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  1. hi! my apologies for bringing this back. i wonder though if this'd be updated? been kinda hoping & waiting it would ... cheers!
  2. IE8-WindowsXP-KB978207-x86-ENU.exe ... which replaces IE8-WindowsXP-KB976325-x86-ENU.exe Microsoft Security Bulletin MS09-072 - Critical Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (976325) --- specifically, from ieframe.dll (file ver: 8.00.6001.22945 (longhorn_ie8_ldr.091027-0100)) to ieframe.dll (file ver: 8.00.6001.22967 (longhorn_ie8_ldr.091219-0100)) ... thanks dziubek!
  3. on the easy listening mood this time ... trying to get some rest ... current playlist has: biggest part of me - ambrosia (david pack) through the fire- chaka khan finding out the hard way- cynthia rhodes i just can't let go - david pack time will reveal - debarge (el debarge) spell - deon estus i'm sorry - everette harp cross my heart - everything but the girl (tracy thorn) i just wanna stop - gino vannelli promise ain't enough - hall & oates (daryl hall & john oates) come to me - hiroshima (margaret sasaki-taylor) one in a million you - larry graham that's what love is all about
  4. there seems to be intermittent issues with linking to posts as discussed in Broken links or forum issue? & in Last post link/buttons not working ... as for the posted link above, it would be a few posts up: Post #417 ... anyway, glad to hear your issue has been resolved cheers!
  5. hi trailmax! welcome to msfn. try to see this post? is it the same screen? cheers!
  6. hi nitropuppy! nice rig you got there my 1st thought of this was ps but you've already discounted that ... i had similar problems (fried Athlon XPs on ECS K7VTA3 ver 7.0) before & was just down to either mobo or proc as culprits (ended up replacing both than go through further lengths of troubleshooting than i already had) ... & usually this is where the bottleneck lies ... i'm sure if you had another similar sys available, you would've checked if your proc works or not (this is the most reliable way IMHO) ... AFAIK there should be bios beep codes to at least give you an idea ifever t
  7. you're welcome & no need to apologize my previous experience was using the addon packaged by siginet on a dell motherboard so i included the addon (you could do so via rvmi or hfslip or nLite) to my unattended cd ... from what i understand too, this must be run during setup, ideally before wfp kicks in ... other users in the aforementioned threads have more & better experience cheers & good luck! edit: please see added topics above
  8. hi Cliffster1157! try to uninstall it & download a stand-alone installer & see if same error still comes up. thanks!
  9. hi hag672! you can try this: Onepiece XP Post-SP3 AIO Update Pack v3.3.0, Onepiece XP Post-SP3 All-in-One Update Pack. cheers!
  10. hello iuli_kyle! thanks for this very helpful tool! may i ask if it's possible to take the best features/functionalities from: CreateurAddOn Pack Maker (by: vier) CreateurSFX (by: vier) Add-On Maker for Nlite (by: {_carnificina_}) True-AddOn Maker (by: Baran SEREN) Inf Assistant v0.23 (by: Jonnyboy) FGCBA (by: n7Epsilon) could be wishful thinking for an ultimate addon maker ... that beginners can breeze through & even advanced users can utilize ... cheers!
  11. thanks fdv! indeed i want to put it back on post-install btw, would you still have spare time for this: if not, it's fine ... i totally understand. sorry for the bother.cheers!
  12. indeed it is ... though i actually followed the instructions given here ... have yet to test it though ... btw, fdv, would there be separate instructions in your to modify sfc_os.dll for xp sp3? currently, there's only this one but is for win 2k ... martin h, as for the system file patches, there are those marked for sp3 but are these the most current? i also have this in mind: zacam hasn't been active lately ... appreciate the help! cheers!
  13. hi Teh_Tech! which laptop brand? have you tried autoactivate=yes via .sif file? if you nLited, did you remove OOBE? i'm not sure if you've you come across the listed topics below, but could be worth your time: OEMScan - Automated Multi Manufacture Pre-Activation Utility Multi Manufacturer Pre-Activation The OEM A.C.T. RogueSpear's OEM Preactivation ScriptPack Addons* a few more posts: Dell OEM XP Slipstream, Avoiding Activation Annoyances Auto-Activate XP on Install, ...how? Unattended activation of retail XP(inc SP2) Trouble with slipstream Dell OEM Win XP* (though not for IBM, it discussed
  14. thank you Tripredacus! hopefully in time indeed ...
  15. DeaglinG! welcome to MSFN! you can create your own using this tool by strel: Silent .NET Maker synthesized 20100118 - W2K/XP/2K3 x86, Custom .NET+hotfixes+langpacks UA installers/nLite-RVMI add-ons ... you can run the products even in live systems ... cheers!
  16. hi Mim0! it'd seem the following didn't make it in your current update list & hfslifc: ? i have WindowsXP-KB961451-v2-x86-ENU.exe from Article ID: 961451 - Last Review: August 25, 2009 - Revision: 2.0cheers!
  17. hi rick! this could be trivial but please share what you missed on this ... as for me, i actually have not seen this for quite sometime since i have always replaced my task manager either by process explorer or using cad 2009 ... so i'm curious about your resolution ... no matter how simple it could be thanks!
  18. hi adjn! could you try: using a clean (or different) source just to rule out that your source OS has become faulty (see if your install gets past your current hurdle) &/or for the sake of keeping it simple/basic, try without any addon, even if they used to work (& see if you get past t-39) ... else, possible hw issue ... share with us what you discover ... cheers!
  19. here's my current playlist ... here by me - 3 doors down (brad arnold) in loving memory - alter bridge (myles kennedy) at the stars - better than ezra (kevin griffin) black - pearl jam (eddie vedder) so far away - staind (aaron lewis) world i know - collective soul (ed roland) heal me, i'm heartsick - no vacancy (adam pascal) when morning comes - dishwalla (j.r. richards) dolphin's cry - live (ed kowalczik) here is gone - goo goo dolls (john rzeznik) interstate love song - stone temple pilots (scott weiland) rain - jet black joe (páll rósinkrans) send it up - vertical horizon (matt scannell) d
  20. hi Mim0! would this make it in your update list & in hfslipfc: ? i have WindowsXP-KB961451-v2-x86-ENU.exe from Article ID: 961451 - Last Review: August 25, 2009 - Revision: 2.0 ... cheers!
  21. so far the following is still workinghfslipfc nopause >mylog.txt hi Mim0! where do i exactly copy & paste this? i thought the reason for including these: LOG=1 LOGFILE= should cover for it? btw, i'd like to apologize for this earlier post: I'll check itgreat ... the unassociated file name is "1" this is totally my bad ... i accidentally put 1 as value for LOGFILE= thinking it was similar to answering YES to it ... shame on me ... this "1" file is actually what's supposed to be hfslipfc.log magic.. I see the image...hmm ... wouldn't have found out 'twas firefox's plugin: adblock
  22. hi strel! just a few quick inquiries ... would this XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.exe have newer file than DNF30XPS? (there's 1 too for 64 bit.) so if i have this update in my UA, would it be better instead to leave this as DNF30XPS= in _SNMsynth.ini? would it be possible to have XPSEP XP and Server 2003 32 bit.exe processed in SNMSynth? thank you!
  23. hi adjn! could be caused by driver signing (&/or catalog files) ... i've had similar issues at t-39 & here are some links that might shed even a bit of light to this ... Remove Catalog Files: Yes or No?, Advanced Hotfix Integration XP Home installation hangs @ 39 minutes, specifically, this: Weird HIVESFT Error, 16Mb HIVESFT????Long Pause at T-39 before GUI loads & some posts: btw, would you happen to have modified files? please let us know if you get to resolve this & how ... cheers!
  24. hello! i would just like to ask if it's possible to retrieve some old posts (or these posts could've been deleted ... apparently no longer exists)? here are a couple of samples that could contain some helpful info for me: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=69925 (chaining of hotfixes problems) http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=69415 (stuck at 39 minutes) appreciate it!
  25. cherry pie - warrant (jani lane) every rose has its thorns - poison (bret michaels) hard to handle - black crowes (chris robinson) honestly - harem scarem (harry hess) i remember you - skid row (sebastian bach) if you needed somebody - bad company (brian howe) interstate love song - velvet revolver (scott weiland) love song - tesla (jeff keith) man in the box - alice in chains (layne staley) more than words - extreme (gary cherone) patience - guns n' roses (axl rose) silent lucidity - queensryche (geoff tate) to be with you - mr. big (eric martin) two steps behind - def leppard (joe elliott) u
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