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  1. phaolo and jaclaz, you both are mentioning iterative approach. nLite does support multiple sessions, it is not made to be used only once, just that it is recommended approach because of what I will explain next. There is confusion with presets, as you start piling up last sessions, they would need to be merged. If something was removed then adding hotfix for it popups up missing files messages and people wonder why it is not integrating. Update packs can literally change everything, and nLite can't track that, or should I say it would be a nightmare to map all changes into entities and undo packages. nLite gives you the ability to save whatever it does in a single file (plus unattended preset for safety reasons), so you can easily start fresh by copying your prefer source. That source can be whatever you want and made from whatever steps you want. Configure that source before nLite, back it up, and there is your nLite undo. I see no real problem there, maybe you can give me a scenario where you must use nLite many times and prefer to use multiple presets each time. Of course it would be ideal if nLite detected that you already enabled a certain tweak which can be done with a group policy, reg entry, a batch script, an addon, but that is just dreaming as the combinations are too great. And lastly, returning missing components is simply too much work for a non-issue, simply start fresh and use same preset with that component not removed, simple as that and requires no tricky - easy to messup - multiple combinations of post-hotfixing returning of old component and who knows what other combination. In short, if you find a bug that is caused by running nLite multiple times, please report. To undo what nLite did, use your source on which you used nLite and configure the preset differently. And in case you get mad at me not understanding, I am not dissagreeing with you that it would be ideal, I am just saying it is not practical to have undo from nLite itself, it would be much more complicated and prone to bugs.
  2. hehe, yeah refreshing my memory, and rewriting whatever I see... dayum must... resist. I am always using latest Windows as I like to see those dll numbers increase, so yeah, new tool is in the works. Not fixing nLite would be a shame, regardless how many people will continue using XP. If it starts taking too much of my time then I will drop the idea, but for now I am willing to try both. edit: and I am going over all of these posts, if I do not reply directly that doesn't mean I ignored it, but I don't say anything until it is checked and can't be reproduced, or it is unexpected and needs more info
  3. Thanks guys. Kelsenellenelvian, oh that. The section merging I was doing with nLite already from way back. I think it is automatic if file is edited in any way. If it is not merged, or some files are skipped - I'll check. That some files are not compressed, if I understand that file diff correctly, will check that too. "Launch folder windows in a separate process", that option is in Explorer - Folder Options. Unless you mean that the special way nLite is doing it, is not safe, in that case I would remove that tweak. Or you mean MS stopped XP support and it was said by them to never fix?
  4. Thanks guys for the warm welcome. -X-, nicely compiled list, saving that for detailed review, appreciated. Kelsenellenelvian, I'll check the optimize function - whatever that is. Can you please elaborate with at least one file as an example of leftover SP3 files and/or uncompressed ones, and when does it occur if it is only after nLite?
  5. Well, hi So I am back, in other words free to work on nLite again. I am willing to consider updating it if you guys have some serious requests, be it fixes or missing functionality over the years. For now there is no plan to update vLite, I am working on something else which will cover that area. The release date is not yet known, it is safe to say it can be counted in months, not years. Fire away, if there is anyone left
  6. nuhi

    nliteos.com gone ?

    Sorry guys my hosting bill expired, they did not send any notice in advance. Will try to get it up and running ASAP. Regards to all
  7. nuhi

    vLite is dead?

    I have nothing to say for now, very busy working on a full-time job.
  8. nuhi

    Happy holidays!

    Hey all, happy holidays! I apologize for my absence but how things are currently I have no time to do the usual support. Best wishes.
  9. nuhi

    Happy holidays!

    Hey all, happy holidays! I apologize for my absence but how things are currently I have no time to do the usual support. Best wishes.
  10. nuhi

    to Nuhi

    Hey your nick looks familiar Welcome back.
  11. nuhi

    Alternative Runtimes

    To avoid any possible legal issues if someone thinks that parts of .net framework can't be distributed out of the original package. Is that the case?
  12. Please download new v1.4.9.1, fixed.
  13. jmbattle, thanks, going to add that to description if not possible to add to dependency warning of the lang.
  14. That is part of .Net 3 and removable in vLite (Vista), does not exist in XP/2k3 by default. If not visible it is WCF component, try vlite -extreme switch.
  15. okinawa. nLite silently updated, exe version, fixed Remove box, wasn't working if Options page enabled and now if you disable Keep Code Page option it will remove all selected languages.
  16. TranceEnergy, ok, no, no. strel, boot menu with F8? Or with Repair option? For neither is Manual Install needed. Outbreaker, if you want to upgrade IE Core (MSHTML engine) and remove IE GUI. For example then you can still use Maxthon or Firefox IETab addon.
  17. nuhi

    NLite Prpblems.

    So it was removed, integrated then removed again? Can't prevent that, it's up to you.
  18. What reg entries are those, one for example that should be removed and tell me which langs you keep? I tried it now all removed xp sp3 and driver.cab is 113kB, SP3.cab is 3.79MB. So next time double check, forum is not a diary.
  19. jmbattle, kinda obvious, it autoupdates files in it, files that can come from a hotfix or update pack. bledd, wifi compat...should work, don't know. Basically keep the WLAN service and it should warn you what else to keep. TranceEnergy, NLS from the same branch kept for better compatibility. For example if Russian is kept and other in its branch removed it would corrupt some characters. So that means other langs may have the same issue as they did for some that reported MSN weird characters. What I should do is somehow make that protection silent, those nls files are small enough to be ignored and better to keep them, at least those that share the same branch.
  20. Fixed in 1.4.9, please redownload.
  21. My apologies, forgot to lock the updated library to the specific runtime so that you don't need to install anything. Please redownload, should work.
  22. What's wrong with the vLite Compatibility window? Just hoover over the applications to see what's what.
  23. It's some language, doesn't matter unless you really care I can check or you google it, BUT there is better solution. In the Protect Files option (lower toolbar in the Components page) enter this: Windows\System32\C_936.NLS And vLite will keep that file next time. In next version you can select Compatibility-Applications-Perfect World Client. Thanks for reporting this.
  24. rafraf, sp1 is written by default in preintegrated version string. Don't worry about that. Ultimate ISO; is that some sort of custom ISO? Vista is usually all in one, you choose which to use. If you want to switch versions enter the proper CD key for that version or use the Skip CD-key option in Unattended options, that will enter trial key which lasts for 30 days. And you can Apply-Rebuild to keep only the selected version.
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