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  1. As I didn't play with vLite much, I can only put my thought about question no 6: If you select an application/feature from Compatibility window, vLite will hide that options in components removal list, so you won't accidently removed anything needed to run the feature/application successfully.
  2. I was referring to the wrong person. LOL! Sorry. Anyway, never ever burn the ISO unless you're satisfied with the result...
  3. There's a need to create ISO even though you didn't use a CD, that is for testing the modified installer source. It's always faster booting in virtual machine using an ISO file than from USB (if it's supported). Plus if I remembered correctly, there's no need for "manual install" to be included since you're booting from USB, thus no GUI is needed.
  4. Does anyone know how to make vLite work with Windows 7? The installer didn't even load, just throwing out bunch of UI error...
  5. so what's was that? Or i read it wrong? I remove a lot of components with windows vista...... Windows 7 (full) runs faster than my fully vlited vista install. Sorry then, I thought you did it on 6801
  6. Legolash2go did mention it does not work with build 6801.. but then he said: so what's was that? Or i read it wrong?
  7. Sure it does. Who are you to say that anyone here is not an MS employee or an authorized OEM? And who are you to question what I typed? Someone who might legally have it. So what's the point of your question? I know some might have it legally, but the rest are not.
  8. Sure it does. Who are you to say that anyone here is not an MS employee or an authorized OEM? And who are you to question what I typed?
  9. Boot Time: 4 out of 5 (no need to count... nice boot screen though) Install Time:5/5 - 23 mins App Launch Times: 4.5/5 Very quick (even when i never opened the app before) Minefield opens up instantly. CPU: between 1% and 9% (Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2370 2x 1.73Ghz) Memory Uage: 45% (2GB RAM DDR2) with Office 2007 installing and MSN, Minefield (Firefox Alpha) running.. User Interface: Love it! Much Much smoother, nice visual effects, etc... Sound: Crackles a lot (for me anyway, the logon sound... sounded horrible) - built-in sound card on laptop Wallpapers: Better than XP Themes: pretty much the same but got more choice. Drivers: Uses Vista Drivers Windows Update UI looks nice New WMP takes a while to get used to Bugs Start Menu sometimes does not open Again, sound crackles but not really a bug i dont think Now, how do you got vLite working with 6801? I can't get it work, during setup, it says cannot open install.wim... wtf
  10. I still have my good old SAPPHIRE ATi 9550 card and playing C&C3 and Crysis with it, although not very nice to play, ATi are the best, forget nVIDIA with their lies, problems, etc. ATi to the end!
  11. it does exist, not legally that is...
  12. I'm not following, can you or can you not use vLite? Is this an issue of vLiting a previously vLited installation? Have you tried starting fresh, wtihout any tampering from the original DVD? Yes, this is an issue of vLiting a previously vLited source which I vLited myself not Dell or other ppl. Before this, I can integrate any hotfixes (post SP1) without problem even if I already vLited it dozens of time, but not recently with that I-don't-know-what-the-exact-error-is problem. Of course no problem when vLiting from original not-tampered DVD. And I just want to add before I forgot, before installing Vista SP1 on PC I used to vLiting Vista, vLite crash quite often and produced a BSOD, and seems the WIM filter engine is the cause. After restarting my PC, my Start menu will be rendered useless. But that was fixed in Vista SP1 though. I've also uploaded the full files/directories listing of the mounted WIM: http://mihd.net/3l0z7d6 also on the vLited WIM file I already integrated these post-SP1 updates/hotfixes: - KB905866 - KB937286 - KB938371 - KB941693 - KB943729 - KB947562 - KB947864 - KB948590 - KB948881 - KB950759 - KB950760 - KB950762 - KB951376 - KB951698 - KB952287
  13. no it's not self-made "Audit-Mode" version from Dell. It's the original Vista SP1 DVD from MS. I strip other editions except Ultimate and start integrating hotfixes etc manually (by mounting the WIM image). I also made registry tweaks by loading the hive using regedit. since it's my own custom distribution (and vLited), you won't see anything different with any other vLited output D:\VSP1\Autorun.inf D:\VSP1\Autounattend.xml D:\VSP1\boot D:\VSP1\bootmgr D:\VSP1\changes.txt D:\VSP1\efi D:\VSP1\Last Session.ini D:\VSP1\sources D:\VSP1\VistaUltimate.ico D:\VSP1\boot\bcd D:\VSP1\boot\boot.sdi D:\VSP1\boot\bootfix.bin D:\VSP1\boot\bootsect.exe D:\VSP1\boot\en-us D:\VSP1\boot\etfsboot.com D:\VSP1\boot\fonts D:\VSP1\boot\memtest.exe D:\VSP1\boot\en-us\bootsect.exe.mui D:\VSP1\boot\fonts\wgl4_boot.ttf D:\VSP1\efi\microsoft D:\VSP1\efi\microsoft\boot D:\VSP1\efi\microsoft\boot\bcd D:\VSP1\efi\microsoft\boot\fonts D:\VSP1\efi\microsoft\boot\fonts\wgl4_boot.ttf D:\VSP1\sources\boot.wim D:\VSP1\sources\install.wim

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