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  1. https://taimienphi.vn/download-daemon-tools-lite-7159/10200112-phien-ban
  2. Does this work with an AC-97 audio card? Edit: I was able to verify that it works partially, the sound of the games is heard with a slight noise and it does not work with all the games like Fatal Racing, in which the music does not work.
  3. The DefaultIcon subkey does not exist, and it also happens in pcem with windows98se. Is there anything else that can provoke it? When I install U98SESP3.EXE works great (all the RP9 icons set is applied), but this pack is in English :(. Regards!
  4. To edit resources of 16 bit applications use ResScope, I get good results with it, they can use the functions Import/Export to facilitate the things. ResScope Link: http://www.resscope.com/
  5. I was doing the Spanish version of 98mp10, but I cannot do their installer, please someone say me how to do it.
  6. I was using RP in my Windows 98SE in Spanish language, when I apply the sets of icons some icons do not change, for example My computer, My documents, and I believe that some others, is this for that the language of my Windows 98SE is the Spanish?, In any case I want to help you to translate the program, and if it is possible to correct the problems that I you mention. Regards,

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