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  1. It was small update so only version change is in the nlite.exe Right-click and properties. Not on the installer or when running nlite but in the exe.
  2. Merged those 2 topics. This 7z exe is a special compile including stuff that is needed. Gonna see about updating it but this is so trivial, who cares if it is vulnerable, we just use it to decompress addons.
  3. V.I.P, laptops are a problem because you usually get a recovery disc instead of a full install. I think only Sony distributes full files with it in some folder. Some useful info here about the expected files: http://www.msfn.org/board/Using-Recovery-CD-t114830.html
  4. nuhi

    My Findings

    Message for those easy on the trigger: Never delete the whole Winsxs folder! It contains all kinds of runtimes, not just components.
  5. LegoLiam, I know about that but it can't be enabled with mine. I enable it, press OK and when I go back it is again disabled. It could be because mine is set to SATA AHCI mode but it also could be that Intel drivers block that.
  6. That portion is automatically saved depending on what vlite detects as hotfixes or parts of sp1 probably. Also there are some runtimes that must not be deleted from sxs.
  7. My drive is ok (WD Caviar 750GB). Player is MPC HC edition. Upgraded the latest Intel chipset/sata drivers and so on. Vista is known for this issue, well if someone knows the cause, except removal of MCS let me know.
  8. Is it just me but without MCS the sound in movies or music gets more easily interrupted while copying big files (few GB) on the same hdd?
  9. nuhi

    This has to be a bug!

    Sounds like a SP3 issue to me. Did you slipstream under Vista maybe? If you slipstreamed it under XP as a host and did nothing else then report to MS or your shop where you got that OEM CD.
  10. MRGCAV, drivers are integrated last, check the processing page, not how the pages are sorted for the user. Essentially it is like integrate drivers first so that by the time you are at the components page you know which drivers to remove. -I-, integrate 100 instead of one? What are you smoking.
  11. True, I just checked it. Well then keep Event Log. I will check if it is possible to break that dependency but don't count on it.
  12. nuhi

    Activation Broken

    MDAC or Event Log. Keep both for now.
  13. Those with RTM and SP2 which still had the SP3 slipstream issue under Vista please redownload nLite and retry.
  14. TranceEnergy, I don't get your point but I don't like your tone either so don't bother.
  15. Please keep me updated what you find out, I don't have this activation file to try, the SLUI runs fine otherwise. edit: one note. Keep Event Log until the next version if you need SL UI Notification service
  16. TranceEnergy, no reason to feel attacked, I am simply saying you can't ignore us who say that the service is needed, otherwise the sounds crackles during heavy CPU utilization. If it works for you remove it but I gotta keep the warning.
  17. TranceEnergy, and you will just ignore what MagicAndre1981 and I said, that it is needed for onboard. There is more people using onboard than dedicated cards. Updating description is maximum I can do for this dangerous component. Vista does not have direct hardware access to the soundcard but Creative has it's own bloated driver that solves that latency issue.
  18. What gives you the right to assume that it is nLite's doing and that you did not install something else causing that? Don't forget you are the first one claiming this. This time I edited your insulting title, next time you will be warned for a ban from the forums.
  19. Since you have the same issue under XP or Vista then it is the key problem, not the slipstream.
  20. That first error can also be from not adding a key root files like win51ip.SP3 or win51ip.SP2. What is the second question?
  21. What files exactly? And attach your preset please.
  22. LegoLiam™, yup, as MagicAndre1981 noted as well. My onboard is Realtek.
  23. Hm...seems like you are right. I plugged in Emu1212m and it really does not crackle with MCS removed. I was using onboard digital out when it does help to keep that component. Well, one less
  24. This may be in some combination with integrated hotfixes, already reported. Checking it these days. Until then you can try without integrating hotfixes if you can't wait.
  25. Yeah, for starters KB948881, seems for SP2 only? http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/...n/MS08-023.mspx

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