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  1. I'll take on tempuser if that's what she really looks like. But back on topic, try the store: kmart, walmart, target, frys, circuit city, costco... take ur pick. [EDIT] I forgot to add compgeeks.com, pcclub.com, ebay.com, overstock.com.....
  2. i've got an xp 2400 and it's fine. However, to be sure, post ur system. Also, scan ur harddrive for an bad sectors with the scandisk utility.
  3. nope. Just make sure that if you have a firewall, to allow the ip address that your computers have. Also, you should specify a private ip address because xp uses APIPA to assign an address in the range of 98 doesn't have this feature. Pick something in the range to keep things simple. Post if you have any issues.
  4. A new sound card always helps. But it can also be the program that you're using. Download a free/trial program and see if you get the same results. SoundForge from sony is a good program. A new sound card always helps. But it can also be the program that you're using. Download a free/trial program and see if you get the same results. SoundForge from sony is a good program.
  5. Blue: Compressed files Green: Encrypted files
  6. Actually, simple file sharing really only has to do with the security tab. But yes, without knowing what OS is being used, nothing can be done.
  7. 2K and 2K3 always have the security tab on because they don't have simple file sharing.
  8. Why not just use a download manager? Free Download Manager is awesome if you've got broadband. It really utilizes your bandwidth.
  9. Yea, just re-read the post. I tought he meant installing the OS on another partition other than C:
  10. http://www.mlin.net/StartupCPL.shtml This little program lists every program that the System Configuration Utility doesn't show, and then some.
  11. Try making a copy, or if you can use the original, without nlite. See if it works. If it does then nlite is the issue and you should post on that section to see if anyone can help you. I've never used nlite so.....
  12. The best way to restore ur lost files is by using some third party program. If you want to "reinstall" system restore there's only one way to do it and you'd lose all your save points. Chances are that the restore point you chose was either corrupted, or lost due to insufficient amound of hard drive space. If you have, for example, 2GB specifically for System Restore, and you continually make restore points, you'd eventually run out of space and the oldest restore point would be deleted.
  13. This happens almost every time the OS being installed is pirated. Or if it was copied from a legitemate place, it wasn't burned properly.
  14. You can't because C: has to exist in the system, it's where the MBR is.
  15. Use IE and accept the ActiveX component that it want's to install. Also make sure that, if you are using a firewall include the domain microsoft.com and allow coockies, scripts, and activex to be allowed.
  16. Well, you can't really delete linux through itself. And through windows you can't see the partition/drive that linux is on. So you have to either use a third party program like Partition Magic, or a boot disk with a format utility. You could use Killdisk. They have a free version of their program. However, know this, after you delete the linux partition you wont be able to boot into your windows partition because the boot loader would have become obsolete. Do this, insert either your win2k or winxp cd into your drive, reboot and press enter when the "Press any key to begin setup" or whatever it says. Upon the first screen press r. This'll start the recovery console. Select your main partition and, if need be, type in your admin password. You don't need to do this if you're using a win2k disc on a winxp install. Anyways. Type in fixmbr and press enter. Type Y to confirm that that is the main partition and it is the one that has your master boot record and press enter again. For good meassure, although you don't really have to, type in fixboot. Again type Y and enter. Bam, your PC is back to normal.
  17. Circuit city is selling it in my area. I tought it was free?
  18. Okay, so I installed 2K on my system as a test system on my system which already has XP. However, the MBR or bootloader was corrupted and no manner of using fixmbr or fixboot from the recovery app worked. Oh well. So I decided to just backup my important docs and files and what not and just reinstall the whole system. Here's the problem. I privatized the My Documents folder and wasn't able to get into it, even via command prompt, this is obious. However, I just decided to try it out and use the backup utility in win2k and low and behold, I was able to not only view my files, but back them up, and restore them in a seperate folder without any security issue whatsoever. Now, I'm wondering, is this just a backdoor for people designed to help them out, or is it a huge security flaw? Because, I gotta say, it was a relief that I didn't have to lose everything. I had some programs in there that I would not have liked to have lost.
  19. So bms, what's the software name? So I can avoid it?
  20. Why not just have two DVD's. Having one main DVD with programs leading to seperate DVDs can get complicated. But, if I were to hazard a guess, I'd have to say, find a program which loads a temporary module in place which remembers the key pressed. Then, upon insertion of the second DVD, it'll input that key and proceed to load that setup. But again, this'll take some scripting, lots actually.
  21. Well, it appears that your boot sector on the HDD is messed up. I had a similar issue when I got rid of my RedHat OS on my XP/Linux system. Since GRUB was being used instead of the windows loader, when it was cleared it wouldn't let me access XP. However, what you could try to do is put your XP, or if you have it, 2000 Disc in the drive and boot the Recovery Console. If using XP, enter the admin password, if 2000, it's not needed. Type help and look for a command that has something like fixmbr in it. I don't really remember but is should have something like that. Now, type in the command with a /? switch to see if it has any available switches that may be pertinent. I generally just type in fixmbr and let the program use the defaults. I did this any time I deleted a partition which held the boot loader. GL.
  22. What do you mean you "couldn't get into windows"? Please be specific.
  23. The files aren't being written to the disk properly. Also, you proabably know this but, when you reboot for the first time, right after the text based install, you don't need push anything anymore. The OS will eventually boot into the GUI based install. Now, if it automatically goes into the GUI based install fine, it shouldn't reboot. If it is at the GUI, at what point does it just reboot?
  24. Cool, thanks! Do you also know why it is that Partition Magic isn't working with the memdisk command? I made the two floppy recovery disks. Then injected both disks into one .ima file. That is coded like this: if $lastKey == key[2]; then memdisk /boot/PM8.IMA [uPDATE] Okay, I used the code and I got past the "cannot find bcdw command" part. Now I'm getting a "Boot failed, press any key to reboot". [/uPDATE]
  25. Yea. The PC isn't detecting your HD. Go into BIOS and most of 'em have the ability to detect which drive is where and what brand. You could also do the basic stuff of checking the physical stuff. Connections, the jumpers...

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