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  1. any idea what need to be not cuted to have working internet connection?
  2. also try disabling Tripple Buffering if its on This is on your Graphic Card Application, if you have ATI Graphics Card then its the Catalyst Control Center i have 2 hard drives and one off them with full install of vista second vlited.... all the other are comon drivers .. etc(lost planet is dx10 game) ill try busines... my harware is.. core 2 quad 6600 8800gts 4*1024 memory... but i dont like full vista vlite rules
  3. still have that bug lost planet hang up with memory acsess error
  4. ok in wait... just try lost planed didnt work (
  5. HTML ... get back still get an error in gulty gear and memory error in lost planet ^)
  6. removed chech from still have probs with vlited image.... now Lost Planet hangs up with memory error...
  7. ill try to get back wmvcodecs... and windows sat
  8. ppl i have 2 version of this vista one not vlited and everything is ok
  9. trying thx ps tryied,., with ggi didnt helpt this is translation my curent version of vista is russian
  10. here is my config for x64 ultimate... one big issue cant run a lot of new games gulty gear isuka overlord lost planet... any sugestion?

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