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  1. I know a couple exist for Windows XP are there any alternaties for Windows 2000?
  2. Newsforge reviewed 4 alternative OS's to Windows and Linux. To my surprise they didnt mention PC-BSD or Zeta.
  3. Here is a guide to do it, here are the files EDIT: Fixed links
  4. One server product that I did deploy at my last job that everyone liked and they continue to use it is hMailServer. If you want commercial support try Novell Groupwise.
  5. Is wake up enabled in the BIOS? Some server BIOS/Firmware have that option since servers are primarily 24/7 365.
  6. Windows Server 2003 is a fine OS for the roles you listed. Using a Windows client OS outside of Windows 2000 Pro will lead to several problems depending on how many users you have.
  7. Check the event viewer, some service or something may be crashing during shutdown that is causing the server to reboot.
  8. Exactly what services are you shutting down? You may be disabling a servoice that the desktop is looking for.
  9. Id keep it dual booted if I was you. It needs work yes, but so does Linux, FreeBSD and the others. You arent going to find the ultimate desktop replacement overnight.
  10. I use Spybot S&D. Much better solution. The only thing I like about Windows defender is the real time monitoring.
  11. Im not on my XP machine right now, but if WLM has parental controls you can probably cut it off from there.
  12. With SP1 you automatically get DirectX 9c. You dont need to download and install B.
  13. People will probably bash me for sure but I have come to enjoy RealPlayer on Win2k. It offers a lot of the features I enjoy from WMP 10 and it also supports DVD Playback on Win2k.
  14. dssadd and the rest of the Active Directory management tools have been added to CorePak, Both for Windows 2000 and Windows XP/Server 2003. dsadd, dsquery etc. Work with Windows 2000 as well as Server 2003. Link Guide Link
  15. rjdohnert


    Nice artwork -I-
  16. I agree, you may have to reinstall Windows but a little test first. Download the Windows File Explorer and give that a go. If that also hangs it might be a PSP software error
  17. A little ahead of myself but I have released both packages a day early. 2.0 conatins all the tools and utilities included in NTSH toolsuite 7 CorePak Product Summary Whats new from version 1.0 Download
  18. I put together a compilation of command line tools that I use on an everyday basis. Here is the Blog address to get them and please offer any feedback you may wish Link Here is a quick description What is NTSH Toolsuite ------------ NTSH is a collection of command line tools and utilities with NTSH being the designated user shell. NTSH is similar to BASH and other UNIX type command shells. What NTSH Toolsuite isnt -------------- Not a replacement or clone of MSH or Powershell. If you like and or religously use Powershell, PC-DCL or cmd.exe it is recommended that you use CorePak instead. Unless of course you do like NTSH Does NTSH Phone home -------------- No, NTSh does not include viruses, spyware or any other malware. It is recommended you scan the package first.
  19. If you have any issues drop me a line. I will be glad to help you out where I can
  20. Its also going to be in the NTSH Toolsuite and CorePak for Windows 2000 and Windows XP
  21. Zeta is a BeOS clone, marketed by Yellowtab. It runs great, its functional and just about any and all OSS software has a port. Its not a replacememt for Windows but for Linux Desktop, its perfect.
  22. Actually under Windows 2000 the software should work as Win2k has the OS/2 subsystem that allows it to run some software. Since IBM cut mainstream support tho for OS/2 this may not be an optimal solution. eComStation is the new OS/2 flavor that still has mainstream support and I believe they will support it in an Virtual Machine environment http://www.ecomstation.com/ I have tried Warp and eComStation on poth VPC and VMWare and it does work well.
  23. What OS? Is it nLited or virgin CD?

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