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  1. @devil, could you please describe how you converted your .bat to an exe ? It seems like a very good thing to do. Cheers !!!
  2. DESPERATELY QUICK HELP NEEDED: would somebody here know how to silently install myIE2 ? please, AaronXP ? looked thru its installed documentation and on its website. neither googling nor searching the forums gave me an answer and my new unattended CD is about an hour away from finalising. Thanking all in advance, prathapml
  3. Iceman, i had in fact got the above ICF-enable script from you. would you mind telling me (or posting the auto-click) script too ?
  4. I have a vbscript to enable ICF automatically, but wscript asks for confirmation. i tried cscript <any.vbs> //B to do it silently, but still it asks "Yes/No". This is it: OPTION EXPLICIT DIM ICSSC_DEFAULT, CONNECTION_PUBLIC, CONNECTION_PRIVATE, CONNECTION_ALL DIM NetSharingManager DIM PublicConnection, PrivateConnection DIM EveryConnectionCollection DIM objArgs DIM con ICSSC_DEFAULT = 0 CONNECTION_PUBLIC = 0 CONNECTION_PRIVATE = 1 CONNECTION_ALL = 2 Main( ) sub Main( ) if Initialize() = TRUE then GetConnectionObjects() FirewallTestByName(con) end if end sub sub FirewallTestByName(conName) on error resume next DIM Item DIM EveryConnection DIM objNCProps DIM szMsg DIM bFound bFound = false for each Item in EveryConnectionCollection set EveryConnection = NetSharingManager.INetSharingConfigurationForINetConnection(Item) set objNCProps = NetSharingManager.NetConnectionProps(Item) bFound = true EveryConnection.EnableInternetFirewall next end sub function Initialize() DIM bReturn bReturn = FALSE set NetSharingManager = Wscript.CreateObject("HNetCfg.HNetShare.1") if (IsObject(NetSharingManager)) = FALSE then Wscript.Echo("Unable to get the HNetCfg.HnetShare.1 object") else if (IsNull(NetSharingManager.SharingInstalled) = TRUE) then Wscript.Echo("Sharing isn't available on this platform.") else bReturn = TRUE end if end if Initialize = bReturn end function function GetConnectionObjects() DIM bReturn DIM Item bReturn = TRUE if GetConnection(CONNECTION_PUBLIC) = FALSE then bReturn = FALSE end if if GetConnection(CONNECTION_PRIVATE) = FALSE then bReturn = FALSE end if if GetConnection(CONNECTION_ALL) = FALSE then bReturn = FALSE end if GetConnectionObjects = bReturn end function function GetConnection(CONNECTION_TYPE) DIM bReturn DIM Connection DIM Item bReturn = TRUE if (CONNECTION_PUBLIC = CONNECTION_TYPE) then set Connection = NetSharingManager.EnumPublicConnections(ICSSC_DEFAULT) if (Connection.Count > 0) and (Connection.Count < 2) then for each Item in Connection set PublicConnection = NetSharingManager.INetSharingConfigurationForINetConnection(Item) next else bReturn = FALSE end if elseif (CONNECTION_PRIVATE = CONNECTION_TYPE) then set Connection = NetSharingManager.EnumPrivateConnections(ICSSC_DEFAULT) if (Connection.Count > 0) and (Connection.Count < 2) then for each Item in Connection set PrivateConnection = NetSharingManager.INetSharingConfigurationForINetConnection(Item) next else bReturn = FALSE end if elseif (CONNECTION_ALL = CONNECTION_TYPE) then set Connection = NetSharingManager.EnumEveryConnection if (Connection.Count > 0) then set EveryConnectionCollection = Connection else bReturn = FALSE end if else bReturn = FALSE end if if (TRUE = bReturn) then if (Connection.Count = 0) then Wscript.Echo("No " + CStr(ConvertConnectionTypeToString(CONNECTION_TYPE)) + " connections exist (Connection.Count gave us 0)") bReturn = FALSE elseif (Connection.Count > 1) and (CONNECTION_ALL <> CONNECTION_TYPE) then Wscript.Echo("ERROR: There was more than one " + ConvertConnectionTypeToString(CONNECTION_TYPE) + " connection (" + CStr(Connection.Count) + ")") bReturn = FALSE end if end if GetConnection = bReturn end function function ConvertConnectionTypeToString(ConnectionID) DIM ConnectionString if (ConnectionID = CONNECTION_PUBLIC) then ConnectionString = "public" elseif (ConnectionID = CONNECTION_PRIVATE) then ConnectionString = "private" elseif (ConnectionID = CONNECTION_ALL) then ConnectionString = "all" else ConnectionString = "Unknown: " + CStr(ConnectionID) end if ConvertConnectionTypeToString = ConnectionString end function I think windows doesn't allow auto-changing of network settings. If so, what can i do to have the above VBS run silently. Thanks. prathapml
  5. Could somebody please add a switch for Abiword 2.x ? while the abiword-setup-2.0.1.exe /S, it still asks for language, which doesn't make it much of an unattended install. Also, Quick View Plus 7.0 gives absolutely no info about itself when you execute its setup with /?. It simply starts in normal mode. It is an installshield app. when run with -R no setup.iss is created in the windows dir. Thanks

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