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  1. If you set an Autologon user in the Unattended - Users. Why does not having the Autologon enabled disable the $OEM$ folder? You are looking at it from the wrong perspective. $OEM$ folder is not there by default so it is not disabled/deleted. If you add it nLite won't delete it, just make sure to have OEMPreinstall enabled.
  2. Well vLite works fine on my nLited XP or vLited Vista. Who knows what went wrong there. You can make nLited XP virtually (just be sure to keep Filter Manager) and create ISO from there.
  3. Hm it says that you are missing some module (possibly a dll file). Do you still have a preset of that XP so that I can build the same environment?
  4. footballking3420, weird issues. Please attach the preset (last session.ini from that dvd) and I'll try it.
  5. knifesk, the patch works.
  6. If you set an Autologon user in the Unattended - Users.
  7. Just that KB or all the recent hotfixes? For now, I just hid that particular hotfix since most of the the things it fixes are the ones that I removed and don't need in my UMPC. I just like to know if there is anything there that I really need that is worth reinstalling my vista. Thanks. Just these "Performance and Compatibility" hotfix packs. Unless you are lucky to have kept all the needed components like MagicAndre1981 did.
  8. If you didn't get any warnings then obviously you are not using fresh installation files, I am done. You can choose to hate me, better than waste my time.
  9. That is because the Last Session is last session, get it. I loaded your preset and got too many dependency warnings, I am not testing this, obey the warnings and try it for yourself. If your dependency checker is disabled then enable it in the bottom of the components-advanced options.
  10. I tried your preset and there is no issues. Meaning you do different changes or your files are somehow different. Btw next time use the mkisofs ISO Engine when creating ISO just in case to rule that out. And burn ISO with some other tool after it is created with nLite.
  11. Your preset shows that you only remove that component (open your own last session). Search for the correct one on the CD you installed, if it is available. Did you run nLite more than once while configuring the same CD, it is not forbidden, it's just then there would be more presets showing the change (more last sessions in the CD root)?
  12. Well except handful of you no one else seems to experience these issues. If the file is not there when does it disappear? On SP Slipstream, some removal?
  13. So you just removed the IPSEC Policy Agent? Booting from the CD or using winnt.exe? Tried the ISO in a virtual machine? Why don't you use SP3? Make sure that your installation files are clean, not previously tampered with anything, only SP slipstream is recommended, at least until you find the cause.
  14. Yeah this "hotfix" is actually a collection of hotfixes, it updates a bunch of components, meaning it is best to consider it as micro service pack, integrate and reinstall.
  15. I don't care if it silently ignored in 1.4.6 even though I haven't changed anything regarding that, the point is that hotfix is for SP2, I provided you with the link.
  16. simeon_001, that is weird, mainly because then everyone would report it, and it simply works the same, be it SP2 then drivers or SP3 then drivers. Maybe you did something different this time, anyway slipstream SP3 into the clean, not previously modified SP2, then the drivers. If it fails attach the i386\txtsetup.sif file from that failed ISO for me to look. If that is fine then it might be that the sys file itself got corrupted somehow so you might extract the i386\iastor.sy_ and compare to the iastor.sys from the original driver folder.
  17. Gendo Ikari, many bugs? You haven't even started it. Read two messages above yours or install WAIK and let vLite get the proper files. OR install 1.2 over the 1.1.6 as stated.
  18. nuhi

    vLite crashing

  19. Is that SP3 or SP2 source? Read what that hotfix is for: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en
  20. Please attach your preset and I'll try it. Slipstreamed Vista is quite easy to break, that is why MS locked out SP1 slipstream.
  21. E-66, great, good to know. y0nigt, yes, and for now it is best to leave it like that. Don't worry about the list but I will correct it.
  22. bapt, make sure it is the exactly the same folder. If it was then install 1.1.6 and then download 1.2 selfextracting archive, run it and choose again the same folder.
  23. Yeah that is the cause but what I am wondering is did you use the vLite Install button to do the copying or you copied it manually? I mean vLite shouldn't copy the wrong version on it's own.
  24. This could be side-effect of the fixed bug in the next version, missing nlite.inf entries if only tweaks selected. Please let me know if 1.4.7 fails, out on Monday.

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