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  1. For working RAS keep the Event Log (and .NET because it needs it) and Volume Shadow which you found and confirmed. It is weird that the dependency isn't so obvious so can't comment on it. For now it is good that we found the cause, thanks for the help.
  2. Tigrao, good. No harm done, I just had to make it clear. Btw what you said about the driver integration...it shouldn't be necessary to "fix" the inf in that case, gonna check and do it only on addons and removals. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Well, as rogergh said, simply slipstreaming SP3 onto a Windows XP source with nLite causes the installation to fail when using winnt32.exe. This is not fixed with 1.4.6. I do find that nLite has modified the txtsetup.sif and wbemoc.inf files simply by doing a Service Pack slipstream and nothing else. After doing the slipstream the files show: ; customized by nLite - www.nliteos.com So there is some modification going on, thus this is why winnt32.exe installs are failing. That is simply not true. nLite DOES NOT MODIFY on Slipstream. You must have integrated something or did Unattended or Tweaks... And the modification it then does on wbemoc is needed to make manual install work. Yes 1.4.6 fails for winnt.exe, works on my winnt32.exe tests. Next one will be even more compatible.
  4. I don't understand why nLite changes anything at all in the Windows source files when simply slipstreaming a service pack. Why can't it just run the Service Pack's /integrate switch? Does it need to make modifications to inf files or sif files at all? What is the purpose of this behavior? It doesn't change anything when slipstreaming, if you find the contrary let me know. Addons do change but nothing systematic, unless the addon does it by itself.
  5. It's Event Log. And Volume Shadow.
  6. When I kept just Volume Shadow it did not work.
  7. When exactly do you get that file missing error, what application? tbs.dll is part of the TPM Base Services. Also attach your preset if you want me to test it when you tell me the scenario.
  8. Nothing removed seems connected to that. But the DEP setting might be the one, usually it is set for OS components only, you set it to lock processes as well. Please try to change that. For example disable it temporary to see if that helps: http://www.realtime-vista.com/administrati...ution_preve.htm
  9. nuhi

    WIM Install

    s1ay, thx for the report, that is really a bad message, never seen it like that, gonna see why it happened and make it more clear.
  10. nuhi

    WIM Install

    Doesn't it say in that popup?
  11. nuhi

    Corrupted .Sif File

    No program is bug free but thanks
  12. nuhi

    Corrupted .Sif File

    Something integrated added these lines: msi0c0a.mui = 100,,,,,,,722,0,0,msimsg.dll.mui msi040b.mui = 100,,,,,,,706,0,0,msimsg.dll.mui msi040c.mui = 100,,,,,,,707,0,0,msimsg.dll.mui ... and they are missing directory entries in txtsetup. Now I need some help from you to see what integrated (driver or an addon) does that so that I can try it to see is it the addon or nLite bug.
  13. Well I have a news for you, I tried your post #11 preset (there is no #12), and it failed. That was my starting point. You assume that it is only one component so you test when it fails, I test when it works. It is services, could be few of them. I hope it is one...we'll see, it is nice that we finally started on this.
  14. Are you sure about that last preset, it is same as the one which fails. I did some tests and it is the Services removals, but which...
  15. nuhi

    Corrupted .Sif File

    Please attach the i386\txtsetup.sif file from the broken ISO. And last session.ini from the root of it. You can compress both in a zip and attach if it is too big. Thanks.
  16. Line is: "Apart from the ability to remove WinSxS and the final few services, it would appear that there isn't a great deal left for nuhi to remove from XP." Aha so it seems it was meant like a to-do. I was reading it wrong like it was done recently. Anyway WinSxS in XP is just runtimes, not inluding backup Windows files as in Vista.
  17. We are not on the same frequency. Did you install Wim filter on vLite startup after doing those steps before and retried browse?
  18. vlad1966, and did you install it? That part should have been obvious.
  19. TranceEnergy, I know that there is winsxs in XP as well but it is not removable as stated.
  20. vlad1966, first try to open your image with WAIK, to make sure it is not really corrupted. Then delete wimgapi.dll file and wimfltr folder in the vlite root. Rerun vlite. If that doesn't help try to run vlite with the switch /unwim, it will uninstall a driver, press ok, remove the switch, reboot and run vlite then. Did anything helped?
  21. mattewre, so your router does the connecting over pppoe? If that is so then all you need is either set your IP manually or leave DHCP to do the job. If this does not help attach your preset (last session.ini) and be more specific of the issue.
  22. Maybe Mail because of the Address book but keep your eye on Windows Collaboration as well, it says: "Peer To Peer, infrastructure to support serverless presence, app invite, contacts and people near me." Please post when you see which of these two so that I can make description more clear.
  23. KRomeleoN, which OS is the Host in which you run vLite? Any antiviruses or other protections running?
  24. jussiv, if those languages were not integrated with vLite then it is the Slipstream issue. Since it is not MS supported it is expected from it to fail of there is so much languages prior integration. If you use vLite to integrate languages try to keep it down to few. Maigret, so does that mean you do have French already in? How was it integrated?
  25. Same issue here and it is annoying. It is one of the last 2 version changes, gonna have to check which component, maybe description contains the answer. If someone figures out before I post let me know, thx.

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