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  1. nuhi

    VLite Freezing

    Both nLite and vLite freeze for you? If that is so I would say it could be a heat issue. Try some stress test like a long SuperPI calculation (search web for link).
  2. Try this by editing the winnt.sif: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/313818
  3. Go through your driver folders and delete all INF files not related to exact Vista version or non-whql. Before integration.
  4. nuhi

    dependency checking

    When reported and confirmed I put it on the list. There was one thread related to those but I would rather it is reported to me and we make it easy to the new users.
  5. Confirmed the issue with the trial version. Gonna check if it's possible to fix or just add to compat. Thx guys.
  6. aviv00, direct to what. I am not an ISO format expert, forget 'bout it. redxii, fixed in next one, thx. FSK-JoKeR, probably iwod, when did I ever post news about upcoming betas, and there is my answer in some of those jolly threads that it will come out. Next one is tha bomb, biggest size reduction since researchers found that high fructose corn syrup makes you fat.
  7. bledd, ok adding to dependency warning if it turns out not fixable. nijevaznokosam, it can be antivirus resident protection scanning all files. Also make sure not to use the partition root as the folder, make a folder in it. There was one more reason but I can't remember, you can search the forum.
  8. I'm not following, can you or can you not use vLite? Is this an issue of vLiting a previously vLited installation? Have you tried starting fresh, wtihout any tampering from the original DVD?
  9. So basically you are saying make it autodelete old cabs on slipstream and any removal? Gonna check that.
  10. It was due to infinite loop mistake is some rare occations during integration, not the Lite Windows operation. Your stream player probably has some sort of memory deallocation issue or maybe an infinite loop. Report to the authors of whatever program or driver you're using.
  11. Can you please post a file list of that distribution, or send it on my PM. You can get the list by typing: dir "FULL PATH TO DVD OR FOLDER" /b /s>c:\list.txt
  12. Please attach the preset (last session.ini from that dvd) and I'll check.
  13. It's already done automatically for whatever is removed in the installation. Separating like only remove in boot and keep for install will not be available.
  14. The problem is with how you use the FileMove. What is that star at the end for? [FileMove] NETFX.CAB,..\cmpnents\netfx\i386\* Btw enable reports in the Hotfix page and it will tell that the path has an illegal character in it. Gotta see why this doesn't popup normally because it is an critical error. I tried it without the star and it's fine. Targaff, thx, gonna try. Fridge-RaideR, can't complain. Have fun. 5eraph, people don't like automatic tweaks.
  15. I have a note that it is Windows bug since x64 (maybe sp2). Tried it now just SIF, original installation not modified, and it fails the same.
  16. JermRiddled, which version is it?
  17. If you are slipstreaming it from Vista then try nLite 1.4.8.
  18. Is that like Media Center edition? They don't work with SP3 slipstream.
  19. v1.4.8 released, let me know if something broke, just few fixed added. Targaff, are you maybe on Windows 2000? When does that popups up exacly, how do I test it?
  20. nuhi


    XPero...XPero...XPCol...sounds familiar. I see this guy is from Spain...good football man!
  21. nuhi

    Next Release date?

  22. I tried it and it works. Maybe you are not using full Vista as a starting point or your package manager cache is somehow corrupted or some service like WMI disabled.
  23. KB955020, why cab, why not download MSU? Exe cannot be integrated, right. And it is MSI inside, even more complications. Yeah I get those Mail Filter updates on WU as well, it probably detects parts of SP1 update traces which I leave so it doesn't fail.
  24. I would fix it if the problem was apparent. To me the demo works just fine and I remove 99% of components including parental controls.
  25. Week or two, added a few components again, couldn't resist. Locking this down because there is really no point in trying to guess it. Try asking Blizzard when will Diablo 3 be released. "When it's done!"

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