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  1. I get an error saying Non-7zip archive whenever am trying to install the current version. this is the first time this happens ( been using those installers since v6 ), and i redownloaded the installer for like ten times and no joice.. whats the catch?
  2. Link is not working as from that custom installers page. any mirror ?
  3. Hi , is it possible to make the 7.7 installer without quicktime ? thanks. EDIT by Shark007 As previously communicated in PM's, I have the file on my server, I just need to get it past the firewall sorry you werent #1 on my list of things to do, resolve pending ... via PM. END EDIT
  4. Execuse me but , i cant seem to access this site which is claimed to be your repository on which i can find your installers . www.sharksfiles.com
  5. Hello guys! well , i'm gonna get into the subject right from the start, i'm planning to create a website , basically , i wanna get my revenue from the ADS and only the ADS. so guys, have any of you tried this before ? specially with AdSense from google ? like , would i be able to pay the WebHost Cost ( considering its 9 $ / Month ) , from the money i get from AdSense ?? sorry for bad english ! thanks in advance !
  6. Didnt work also,,,,,,i think i understood wt the problem is the problem is that the Windows live messenger uses the 3.1 installer which is not supported in WinXP Setup mode...its not an Nlite bug. 2nd of all,,,, u cant say that nlite 1.3rc2 is buggy becauz it didnt work with ur Non-working addon.... ive already made another addon for WLM...and i tested it,....and its working 100%, i'll post it as soon as possible GUYS TEST UR ADDONS IN A VMWARE INSTALLATION BEFORE POSTING HERE!!!!......The addon works fine in a normal Setup without integration...but when u integrate it...it doesnt work....becaz it require the 3.1 windows installer... Regards Nadeem Ateyeh
  7. wow !!!! nlite 1.0.1 !!!! this so old man ! could u please try it out with nlite 1.3rc2 ?
  8. Thank You !!! it worked perfectly... waiting for next release
  9. DOES NOT WORK! i tried this 3 times,,, and each time i only remove the built in windows messenger and the msn explorer.......and when the installation finished : NO WLM! No errors, no nothing, it just does not install! please fix it !
  10. Can i install this without integrating ? ... i mean, i managed to install vaio cauz it has a setup file...but i didnt find a setup file for the sidebar, plz would u upload an installable version ? Regards

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