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  1. Any way to add a notification windows that the switchless has been finished?
  2. Anyone knows how to apply the tweaks to ALL incoming new MSN Profiles generated on: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger\PerPassportSettings\**MessengerIDhere**\ I've tried looking on all DLL, EXE (ResHack) and MSIs(Orca) to find where are those settings and change the default values, but I had no luck at all .
  3. If you say ready...I will send you the documents Yo ben, when is the RC coming? .
  4. R7Lite seems good, even if the GUI is not very optimized (speed and little bogus) and very slow procedure.
  5. I'm waiting too for the new fix to start testing for the first time this app. Looks promising.
  6. So I managed to obtain a RC copy of the Windows 7 64 bits version, but when I'm ready to start the installation I got this message: "A required CD/DVD drive device driver is missing. If you have a driver floppy disk, cd dvd or usb flash drive please..." I have looked on google and the unique Workaround to this is setting on the BIOS the device from SATA to IDE, but that option doesn't come on my Dell Inspiron 6400 and I can't even boot from a external DVD drive (yeah my laptop s*cks). Other method is from the USB, but I don't have one of 4GB :-(. I was loking for a driver for this DVD Device (Optiarc AD5540A) but it appears that doesn't exist, just the generic ones that Microsoft have build in but I don't have it for Windows 7 or Vista, just for XP. Any ideas? thanks in advanced.
  7. http://www.boooggy.org/slipstreamer/ not working. EDIT. Now is working, sorry .
  8. Does anyone knows the full list of Post-SP1 updates for Office 2007? TIA.
  9. Could you tell me where's the Ryans SP3 beta pack? I can't find it on his forum . TIA.
  10. pppx00

    Newest XP SP3

    There's a leaked 5503 build, not even tagged has RC, maybe RTM? Perhaps was compiled on March 07 I think (there's a lot of files modified on that date). Some files From the update.inf
  11. Is that possible? I mean you got 0 errors after integrate SP3 English on a Windows XP Spanish source?
  12. pppx00

    Appz Vanishing

    Post your settings.
  13. I added that reg tweak, but I want to disable it again, what's the reg setting for this option? Thanks in advanced.
  14. Thanks buddy, I'm going to try it tonight .
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