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  1. Ah, updated links Sorry, had a server migration...
  2. The PHPMENU is the same in general. Look at the INDEX-file, this should be showing how to create the menu dynamically. Of course you can change the background image or the programs you want to run. As long as you do that for private use, it is okay. Because of the cut-off: I don't remember the setting that you need to change, but it has to be somewhere in the following line: stm_bpx("p1","p0",[1,2,6,-2,2,3,0,0,100,"progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Wipe(GradientSize=1.0,wipeStyle=1,motion=forward,enabled=0,Du ration=0.30)",5,"",-2,80]); @Hixin: As long as you do that within PHP there is no need for me to change anything. And I guess what you want to do IS possible. (As far as I got everything right...) But I cannot give that much support on PHP, just go to www.php.net and look for yourself I am not sure though if I would store the whole files in the database but the filenames and their locations on the network... (and then copy them via PHP) Lookup the flush() - command from php. With that it should be possible to create some neat installation routines with showing progresses etc.
  3. Lol Basically this could be done by copying the mysql libraries for PHP to the extensions directory (which should be the PHP\ directory) and enable that in your PHP.INI. Go and fetch a copy of the PHP binaries from php.net and you have the libraries you want. You might of course use other databases then if you want. PS: By the way, I'm using PHP version 4.x
  4. New Beta, added several things... 1) Added CMDS Command which can be used if you want to run several commands from one line. All commands have to be written within bracers. e.g. CMDS:(COMMAND1:PARAMETER1)(COMMAND2:PARAMETER2) I though this is neccessary for: 2) Added COPYKEY Command which copies a serial number or whatever to the Clipboard WITHOUT showing it. Additionally added blockwise paste via CTRL+B. This will help filling out serial-number boxes which are divided in blocks. The serial numbers will be split up at the minus character (-). 3) Added a configuration wizard which can be opened via ALT+E. With this wizard editing the configuration file should be much simpler. AUTORUN2B8.ZIP As always: Happy testing
  5. Not that I get angry or something like it, but my Autorun IS for installing software with the possibility to create ISO / DVD; but again: it is just an additional feature. So please: Read my thread, too. But I can see that someone wants a more leightweight autorun without all these gadgets and gizmos and that such people prefer yours. And also I like the idea of giving alternatives. So here's one suggestion: Try to make it possible to let the user switch between a ComboBox and a ListBox. A listbox will make it easier to find an select something.
  6. Drop me a line via PM (in german). I don't understand anything (besides:) And no: This is not from winboard.org. This isn't even an installer but a simple autorun. So why including my program in an unattended installation?
  7. Hmm... I will try to debug that a bit more. Although I don't think I will get the time for that today. But here's a little demo for PHP support. This code attached with PHPEngine=On should produce the same menu index page and is LOTS easier to maintain... (Right-click -> Save as...) INDEX.HTML
  8. hmm... it works for me... After the "save to.." dialog pops up and I choose a destination, debug tells me that it started cdimage. MKISO (SETTINGS): CDImagePath = TOOLS\CDIMAGE.EXE MKISO (SETTINGS): BOOTIMAGE -> LOADER.BIN MKISO (SETTINGS): IMAGELABEL -> WIN95C_DE MKISO (SETTINGS): ROOTPATH -> ISO\95C MKISO (SETTINGS): FILENAME -> Windows 95.iso MKISO (ACTION): CREATE ISO, BROWSE FOLDER... MKISO (ACTION): OUTPUTTING TO "C:\Windows 95.iso" MKISO (ACTION): STARTING COMMAND LINE: >>>>>>> TOOLS\CDIMAGE.EXE -lWIN95C_DE -t08/23/2001,09:00:00 -b"LOADER.BIN" -h -n -o -m "ISO\95C" "C:\Windows 95.iso"
  9. Okay a) Rewrote the whole MKIso function, which SHOULD work like before, but maybe needs some additional testing. I had to do this to give the possibility of changing the filename. Two things now: You may add a :<FILENAME> to your MKISO-Command (after ISOROOT) to set a default filename for the ISO-Image. If this is not set, the Label will be used (backward compatibility). Additional you may want to give the user the opportunity to change the filename. This is done by changing the option FilenameByUser=1 in the menu.ini. I added a new file COMMANDS.TXT holding all possible commands with descriptions. B) About DVDDecryp*er Simply google it. AUTORUN2B7.ZIP Sorry about creating a new version every day... Beta 7 --- lol. Hope you have fun testing, though. Will need to get full support for the BASS.DLL (playing single files) and an okay from you both for the MKISO-function so that I can release V2 finally.
  10. Nargh, I think I got it now... AUTORUN2B6.ZIP Its not that easy if you can't test it yourself, sorry
  11. Okay, hopefully fixed that as I can't test the MakeIso function atm. AUTORUN2B5.ZIP About PHP: it is possible to create dynamic menus and also add functions and stuff for menu creation which may be easier to maintain. Also you could do some scripting if it is needed...
  12. Okay, now I made the Parameters for CDImage changeable (see my menu.ini for details), the creation window should now close if the option to record the iso is not given. Also I've added the opportunity to change the default name / path of the menu.ini. This is done by calling AUTORUN.EXE -setinipath MYNEW.INI or AUTORUN.EXE -setinipath PATH\TO\MYNEW.INI This will create a new exe-file which will use the new path. Be careful since you cannot redo that, so keep a copy of the original exe-file. If you don't want that change within the exefile, you can start the menu with AUTORUN.EXE -inipath PATH\TO\MYNEW.INI or add that to your autorun.ini. Note: At the moment the autorun just supports ONE parameter, no matter what parameter it is. So -debug won't work atm together with setinipath or inipath. Version 2, Beta 4 Thanks for testing!
  13. Seems to be my fault... Updated: http://www.saydoo.com/AUTORUN2B3.ZIP @dillon: It should work properly without .dll, did you really update the exefile? If yes, then I will have to investigate a bit more and / or remove it till i find a good solution...
  14. Updated version so that it loads BASS dynamically. Same location. But at the moment bass.dll would work with Streams only, I'm working on full mp3 (etc) support. Also the "burn disc afterwards" will disappear if theres no dvdd****** found. Will improve that later in optical ways.
  15. I will try to make it work without bass.dll, then. @amd64lover: have you tried the debug-mode? it should tell you how cdimage is started. compare that to what you need and maybe run it manually to check the errors and tell me what happened. Maybe we can solve it that way.

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