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  1. No offence meant, but jcarle says exactly what my first-post says. You could follow what he says and then read this thread for further details & fine-tuning. He definitely discovered the Option-A method by himself, he has a good way of working out solutions & tools.
  2. @boooggy: are there enough ppl asking for x64 wmp11 integration now?
  3. Hi boooggy, For WinXP 32-bit, your wmp11 vanilla addon pack works perfectly. May i ask if you have plans of supporting XP-64 bit edition ? I have WinXP x64, with SP2 slipstreamed. wmp11-x64 - LINK | details SP2 for XP-64 - details
  4. http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t75486.html While looking thru a recent XPSP2 home-retail Windows CD, I noticed that its DRIVER.CAB filesize was different from the original (RTM, SP0). So then I compared an SP0+SP2 slip-streamed disc, and a new disc that comes with SP2 out-of-the-box. slip-streamed : 73.1 MB new retail disc: 60.1 MB The SP2.cab & drvindex.inf filesize remains same on both. Moreover, when doing a folder-compare, the new retail XPSP2 disc was missing a *LOT* files! But it still installs fine & seems to be normal in operation. Could this be because the files that are updated in SP2.cab have been removed from DRIVER.CAB in the newer discs? Am not quite believing that as a possible reason, would like to see if this is normal, and whether the same happens on VLK (corp) discs too. What is the filesize of YOUR driver.cab ? Why is this size-difference happening?
  5. I use the sample autounattend.xml in first post & the regtweak posted above, & i never get prompted for the network-location
  6. Interesting, gotta keep an eye on this! Thank you
  7. http://www.microsoft.com/technet/windowsserver/sp2.mspx Now that service pack 2 for Windows XP x64 edition is out (downloadable from above page officially), there's 2 questions: 1. If someone knows it, please post the MD5 hash of XP64-SP2 & Svr2k3-SP2. 2. Also, since i'll be using the "/integrate:" command, and there'll now be an extra SP2.CAB (addition to DRIVER.CAB), please post a batch file to merge the 2 cabs together, in the way that nLite does it. Or does nLite already do this reliably for x64?
  8. to make ff run using default profile in its self-contained folder in ProgramFiles (instead of %appdata%), run this command: firefox.exe -profile defaults\profile Then install all the plugins, make all the customizations you want. Then pack it into any compressor or installer you want.... Atleast, thats what I do.
  9. Plus..... You probably are wasting your time (& disk space) by integrating all of it manually. http://www.ryanvm.net/msfn/updatepack.html
  10. Cluberti, thank you for that list! I was searching since the last few minutes for a quick at-a-glance summary of whats new (of course, hotfixes are in, but wanted to know what else...)
  11. Hmm, do you mean this page comes up before first login, or after u login? And the above is superb then, i'd like to know about these please: when do u apply your reg settings - if u apply it before first-login, then how do u apply it? (and thru which pass?) how to integrate updates into source?
  12. I'm back - found this about system-variable folders on vista & how they correspond to XP (it may not be much, but its notable because it gives quite a bit of info on the topic, on one page) - on link below http://trustedaccess.info/blogs/travelling...orn-Server.aspx And how to install *.MSU updates for vista silently - http://trustedaccess.info/blogs/travelling...s-silently.aspx hi maverick, below helps? ; Set the Network Location ;00000000 = Home/Work; 00000001 = Public [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\NetworkList\Signatures\FirstNetwork] "Category"=dword:00000000
  13. incidentally, i have found the ping for n seconds + mode con command to be useful on vista, for a different purpose - and i'd like to thank gunsmokingman
  14. Hi war59312, you are welcome (for taking charge of updates on this thread). And my inbox, hmm gotta save many of the old PM there to my HDD first... Do mail me (i think the board allows it thru "mail this user" or something like that).
  15. Please quote only the section that you'd be referring to - pls dont quote an entire huge post......And which method do you follow? As the first post says:
  16. I put my installers into the $OEM$ tree. And then run them thru "RunSynchronous" tag, as illustrated in the sample, after enabling auto-login once after first-boot for an admin user (note that during this first autologin, when runsynchronous commands are running, UAC isnt yet active so it all proceeds smoothly).
  17. In vista, open CMD. type SETThe resulting output will give you all the variables that exist. There arent any extra ones.
  18. Looks like i'm not so scared of the "UseConfigSetRoot" tag now anymore. Because i do end up using it anyways, for the sake of running automated scripts after copying files over to HDD using the $OEM$ folder path (which needs above tag). So i just delete %configsetroot% folder now at the end of my scripts. (for those who havent already read about this in the beginning of this topic, u need to use the UseConfigSetRoot tag in your xml, if u want to use the $OEM$ tree. And u can specify %configsetroot%\drivers, in your xml, to get Setup to pick up drivers automatically from dvdroot\drivers folder. I was afraid to use this feature since the entire dvd would get copied - but then realised it would get copied anyways, for the purpose i'm looking at, so cant avoid the copying of that folder) Now my recent discovery, is that i dont need to bother with the unattend.xml to set a directory to pickup drivers from! Because i can simply drop my PnPdrvrs folder into the "$OEM$\$$\inf" folder on dvd, & since its part of the DevicePath & vista searches recursively, the drivers will be installed automatically at bootup, provided your drivers are signed/WHQL. Wondering if this will work for XP too. Not quite sure if the above even makes sense at all to a beginner, but those of you who've been looking for a straight-forward way for this, might find it useful. If you want clarifications, just ask!
  19. for me, even with drivers, the same thing happens. On my crt & LCD, & with vLite as well as nLite. A quick look thru Appearance, Effects tab hasnt changed it much yet. Still checking to see if any registry key gets set (or prevented from being set) during lite install.
  20. leave out the topics for now. Follow the guide. If its difficult to follow the guide, then its not going to be easy to follow what someone else is saying either - unless u r simply leaving the task to them completely - by giving a list of your needs & taking the finished product.
  21. And also, there is a guide, to help in auto-install - http://unattended.msfn.org/
  22. I get same error with Office 2007. Remove windows installer 3.1, & reboot & then install the Windows Installer 3.1 v2.
  23. there isnt an existing solution i'm aware of, that allows to reduce size of installation source. Yes, please refer to the attached/quoted xml in post #2, which illustrates how to select or de-select components for install. It still works. When you click the .EXE & it finishes extracting, just go to your %temp% folder & grab the files. google..... (LINK) Hmm, not very sure, but you could try a combination of both these: a. Put MSP in Updates folder (which you already did) b. And edit config.xml, to show DisplayLevel=none.
  24. Yes, use Option A (creating an MSP) to customize the components you want.

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