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  1. Would 1066 mhz at 6-7-7-18 be better than 800 mhz at 5-5-5-15?
  2. Oh and zxian...I never said it sucked, I said i didn't like it.
  3. Hahahahahah I was joking! It was very nice! Me and computerMan go waaaaay back.
  4. Intel 82801BA ICH2X - AC'97 Audio Controller [C-0] midi-in.0 0001 0067 MPU-401 midi-out.0 0001 0066 Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth midi-out.1 0001 0066 MPU-401 mixer.0 0001 0068 Intel® Integrated Audio wave-in.0 0001 0065 Intel® Integrated Audio wave-out.0 0001 0064 Intel® Integrated Audio
  5. <--------------- Noob Thanks Jeremy LAWL j00 pwn.
  6. Okay thanks #4, that was the answer i was looking for. I took off the harmful signature. :/
  7. I dont get 2 os choices at boot up. I just happen to have 2 drives with 2 windows xp copies installed on it, because the slave harddrive i use was once a master harddrive.
  8. I have 2 hard-drives installed on my computer, but they both have windows installed. If i format 1 of the harddrives through [control panel; admin tools; computer managment] will my other harddrive be affected in any way? Thanks!
  9. 1. Quake series 2. Unreal Series (real close with quake) 3. Half-life series including Counter-Strike 1.6 <- (my personal favourite) 4. Warcraft III
  10. Hello, My msn doesn't have the handwriting tool for some reason. I have tried reinstalling, uninstalling then installing, patching (a-patch), getting other versions of windows, and looking in the options to see if I have checked everything right. I have the journal viewer installed, but this handwriting tool just doesn't work for me for some odd reason. I know this is something silly to spend time on, but it's frustrating. Thanks for any help!
  11. Hello, My bud earphones i recently bought have mixed up right and left outputs. Is there anyway i can change this through windows (XP)? I don't have a soundcard (integrated). Thanks.
  12. Thanks ripken! My mistake, I must have copy/pasted the same motherboards. I can't get the other one now, since the computer is down, but i will post soon enough.

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