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  1. http://www.baraka.ca/indexmain.asp This site has freeware tools for making that spare PC a router/DNS/firewall/NATter/and other tools, system. It uses BOS (Baraka Operating System) but it runs under Windows. You have to download BOS first, which is 125MB so you better have broadband. This'll make awesome use of that old pentium/amd box of yours so that you now have an excuse to give to your parents/spouse/significant other when they tell you to throw out that old hunk-o-junk.
  2. You could use TrooperMan's autorun program. It's pretty simple to edit. <a href="http://www.saydoo.com/AUTORUN2B8.ZIP" target="_blank">AUTORUN2B8.ZIP</a> The main page is http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=53032 You could also just use an simple autorun file. [AutoRun] open=batch.bat In the batch files just have the winnt32.exe with the switches in. Whichever way will work.
  3. That's not bad but a family member of mine had this seriously bad CWS malware that would not for the life of anyone, leave. I eventually needed to reinstall the OS from scratch. I used S&D, Ad-Aware, CWS Shredder, Hijack This!, Norton Antivirus, Avast!, and AVG. Near the end I did a system replace. That damned virus did not leave. The best way to clear your system is to do a clean re-install. If you are worried about having to reactivate your system, make a back up of the wpa.dbl, and wpa.bak(if it's there. Reboot the system in Safe Mode after installing the new OS and replace the two, or one, file(s). The files are found in system32 of your %systemroot% directory.
  4. Okay. I was fiddling around with the music player thing and I found a curious little thing. If the line stm_aix("p0i10","p1i0",[0,"Music Stream Test","","",-1,-1,0,"play:test.ogg"],262,0); has a 10 where it says ("p0i10 the Alt-E sequence wont work. Changing the 10 to something like 20 or w/e makes it work.
  5. Oh ****, ya, it actually looks simpler. Thanks man. BTW, I was looking at the same INDEX.HTML file. Sorry, stupid me. [EDIT] Here's what I found with regard to the overflow: stm_bpx("p1","p0",[1,2,6,-2,2,3,0,0,100,"progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.Wipe(GradientSize=1.0,wipeStyle=1,motion=forward,enabled=0,Du ration=0.30)",5,"",-2,80]); Change the 3 to anything above 9. This'll make the hightlight increase in height causing the text to be cutoff before the white line. Maybe someone can find another way but this'll work for the time being. [EDIT] Okay, I'm just wondering, where in the code can you move the arrows, up and down ones, in? I found where to change their size, now just looking to see where I can move them.
  6. The only legal issue is if you are installing the game somewhere else in addition to your own machine. Now, if you are only using the CD to have another person who also legally owns a copy access their games, there isn't a problem. Keep in mind that when you buy any software, you are buying the license, no the actual product.
  7. ****. I was just using this new version and it works really well. Just a couple of quick questions. How is using the PHPMENU directory different from the MENU directory. I was looking at the code but it seems the same. Also, just wanted to ask for you permission to use this program to run other programs. At the same time, can I change your image background? [EDIT] I was adding some more links in one sub-menu when I noticed that the cut-off was too high. What value on the Index page do I change that so that the cutoff is lower? Thanks. [/EDIT]
  8. I was just wondering if anyone knew where I can find the ISO CD labels for my software. I've got SQL server Enterprise 2000 and Exchange Server Professional 2003. I was wondering if anyone knew what the labels would be for them. I've checked out www.tacktech.com but they only have Exchange 2000. I doubt I really need the labels but I'd like to have the software on their own discs and on a seperate ISO DVD. Any help is appreciated.
  9. The VC really isn't that fast. It's clocked down so that it'll use less battery power. Also, the processor isn't powerfull enough to play any high end games like "Fear", which recommends 3GHz proc., well. It's good for all around use though so that's cool. It's also awesome that the Pentium M has internal wireless capability. It's good for an everyday use, but no laptop can ever trully beat a good ol' desktop.
  10. The easiest way is to start with Visual Basic. I'm sure you can download some type of freeware program that'll allow you to code a simple program like this. Look for tutorials from sites like :www.tutorialfind.com.
  11. Found a similar one. http://gprime.net/video.php/ipodflea
  12. What settings do you have the dvd burner in? Is it Master, Slave, or Single? Also, you might try to upgrade your firmware.
  13. Well, to see what you've got running, there's Alt+Ctrl+Delete.
  14. Here's some quick diag. in PC's. It'll help you relate to the laptop: Blue screens usually mean a RAM problem. Program crashings, mainly games, usually mean video card problem. Slow programs usually mean low RAM or low HD space. Random shutdowns or shutdowns during heavy use usually means the PSU can't handle the load, or your CPU is too hot and the BIOS shuts it down to save it. Usually with laptops, they can't really be used to heavy gaming. What you should try is lower the visual settings, and close any other programs running before you use the game. If it still shutsdown then your CPU is getting too hot, either because the thermal compound is messed up or the fan's heat sensor is outta wack. Since you said that the fan is spinning faster, it's proabably trying to keep up with the CPU's heat, and failing. Do this, if you can, try to prop the laptop up so that the center of the laptop is a good couple of centimeters off of a flat surface like a table or whatever. Place a fan so that it can blow air toward the bottom of the laptop, and play your game. Hopefully this'll help you with diagnosing the issue. If it still shuts down, call ur provider and tell 'em to fix it.
  15. What you might need to do is upgrade the BIOS on the machine. However, that in mind, remember that even though you are using the DVD in MS VPC(virtual PC) that it's running the "boot" off of RAM. Whereas in the real world, it's off of the BIOS and HD and whatever else it uses. It might also just be the technique that you used to make the DVD. If you want to save some guesswork. You could try Flyakite's technique. It seems to be the most compatible. I'm sorry you can't get the performance you want but hopefully a change in technique would work. If you don't want to do that, I guess it's just a small price to pay for a multi-boot DVD.
  16. The simplest way is to use a CD-RW, or DVD+/-RW, and use the autorun.inf(or ini, can't remember which). Have it say: [AUTORUN] run=\_FolderHere_\FileHere.whatever Another way it to do it to the registry under the RunOnce key. Then make a string value. Name it whatever you want. Double-click it and put the path of the file you want to execute within quotes. So it'll look like this "E:\files\setup.exe" or similar. For an example, look right above the RunOnce key at the Run key. It'll have files that are running on bootup.
  17. It's not so much that it's empty, it's just that the installation wants to see this file to confirm that you got the right CD in. Just have it in there, it'll work just fine. Mines is also empty. If it doesn't work, I would start from scratch with the 2K side and just make sure I completely follow the guide ver batem.
  18. Okay, have you tried running a virus scan on the PC while in Safe mode? Next, to get out of safemode, at the boot screen push F8. This'll give you the options of whether to go into Safe mode, safe mode with network, normal... and so on. You should proabably pick the option that says "Last known good configuration" You shouldn't need to repurchase your license since this is what you've bought. All you need to do is reformat ur drive, reinstall XP, activate. You'll proabably get some kind of screen saying that this license has already been activated and they'll take you to a support page or something. Now, for the backup of the activation: Did you look for the files whilst in the main OS, as in, not in Safe Mode? When you copied the wpa.dbl file, since you don't have wpa.bak, did you rename it to wpa.nonactivated from Safe Mode and than recopy it to the System32 folder? Then rebooted? This shoulda done it. Good luck.
  19. Okay, I was wondering, where would I go to get updates for OSs so that I can integrate them into my DVD installations. I already got the service packs but with M$ I have to download NEWER critical updates. I've looked on the M$ website but there's only the choice of updating to the current PC and after it deletes the install files. Also, how would I integrate them to the DVD? I've looked on this forum also but can't really find where it goes.
  20. In RealPlayer go to Tools than prefrences or settings or something like that. Go to File Types or similar and there should be an option to keep the selected extensions only for RealPlayer. I'm sure that in the Nero prog. there's a similar program.
  21. CodeGuru has a forum, specifically this thread, just for making trial software. Now, given that, I wouldn't know how you would go about aggregating it to your OSs. The only other way to do that is to include some trial key. I'm sure you can find those legally. Hope this helps
  22. winzip or winace. WinZip cuz it tightens up files more. Ace cuz it has a HUGE support list. [uPDATE] Never mind. WinRAR is the sickness. I shrunk a 254MB file to 32MUTHA-LOVIN' MB!!!
  23. Did you edit the setupldr.bin in the SETUP folder where your copy of the OS in in? Or was it in the other folder in root, the name depends on what you called it.

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