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  1. Thanks -X-, but, as Kiki stated, if I follow your suggestion, I will have the EULA skipped in text mode. But, as I said in my very first post in this forum, I really wanted a CD that has my CD-Key and updates from MS, but that behaves just like the original CD. And the original CD has the EULA in text mode. I'm also having an issue of seeing the EULA just in GUI mode, which is wrong in comparison to the original disk. So my SIF may have the right string (OEMSkipEULA=No), only it is working for GUI mode, not for text mode. I'm also having issues with the 15s thing. You see, the original CD has
  2. Hi everyone. I've been trying to activate in the past 28 hours, got some problems with it. Ok, I have some issues with my winnt.sif file. First thing: I don't want to have an unattended setup. I want the setup to behave just like my original WinXP SP2 CD behaves during the setup. So I tried to make the SIF file to make the setup behave just as the original CD. I want a "attended" installation. All that I really wanted with this CD was just to put the CD-key in it, and nothing else, and SP3 and 69 updates of "MS Update" of course. There are more than 69 updates of course, but some I install man
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