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  1. Thanks nitroshift!! This is something new i didn't try and nobody told me about I tried but there are lots of parametrrs wich one to configure and what should be the status?
  2. Thanks to every body for your answers. I tried to go to properties everything seems to be fine. I use the ip address of the server to acces to it. This is really frustrating. I also tried to change the fdenytsconnections register value from 1 to 0 and it didn't help. Please help it has been like this for 15 days now
  3. I get this message when i try to connect via remote desktop to the server "Remote Desktop cant't connect to the remote computer for one of these reasons: Remote access to the server is not enabled The remote computer is turned off The remote computer is not available in the network
  4. It's a new server so there's nothing configured in it
  5. Hello there i hope you can help me with this(i'm a newbie on windows server 2008r2) i clicked accidentally on disable remote connection on the server(i can't remember which button) and now i can't use remote desktop anymore(i have ten computers on my network and i'm using windows server 2008R2 thanks in advance

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