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  1. To change the image it begins them during the setup? Thank.
  2. Thank, in fact not e' clearly much good. I have put for default dvdrom: D, and in fact works <path>D:\source\install.wim</path> Then I have eliminated from the list, only leaving ULTIMATE, and when I make to leave setup me it appears in only the videata one ULTIMATE. It does not only install automatically, but if I press next . Gia' I had read in the guide to use: <wim> </wim> but I was not much sure one, hour I try to us and we see that it happens . Thank and good year !!!!
  3. During the setup, to the choice of the image as I can enable the commando next in autounattended.xml ? <ImageInstall> <OSImage> <WillShowUI>Always</WillShowUI> <InstallFrom> <Path>:\sources\install.wim</Path> <MetaData wcm:action="add"> <Key>4</Key> <Value>Windows Vista ULTIMATE</Value> </MetaData> </InstallFrom> </OSImage> </ImageInstall> How I can activate the command next ? Thank very much.
  4. Thank....in fact my problem e' that one to make to execute rows, reg. After to have created: the rows .reg come copied in myshare, but it does not come executed. Hour one what I have not understood: My account it's Administrator, I must write: Thanks many for your aid !!!
  5. $OEM$ directory

    Thank maxXPsoft....very much !!!!!
  6. $OEM$ directory

    Thank, I have made to you thus. I have created $OEM$ and inserted within the direcroty new…. Don't work and after setup the directory C:\new it does not come copied .
  7. Hello !!! Martin in order not to change every it turns the permissions : otherwise I could use : and: but I would want modify in autounattend.xml Thank you Martin
  8. RunOnce.....

    E' true, I must find other solution ....thank !!
  9. $OEM$ directory

    Thank you, I try to us!
  10. From the guide waik law that seen supports these directory: In order to make this we must create one DATA IMAGE Don't work, how I can make?
  11. RunOnce.....

    Thank you, very much.
  12. In the Autounattend.xml as we can insert the RunOnce and start setup, where to copy RunOnce so that it comes executed? Thank !