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  1. Tonight I am testing a few last details in the xml (image selection). Once verified, I shall put up the entire xml as a sample working copy in this forum.
  2. Thanks for the clarifications fizban2!I had a kinda foggy idea that the above was what it was, & its now clear/confirmed. Now only thing left, is for me to actually try it out & see what happens. I will report back with results. Apparently, you need to specify the metadata for DVD as well. I used vLite to eliminate non-english languages (chinese/korean/japanese/blah-blah), & removed all images except Home-Premium. But still i get prompted to choose the one-and-only image that exists on disc. Shall be testing now with the new info obtained.
  3. Classic = the old, usual installer method that was used. The current default installers are based on MSI. But you have a choice of versions, when you go to - http://www.opera.com/download/
  4. Seeing as WPI operates fine in Vista unattended setup as well, has anyone made a vista theme, or has plans of doing so?
  5. To solve above problem, you can do one of the 3 below: 1. Integrate ryanVM update pack into XP (it contain MSI 3.1) 2. Install msi3.1 during cmdlines & o2k7 at runonce. 3. Use the 2nd method that I mentioned (modifying config.xml).
  6. Use the classic installer. That one doesnt create a profile folder until you open the browser for the first time.
  7. fizban2, what does the "Key" setting do? In the CHM, they use this - /IMAGE/NAME Above, he has used a number. Whats the function of Key - and whats a valid input for it? And if I have only a single image in my WIM, on a dvd, this image is called "Windows Vista HomePrem" & i want that to be chosen automatically without asking me - what should the "Key" be? This page confused me further rather than solve it - http://technet2.microsoft.com/WindowsVista...3.mspx?mfr=true EDIT: i think i kinda get it, after running: imagex /info install.wim But I still dont quite understand it.
  8. Thank you, this is exactly the functionality i was looking for.
  9. Hi nuhi, a particular issue that i found: When running on Vista-32: 1. vLite starts 2. I browse to vista folder 3. it starts analysing something 4. immediately crash & OS restarts. fix: NONE When running on XP64: 1. vLite starts 2. I browse to vista folder 3. it starts analysing something 4. immediately error dialog, about Microsoft.System.Xml fix: dont use mini-frameworks or framework-lite 2.0r3 -----> install the proper dotnetfx-x64-2.0 When running on XP (32bit, with SP2): 1. works fine. reason: ryanvm's dotnet 2.0 switchless installer works only here. The above issue seems to be related to xml parsing. I fixed one of those myself, & posted the solution here for others that might have same problem. But i wonder why it still has problems on Vista32?
  10. Hi Clint, To skip that check, in Autounattend.xml, ensure that ComplianceCheck=Never. Here it is with all the extra junk that the unattended xml code demands: <settings pass="windowsPE"> <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Setup" processorArchitecture="x86" publicKeyToken="31bf3856ad364e35" language="neutral" versionScope="nonSxS" xmlns:wcm="http://schemas.microsoft.com/WMIConfig/2002/State" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"> <ComplianceCheck> <DisplayReport>Never</DisplayReport> </ComplianceCheck> </component> FireGeier, that problem is solved by ensuring that NetworkLocation is configured from the oobeSystem pass.
  11. Actually, it *IS* possible to split up the dvd to CDs & then install from that. But you might need to do this yourself, here's info: splitting an image create spanned media installing from a split image
  12. Yes, as long as MSI version 3.1 is installed & available on destination PC. When you make the MSP, specify that you want to remove all previous versions. This method works only on VolumeLicense (known in warez as "Corp. editions"). If you try with retail/oem/trial versions, this functionality is blocked.Also, if you use the MSP, just check that you have an updated WindowsInstaller version (=MSI 3.1). And also, maybe setup is running into some errors - test the setup manually first, with modals (error boxes) allowed, & with full display level. Once you're sure that your unattended setup is flawless, modify the MSP to make it silent.Or set these values in config.xml: <Display Level="basic" CompletionNotice="no" SuppressModal="yes" AcceptEula="yes" /> Yes.Evaluation editions (and some others too) dont allow using MSP. In such cases, use the config.xml instead.
  13. Yes you can specify that when you're making the MSP file for unattending.
  14. Theoretically, modifying Office-Shrink for o2k7 wont be very difficult, but then the auto-it sources are encrypted....
  15. I would like to shrink it too. And eliminate the LIS as well! (MSOcache)
  16. 590 MB definitely is a space eater. Especially, when i deliberately create a C: partition of only 7.5 GB to hold only the most important parts of the system - OS & basic apps alone - all else to other partition. (& i have a 500 GB HDD). Moreover, its not about "space occupied" - its about unnecessary junk that you KNOW will NEVER be used.
  17. Creating unattended setup is described in my first post in this topic.By default, o2k7 will upgrade o2k3. And to slip-stream (or rather, install o2k7 with svr2k3R2) read the MSFN unattended guide. I read about it, but clearly LIS is not that much an essential part. Right since the office 2000 days, i've always been led to believe that the LIS is on the hard-disk for the purpose of re-install/repair-install/etc.And its the same case even now, because setup installs o2k7 completely, then makes the MSOcache folder, & then exits. So it has no part to play in 1st-install, and I see no need for any repairs, considering that any install-problems on our systems will be fixed by a restore of original disk-image. I'm going to be forced to edit the CUSTOM.MSP to add a post-install task - a CMD script to search all writable partitions for the folder named MSOcache & if found, remove it!
  18. Thanks for the work! btw, the "Option A" method is easier & works with (RTM - final) Office 2007 Enterprise now. You could even drop the unattended-custom.MSP file in the "Updates" folder & setup will pick it up automatically. If only someone found how to disable the local installation source ( the useless MSOcache folder ).......
  19. There's no way to cut down files from this version, yet. And there's no way i found to merge the TR into B2. Just gotta install B2 using the customisation methods above, & then just run all the *.MSP files contained in B2TR, one-by-one. In either case, off2007 final should be out anytime now.
  20. These are direct links to non-beta feature updates to XP, legit. (PM me if you think i shud remove any of these links) https://oem.microsoft.com/downloads/worldwi...PK/ENsp1opk.zip (226 MB) (OEM Pre-inst Kit for all versions of windows before vista, gives WinPE with quicker setup) https://oem.microsoft.com/downloads/Worldwi..._0/opxsetup.exe (the OPX powertoy, 200 KB) https://oem.microsoft.com/downloads/worldwi...dows_xp_sp2.pdf (OPK guide - Windows, 703 KB) https://oem.microsoft.com/downloads/worldwi..._Guide_OEM2.DOC (OPK guide - office 2003 with SP2, 213 KB) http://oem.microsoft.com/downloads/Worldwi...ss/sbbypass.zip (183 KB) (Official tool to install all updates without WGA problems, needs SysPrep to be running) http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/8...sXP-x86-enu.exe (IE7 32-bit, 14.9 MB) http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/1...003-x64-enu.exe (IE7 64-bit, 28.4 MB) http://download.microsoft.com/download/0/9...sxp-x86-enu.exe (WMP11 32-bit, 24.6 MB) http://download.microsoft.com/download/3/0...sxp-x64-enu.exe (WMP11 64-bit, 26.7 MB) http://download.microsoft.com/download/e/d...owsDefender.msi (Windows Defender 32-bit, 5 MB) http://download.microsoft.com/download/d/6...DefenderX64.msi (Windows Defender 64-bit, 7.1 MB)
  21. and btw, do you happen to work in that company, ==> spam?
  22. WS2k3 & XP64, are going to get an SP2 soon.... I do appreciate your effort, just wanted to mention that an offical SP was round the corner already.

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