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  1. appreciate the help once again Sp0iLeDBrAt
  2. hello manikant! files can't be downloaded ... says only for premium users. do you mind re-upping or would there be other dl links? appreciate it.
  3. once again thanks Sp0iLeDBrAt! i'll modify my winnt.sif & try your suggestions ... as for the 2nd 1, i suppose you're right. i didn't run DRVCOMP/DRIVERBACKUP79 to gather the inifs & put them back in there. btw, i already got rid of the license agreement at t-39 based on what you suggested. truly strange though, that never popped up in my runs using my old answer file.
  4. hi! in relation to some winnt.sif settings that don't seem to apply as expected, i have another 2 settings that might need corrections, namely: [Data] AutomaticUpdates=[b][color="#0000FF"]Yes[/color][/b] [Display] BitsPerPel=32 Xresolution=1024 Yresolution=768 Vrefresh=60 AutoConfirm=[b][color="#0000FF"]1[/color][/b]for the 1st, i still get the mini setup (Help Protect Your PC Now) while for the 2nd, i guess the dimension settings do not take effect because the confirmation prompt still comes up abt my current resolution isn't correct for Windows XP. your feedback will be greatly appreciated.
  5. hey thanks Sp0iLedBrAt! i'll put this in but is this not for the text-mode phase? i don't get the EULA during pre-GUI mode anymore & didn't get EULA before during the GUI-mode phase (at t-39) either with my simple .sif ... haven't done any changes to it since. could there be changes from sp2 to sp3 that might have led to this? thanks again. cheers!
  6. hehe! didn't notice that right at the bottom COMPRESSION_RATIO=none has been set as default this time in the new ver. thanks Raoul!
  7. hi! i didn't want to start new topic for this as part of snakejv's concern is somewhat related to mine. this is how simple my winnt.sif looks like: [Data] MSDosInitiated=0 UnattendedInstall=Yes this already enables me to skip the EULA during text mode copy but in gui mode @ t-39, i still get the prompt to agree to the license agreement. how can i have winnt.sif skip this? i tried looking in the unattended site but can't seem to find which applies. your support will be greatly appreciated. cheers!
  8. thanks strel & bphlpt! after the run, this is how my directory structure (& contents) looks like: E:\SNMSynth\OUT1 E:\SNMSynth\OUT1\PROCESSDATA.TXT E:\SNMSynth\OUT1\T13XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.7z [color="#0000FF"][b](72.8mb)[/b][/color] E:\SNMSynth\OUT1\XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.exe [b][color="#0000FF"](71.9mb)[/color][/b] E:\SNMSynth\_20SP2_KB974417FIX.7z E:\SNMSynth\_20SP#_SLIMMING.7z E:\SNMSynth\_20SP#LNGbr_KB829019FIX.7z E:\SNMSynth\_30SP2_REMFONTCACHEFIX.7z E:\SNMSynth\_30SP#LNG_KB928416FIX.7z E:\SNMSynth\_35SP1_KB963707FIX_NOFFADDONPROPERTY.7z E:\SNMSynth\_35SP#_SLIMMING.7z E:\
  9. hi bphlpt! checked on the lines that you mentioned & i'm presenting what i have verbatim: [color="#0000FF"]line 66[/color] [font="Courier New"]) ELSE NOTE: _SNMsynth.ini is not present, default non restrictive settings will be used.[/font] [color="#0000FF"]line 297[/color] [font="Courier New"]) ELSE IF /I "%DNF20_IN_PROCESS%"=="YES" IF /I "%DNF20VER%"=="2.0 SP1" NOTE: NDP20SP1-KB946223-x86.exe is a .NET 3.0 SP1 hotfix and won't be applied.&ECHO.[/font] [color="#0000FF"]line 352[/color] [font="Courier New"]) ELSE NOTE: MSXML6 !DNF30VER! component will be updated with msxml6.m
  10. hi Mim0! i agree with Lilla ... uphclean is important. i found out the same while still on sp2. checking event viewer had errors that pointed to uphclean as resolution (i recall it was something about profiles) ... indeed, after installing it, i didn't have the same logs in event viewer moving forward. now as for 2.0 (beta), pls see this blog ... i think this has been shipped with vista (unconfirmed though) while others reported it works, others said otherwise. thanks!
  11. hi strel! these are a few .net 1.0 related ones (not the 1 you required though) i've found: Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable 1.0 Vulnerabilities in .NET Framework Could Allow Remote Code Execution (931212) ASP.NET Path Validation Vulnerability (887219) ASP.NET Security Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 2 Microsoft .NET Framework 1.0 Service Pack 3 Availability of the .NET Framework 1.0 Post-Service Pack 3 Hotfix Rollup Package for System.web.dll ASP.NET Path Validation Vulnerability (887219){/url] Description of the security update for the .NET Framework 1.0 Service
  12. hi strel! yeah, i installed it separately since an addon i had required it as i brought up prior. hi mooms! i have a few addon's (there could be others) that require .net 1.0 SP3 (i.e., Windows XP Tablet PC 2005 (English) by CODYQX4 (although the maker has already provided a modded 1:)). thanks! would you consider adding 1.0 & SPs to the mix? thanks again.btw, if it's not much to ask (& i know it's very trivial) would it be alright to request for a timer just so we know how long it takes for the entire process to finish?
  13. hi strel! isn't this a wonderful sight ... a pay-off for tireless efforts to succeed : thank you for your continued assistance.
  14. got these in mind tp! thanks!hi tp! i'm glad to say that i've finally succeeded in creating my latest build though i still need to re-run it maybe a coupla times more for a few more adjustments to fully customize it (hehehe ... after being sidelined for quite sometime ... i'm getting the hang of it once again ) just here to report 1 finding related to an earlier inquiry above --- despite renaming XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.exe to DNFAIO.exe, it still appears to be processed as is (XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.exe) & seems ok. pls see pic below (hehehe! that's my customized billboard over th
  15. thanks again strel! this clearly shows that the way to do it is going by SCENARIO 1 ... however, for both SCENARIOS 2 & 3, are the .exes still usable for unattended installs at t-13 (via svcpack)? usable in the sense that these products are neither corrupted nor incomplete? for SCENARIO 3 alone, if nothing is set, will it always produce a file with .exe extension? usable? i think i like SCENARIO 3 more. cheers!
  16. thanks again strel. just to confirm: SCENARIO 1: if i had these settings: T13ADDONS=YES ALSOINSTALLERS=YES it would produce 2 separate outputs (an addon (i.e., T13XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.7z) (which can be used as nLite/RVMi addon while the other one for HFSLIP (i.e., XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.exe) so i need not extract it anymore), correct? SCENARIO 2: if i only set: T13ADDONS=YES it would produce only the .7z addon where if i needed the .exe i should extract it from the SVCPACK folder (which exists parallel with the entries.ini) in the compressed file), i.e., T13XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.7z
  17. hi strel! thanks for the quick reply. i however did not set YES to the others as you've posted. this is how it looks like in my run: [font="Courier New"]PROCESS_DNF11=YES[/font] [font="Courier New"]PROCESS_DNF20=[/font] [color="#0000FF"][i](left this line blank)[/i][/color] [font="Courier New"]PROCESS_DNF35_DNF20=YES PROCESS_DNF35_DNF30=YES PROCESS_DNF35_DNF35=YES DNF20_VC8_RUNTIME=YES DNF20_OFFICE2K3_DEBUGGER=YES DNF30_RGB_RASTERIZER=YES DNF30_WIC=YES DNF30_MSXML6=YES DNF30_XPS=YES DNF35_FF_ADDON=YES DNF35_VC9_RUNTIME=YES[/font] [color="#0000FF"][i](left all the succeeding lines blank)[/i
  18. hmm ... so what i've come up with recently could be incomplete (might have made incorrect settings) ... pls see my PROCESSDATA.txt. thanks for the clarif strel!PROCESSDATA.TXT
  19. appreciate this strel!EDIT:just wanted to verify this part: ; ------- SPECIAL ; -- ALSOINSTALLERS=YES beside add-on(s) (any XXXADDONS=YES), also output switchless installer(s) compatible with HFSLIP. setting this to YES is the one for me, right as i use hfslip? just need to rename XPDNF11SP120SP230SP235SP1.exe to something like DNAIO.exe to conform to the 8.3 file name format. already did a "hiccup-less" run btw. just merely confirming ... thanks again.
  20. hi tp, hi fdv! would there updated SFC_OS.DL_ & SYSSETUP.DL_ that have been modded for SP3? in my latest run, i put all files (in the 1st post) in \REPLACE\I386. i'm thinking it could be either of the 2 files causing my install to be stuck at t-33 minutes (installing devices) because when i didn't use it, installation went on as expected ... i have DELCATS=1 set in HFANSWER.ini set btw. also, i utilized my old WINNT.SIF hoping my installation would be unattended but i encountered a prompt for license agreement (at around t-38/t-37). what specific parameter needs to be set in [GuiUnattended
  21. hi tp! thanks for the quick reply. i actually followed the list & only a few were added (some that i found residing in add/remove programs). i'll sort it out again. as for directx_aug2009_redist.exe (is it truly the entire package now - redist.exe as opposed to extracting it & getting only .cabs that apply, in my case those x86s? if extracted, what happens to the files other than the .cabs --- .ddls & .exe? where do they go now?) , i placed it in HF as designated in the list. i'll try to run it again & try the HFCABS method as well to see which one works best. in this run too,
  22. sorry for this 2nd post ... i've tried a lot of times to submit a modified post (even reported it to the site admins) but just wouldn't go through ... always came out blank in the 1st post with only the attachments left ------------------------------------------------ hi! i encountered lots of roadblocks in my recent run (after being away from it for a long time ) ... during the batch processing, i encountered lots of instances of 0 File(s) copied, such as: WindowsMedia9-KB969878-x86-ENU.exe, WindowsXP-KB894871-x86-ENU.exe - i'll take this out (based on this) WindowsXP-KB894871-x86-Symbols-E
  23. hi! i was just editing my HFSLIP post earlier to correct some mistakes & formatting but when i submitted it only the attachments were retained ... the body of the post was empty. i totally lost my post (didn't mind recomposing it though) ... but then again, after several attempts - quick edit, full edit, preview, submitting modified posts - still no go. i've cleared the cache, history, cookies, etc. ... even flushed dns ... & used a diff browser, restarted pc ... still the same result. i will try again after posting this. appreciate your help. tried creating a new post but when i submi
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