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  1. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY lol Thanks very much, i could kiss ya, so im gonna XXXXXXXXXXXX
  2. Hi guys Iv lost my copy of CreateurSFX and i cant seem to find a copy anywere, iv tried SFXMaker but i dont like it. thanks
  3. Ok i finally found the file needed, its called "syssetup.dll" for anyone thats interested. Thanks anyways. P.S You can delete this post if you want XD
  4. Thanks for the reply but i already know how to enable classic setup, what im looking for is the dll or the exe file that contain the images of the classic setup so i can swap them with my own images. as an example below is what my old iso xp image used to display. i wanna take the image from that into my new setup but as i said before i cant remember what file i need to modify. kenny
  5. Hi Guys I have tried searching the forums and the internet for the last hour for the answer, i dunno maybe im doing it wrong anyways I have done this is the past a long time ago but i need to change the following image: I have an old iso with the image modified to what i want but i recently lost all my data and i havn't done all this stuff for a long while so i have forgotton the file name needed to use reshack on. Any help i would be forever grateful. Thank you kenny
  6. no i have checked the nlite files and they point to C:\program files. i think i will have to re nlite the cd. thanks any ways
  7. Does no one have the answer at all..........
  8. Hi Guys I am going crazy, for some reason or another my nlited xp disk has choosing C:\ drive as the program files folder and not the usual C:\Program Files. I have check most if not all dll ini etc files but still cant find were the problem lies. I have recently lost both hard drives and had to rebuilt this one from scratch but it is the only thing holding me back as it is the last thing to do as my disk is perfect. Can someone please suggest what files to look at or what to do. thanks in advanced. K
  9. kwpro

    Fault with my UACD

    all accounts use the same settings, I have three accounts. Sometimes when I logout of my account and switch to another and then back it ok. But then sometimes it doesn’t. it’s only a minor annoyance but at the same time I’m a perfectionist.
  10. kwpro

    Fault with my UACD

    guys I am hoping if someone has the answer as this is driving me crazy, I have made the perfect UACD disk but there is one problem. Sometimes at the welcome screen I can’t insert a password. When I click on a username the password box won’t let me type anything. The only way I can get in is to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete. I use another login screen from the default (I have used others and it is the same thing) and I haven’t tried rebuilding the disk just using the default one. I don’t know if it is a setting I have checked in Nlite or it’s something I’m doing. It just seems to happen at random times when I log in and out off different accounts, I don’t use fast switch. Any answers would be appreciated, i have attached my last session file. Thank you. Kenny LAST_SESSION.INI
  11. Hi guys i was wondering if anyone could help me, I have created my perfect XP Disk using Nlite and following the guides by Alanoll. Now the CD works near perfectly apart from one error. and this is it: Is there anyway to get round this as it stops the install process and i cant leave the room, I used the RunOnceEx method to install the programs, apart from that one problem the CD works. Thanks in advanced.
  12. I have the same case but in red and i love it, my father says it looks like a dyson hover but what does he know. It really heavy once you get everything in side and getting the side case back on is a pain sometimes cause you have to do it slowly so you dont break the lights.
  13. Sorry to say but... thats what you get running as administrator. lol
  14. Try using CoCSoft Stream Down, its download any streaming video that i have tried, the only problem is the last few secs of audio on each video is missing. UPDATE: Just used it to download your video and it works, the file size is 6.95 MB,

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