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  1. Just delete the folder named Pro.WW !(and any other folders that are used ONLY by the Pro Edition) Pls note that the *.WW folders are the product folders that setup.exe looks into.
  2. Thanks obsteel ! the number "1" would mean that only one of the images will be extracted into a WIM. Is there anyway to get all of it though?
  3. Hmmm, need more details, maybe a screenshot, & a text-file of the exact data that it is asking u to send to MS. But mostly, its prolly due to a corrupted DLL in System32 folder, or that MSI v3.1 is not installed?
  4. flame bait, ignore post (headhunter2). or if it gets out of hand, it'll get deleted anyway... lets get back on topic.
  5. You can make it take all responses from the MSP by default, by changing DisplayLevel to none.Of course, test it atleast once manually, before starting with unattended setup.
  6. Apparently your setup is encountering an error & rolling back.Change the display level to full, to find out where the error is. Also, keep the original config.xml & change one setting at a time to identify where it goes wrong. This would be a warez question.In any case, reply REMOVED
  7. : thank you, that fixed it! replaced now with a proper driver.cab
  8. It is possible, but possibly unnecessarily complex. You can actually obtain a stand-alone Outlook 2007 instead!
  9. Hmm, try in XP64 ? EDIT: ah, nice solution listed above!
  10. I can confirm that i apply this tweak thru RunSynchronousCommand, to HKLM & it works. Also, hopefully this helps: gpedit has pretty much all possible tweaks. Just use regshot to identify which key does it - LINK to usage-info & download I am making a .REG file of all the tweaks i use on vista (which i obtained thru above method), will post it once i verify them all.
  11. turning off UAC helped registry-compactors (speeds up from 5 mins on vista, to its usual 10 seconds). Maybe its similar here too....
  12. only thing you could do *, is to extract the iso to some folder, & start the setup from within windows. And then tell it to install fresh on some other partition which is just formatted. *unless vLite manages to break down the dvd into multiple CDs
  13. *reserved for future updates & additions for easy readability* thanks to war59312 :
  14. Hey all, Now that vista is released & out officially, lets start the saga of updates! Lets make this the thread to refer to for updates, immediately after installing the OS. direct download: Release Notes (after RTM) - LINK Windows PowerShell 1.0 for Vista: x86 x64 WAIK: docu | AIK (includes WinPE 2.0) | BDD2007 Vista Security Guide: details further updates will show up in this first post & eventually extend to the 2nd post, since SP1 will not include feature-packs & official info/value additions.
  15. it still doesnt fit in this section. Thats why you havent got any responses, since the topic doesnt address the right audience....
  16. You need to use the "/config" parameter only if you're saving the xml with a different name.If you are modifying the main config.xml, and the end-result is still a valid xml with no components or syntax errors, just run SETUP.exe directly. Yes its possible, ensure the interface is full; & also edit the MSI (using orca) to make it show the program-selection screen directly (custom setup), instead of the simple-setup screen which simply has an "Install now" button.
  17. Hi payskin, do not edit setup.xml - restore it as it was. Just edit one of the already existing settings in the main config.xml to add-in a silent install of your language pack, like below (using relative paths): <Command Path="..\office2k7\Proof.hu\proof.msi" Args="/QB"/>I'm using those 2 dots in the command to tell it to look in parent directory. You will need to play with the paths & arguments to be passed to the language-pack installer. You can make use of this info: option A , for use with Option B Or you could simply make a batch-file to execute the o2k7 setup silently first, & then silently run the hungarian lang-pack. Do let us know how it goes!
  18. I would still like to be able to generate CDs of Vista. hi nuhi, i was hoping the 0.9 version will add this feature? (to break-down dvd/.WIM file into multiple CDs/.SWM) would it be possible to add that feature into vLite?
  19. I would suggest applying the changes you want on a Vista Business/Ultimate, & monitoring it with regshot - to get a listing of which keys & values get modified. And then apply the *.REG file to home basic.
  20. Hmm, interesting.Can you explain? Does the variable need to be set using some tool, is it accessible only thru the xml, or thru batch-files or normal win32 setup environment....
  21. Scary.So then i'll continue with what i was doing for XP uA. Run a CMD & set the %CDDRIVE% for use thru all other scripts - this was done using CDswitch.
  22. Theoretically should work on hd-dvd & BD too. Since it works with vmware devices & real cd/dvd drives & daemon/scsi cd drives.... DryKillLogic, i dont see why you'd use the IFEXIST method, AND the cdswitch method, to set the CDROM variable? One of those should do the job?

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