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  1. What version of Office are you using? You should be able to change the page breaks in "Page Break Preview" under view.
  2. I like the keyboard accelerator of 2007 I like Excel 2007 better I don't notice a difference with Word I like PowerPoint 2007 better, but I'm disappointed that they took away the Macro recorder I don't notice a difference with Outlook
  3. What is the source of the current text?
  4. My email inbox has several folders within it for several clients. Is it possible to set each client folder in my inbox to archive to a matching client folder on my hard drive every 90 days or so?
  5. How about creating a dynamic chart using named ranges? You can set up your named range to automatically include the most recent month and not report on the oldest month. This link will tell you how to do it. I hope this helps. http://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts/DynamicColumnChart1.html
  6. I'm wanting to modify my work machine, so shareware and editing the registry might violate IT policies. Interesting software though, could be helpful in filling out timesheets. Thanks for the reply! Another question: I have Office 2007 and have installed the XY Chart Labeler. I noticed that the XY Chart Labeler is always present on my recent documents. Any way to clear it?
  7. In Windows XP, is there a way to make My Recent Documents sort descending by recent access instead of sorting alphabetically?
  8. I found that if you copy a worksheet that contains a chart, the new worksheet's chart will use the new worksheet for the series formulas. I created my desired chart format in one worksheet using a real dataset and then copied that worksheet and pasted the new source data over my old data. I also found some information that could possibly be used for a VBA solution. http://peltiertech.com/Excel/Charts/ChgSrsFmla.html
  9. In PowerPoint 2003, I was able to find out the exact location of a chart on a slide. I could right click on an object or chart and somewhere in the format object options I could tell PowerPoint where to put my item. Where is that feature in 2007?
  10. Let's say I have a chart in Sheet1. It uses my data in Sheet1!A1:A10. I want to create an identical chart in Sheet2, using the data in Sheet2. My data for Sheet2 is in Sheet2!A1:A10, the exact same row/column address as my first sheet. However, if I copy and paste my chart from Sheet1 into Sheet2, the new chart still refers to the information in Sheet1. Is there anyway to make the data series in charts have relative sheet addresses and not fixed addresses? If there isn't an Excel option, could I do it with some type of Visual Basic Loop? I.E. The loop looks at my charts in various worksheets, replaces old worksheet destination with the name of the worksheet in which it currently resides? I don't know much (anything) about visual basic so I'm grasping in the dark here. Any help or directions would be helpful. Thanks, NukedWhale
  11. Somebody else on the forum might know about forcing/embedding formatting settings in a word document. If the recipients of the document don't need to make edits, I might consider sending the document as a pdf. Good luck Hasti
  12. Have you tried emailing the document to yourself to see if the properties are somehow lost in transition? Is the recipient opening the Word 2000 Document using Word 2000?
  13. Hello, Some background: My office has installed Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager. I have been given the task of setting up a system within BCM 2007 to monitor the status of proposals we've sent out for potential projects. I thought the best way to do it would be to use the Opportunities feature linked to the receiving business client. I'm trying to customize the form to make it as simple as possible for the sales team and make sure it has all the relevant fields. So I want to delete or move forms/fields that are not important to our proposal submission/process and edit some forms that are. Is there any way for me to customize more than just the user-created forms? Can I delete or move the products and services section? Terms Section? An Issue/Question: Why is the close date enabled before the closed-won/lost phase and disabled when I say the proposal is closed/lost? Thanks in advance, I can provide more information if it will help. NW
  14. I'm looking for ways to improve Outlook 2007 performance. I'm running Windows XP Pro I don't have any RSS feeds I have the Business Contact Manager which my office uses (i.e. can't remove) My PST file is probably approaching 2 GB, but it was never a problem with 2003... Any ideas?
  15. Did you try pasting the charts as excel objects?

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