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  1. English isn't my native idiom. Since windows 2k release I had no kind of issues, except ME. I believe that stability grew from it, 2K, and Se7en is the best one. XP is great too, but 7 handles better with bad written apps. I think when developers start write 'real' x64 apps, the power of new CPUs generation will delivery more with less.
  2. English isn't my native idiom! Hi, I always used stationery to send mail, but after I installed Windows Live Mail 2011 on Windows 7, I found out thta there's no more this option, even the stationery folder was moved from "My Documents" folder to Program Files>Common Files>Microsoft Shared, like Outlook Express. Please, someone knows how can I use them? Thanks in advanced.
  3. English isn't may native idiom. The battery only works when computer is powered off, if there's no charge on it, on boot time you will be warned about this, and, generally, with something like this: "CMOS is out fo date, press F1 to continue or DEL to setup". All hardware access is managed through BIOS (Basic InpuT Output System), so, must have a sync between hardware and software (Windows). The quartz crystal that pulse, givin the frequency that processor works, among other things, must be the cause, I presume.
  4. English isn't my native idiom. I've been used it, and "almost" everything is gonna right, except, for example, apps integration, doesn't work at all, and if I choose instal IIS all options marked or are ignored or other options that I didn't choose are included. But, after all, its works "relatively" good. IMHO the images loads need to be fast, you can ask for a pizza and wait for the deliver and images aren't loaded.
  5. Hi! Since first editions I've used vLite successfull, but now I got a problem with SP2. To install it the SP1 must be installed and that's the problem (I'm talking about to create a bootable DVD), because after you install SP1 vLite disable the slipstream option. Somebody knows how to bypass this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Just a curiosity: what kind of app to install at T-13? I think that some apps that require reboots or some that require a download from the Internet and some little utilities are enough, because if you use some app like nLite to reduce the size of source, CD/DVD, and the time used to install the OS, IMHO, there's no sense to include apps that require a large amount of time, and space. Also believe that everybody has a "logic flow" or order in mind to install the apps after the OS installation, and this logical determines what must be included or not on the source CD/DVD. Of course, English isn't my native idiom.
  7. OK, I said 32 run faster because I have 2 computers running same app, VirtualDub, and the same movie, avi. One of them a P4 x86 2.8Ghz and the other an AMD x64 2800+ (1600Ghz) on the same case, I just replaced the MB. Memory, HDs, etc., are the same. P4 spent 45min.; AMD 30min. BTW, both running XP x86. It's a empiric test, but... I told about PLATFORM, not OS. Later, I run again the same app, on AMD x64. First with XP x86 and then with XP x64, no change noted, the same time CRAHAK you're right about OS, there's no gain, but with platforms there's a real gain.
  8. "You'll get more speed, even with 32 bit apps" I mean because you're running on a 64 bit platform, faster than a 32 bit platform.
  9. Speed. You'll get more speed, even with 32 bit apps, but there're problems, like drivers, some incompatibility with apps and utilities. MS said that Vista is the last 32 bit OS. Actually, 64 bit OS is a big waste of power, without 64 bit apps. Duo Processors are fast not only be Duo, but because they are a 64 bit platform. Of course, English isn't my native idiom.
  10. If you build a CD using two different systems (keys), i.e.: the installed system, where nlite's running, isn't the same of the source, different keys, that will be nlited, and you're integrating a service pack, the key will change, it will be the same of the installed system. Sorry, was the best way I'd explain it, English isn't my native idiom.
  11. Linux is a try to run Unix on a PC; Unix is a micro system to allow corporations have a mainframe without the mainframe costs, but with the same methodology, logical and resources (tech personnel, developers, etc). Unix wasn't built to be a desktop. A simply change of architeture and/or platform will not change this.
  12. DeadDude, You're right! 16 bit Apps use 100% CPU all the time, just start Task Manager and you'll see. Not only on a VM enviroment. They've direct access to the BIOS (hardware).

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