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  1. Hello everyone, I got this problem with my pc, whenever i start a video file i can hear the the audio of it but the video wont move it comes as a pic and the program hangs along with the pc. i formatted the pc installed a new copy of windows installed the news codecs, used the mega codec pack, KM PLayer, the newest directX but the problem still exists. help is needed ppl Best Regards,,,
  2. i can understand this, but i was talking about removable usb drives .. not fixed disks, ive seen and heared ppl using windows and installing it to their rmovable storage devices ... thats if the pc supports booting from usb, like mine. its not like u are copying the whole operating system to the removable drive, u are doing a fresh new installation.
  3. hello every one, I got an 80GB romovable hard drive and ive been trying to install windows xp on it, so i can use it whenever i connect it to any pc .... i've tried every way ... been through every guide i found on the net ... but no luck. is there a way to do this or what? help is needed Best Regards all
  4. well I guess nuhi didnt think 'Save changes to all versions' option was necessary. You can do it anyway, just few more clicks:start vlite -> select ultimate -> load preset -> apply -> select 'Save changes only' restart vlite -> select home premium -> load preset -> apply -> select 'Save changes only' restart vlite -> select business -> load preset -> apply -> select 'Save changes only' etc. if you want *pop-up free* (unattended) installation, I dont know other way than this: take copies of Autounattend.xml for each version and edit these lines for each xml-file: <Key>cd-key for that version here</Key> <Value>version you want to install with that autoattended.xml</Value> First i want to thank you PabloW for your help, ur the man Second, the problem with that is Autounattend.xml is saved to the root of the DVD, without being renamed to ultimateautounatteded for example. So when u try to save another one vlite says that there is one present leaving u with no options but replace or cancel. so what do u think can solve this problem ... ? thanx again for ur concern
  5. But when u start vlite it says [ select the version u want to edit ] , so it wont let me do the modification to all the versions. besides i want all the versions to be unattended. is there a way to do it
  6. Hello all, I have the all vestions of vista on a DVD, and i've been wondering how to use vlite to tweak and automate the installation of each version without the need to remove the other ones. This is a legal DVD by the way can anyone help ?? Best Regards ,,,
  7. Thanx alot jaclez for helping me with this and also thank you alot FDV for the explaining of the idea again, i appreciate the forum and all the members and their help
  8. First of all, i respect all the members and their help and opinions ... all the replies give me a valuable information and help and i would like to thank all the guys who helped. accusing me of looking for warez got me annoyed and i responeded to it, that's all.
  9. as i said before ... i have this cd and i'm not looking to download it or ask for it ... it's only the idea that makes me wondering if we can do the same trick with all type of files , FIT MORE THAN 700MB OF DATA ON A CD. the metioned cd can make standalone iso of the choosen version, if any one could write us a tutorial about how we can make this, coz i like to put my office installation packages on the same cd for an example
  10. i'm arguing the concept, we are not looking for warez ... only the idea of fitting so much data on one cd
  11. hello, We all know that a CD cant take more that 700mb of data and a DVD can take up to 9gb, but what if we can make a CD look like a DVD and can contain up to 4.5 gb of data . Some would think that i'm not being reasonbale, but believe me people i've seen it and i've got a cd that contains 9 versions of windows on it, and i've got another one with all office 2003 installation on it like office, frontpage, onenote, visio, project and the language pack too all on the same CD. i've tryed to unpack the cd and i got a folder with about 3.2gb of data, while its only 700mb on the cd. i tryed and searched on the web to figure this out, but no use ... can anyone help with this. Windows XP with SP3 9 in 1 | DVD ISO | 846 Mb | English
  12. Thanks, but the i dont know what is required enteries to be added to the registery to make the cpl, and regarding the cpl file maker it's only a demo program. if anyone could give us the registery file or provide us with a full version of the program. help is appreciated. best regards,,
  13. hello, I've been wondering how to make a cpl for the hardware Monitor utility by CPUID, this tool is very neat and usful ... i have no programing experience and i dont know how do this. I tryed searching on the net but all i found was codes to be deployed in C++ or programing tools. Please help Best Regards,,,

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