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  1. Sorry I forgot to metion the OS. I am using 2003 Server and yes, there is no Simple File Sharing in Tools > Folder Options > View. Is there aother way
  2. Hi All! I want to share a folder, but when I right click on it I do not see the "Sharing and Security" option. What is the reason for this and how can I get this option? Thanks
  3. Hi! I have found the description windows 2000 network archticture in terms of layers: Basic Netork Services Layer Interprocess Communication Layer Network Application Programming Interface Layer Transport Driver Interface Layer Network Protocol Layer I also need to find the same for windows 2003, but I looked and could not find anything like this, not even Microsofts web site has it (it did for windows 2000 though). Does anyone know where to find this info?
  4. Hi All! There are Distributed Computing APIs, such as Corba RPC and DCOM and non-distributed APIs like sockets. Is this correct? Is there a proper name for "non-distributed"?
  5. Thank you RayOK There is plenty of information on WinSocks. I have realised that I didn't ask the correct question. I need to read about the various ways of writing TCP/IP applications for windows. That is, I want to read about different APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) for windows network programming. WinSock is one of the APIs. Is this right? What other APIs are there? Where can I find papers and documents describing this?
  6. Hi All! Happy Christmas! I am learning about the different Windows Network Programming APIs, such as WinSocks, Win32 WNet, etc. I cannot find a lot of info on the Win32 WNet API. Does anyone know of any documens and papers that explain Win32 WNet API and also other network programming APIs? Thank you

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