-powered transit buses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions." source: http://www.piracyisacrime.org/BSA/a-detail...racy-stats.html you can see the full report here: http://www.piracyisacrime.org/statestudy07.pdf or on the bsa's website i assume?
  12. I decided to clean up a few things on my 2003 server and would like an easy way - of a bit less of a manual way - to clean up old computers that were once on the network at one time but are no longer here . i have a huge list of computers in my active directory but more then half are no longer active for one reason or another. can i tell it somehow to remove anything tha thasn't checked in within maybe 90 days etc?
  13. I have had this problem for some time and figured i'd ask here =) I have a few HP 4000's, toshiba e-studio 650 and a 4050 all over the office. Some are directly connected to the computers and some aren't. seems like 99% of the time it takes for ever to print a small PDF file. I think it has something to do with it trying to spool like 30 mb for a 1mb pdf file which i dont understand. I have tried PS and PCL drivers with no benifit to either. any ideas?
  14. Figured if the domain controler was updated, it would deploy the new time to all workstations.. Apparently this isn't correct. Any ideas? Win2k SBS domain controler has correct time. all windows XP workstations SP2, shows wrong time..
  15. Are there any third party (or anything else) applications that i can implement on a network of 40 XP workstations (windows 2003 server/ad), that would , once files are sent to/deleted from recycle bin, store them elseware, maybe even a hidden folder on the local computer? How about Outlook 2003 and deleted mails? So if people delete items and delete them from deleted items, have an archive of them also?

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