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  1. Your file structure could look something like this: HF HFCABS HFSVPK SOURCE-XPC SOURCE-XPP SOURCE-XPH And then you rename whichever one you want to build to SOURCE until HFSLIP is done, then change it back. How do you currently have it laid out? You could also consider using a file-sync utilities like SyncBack.
  2. Please attach your error_report.txt.
  3. Always good to hear from you, FDV Its funny how most Americans are naturally sexist; we usually bias towards males. I was in class the other night and my instructor, a PHD-seeking female, kept referring to third parties with male pronouns. OlegII has a site? URL please? From his profile: I'm glad to hear that you are making progress on 2k3. I, for one, will be clamoring for it in a year or so whenever some killer-app comes out that won't run on 2k.
  4. You can use cases that aren't as high (1U-3U) but will probalby have to use risers.
  5. Well, its been about 18 hours since I cried about anything so how about another feature suggestion? I've noticed a few things happen when users have trouble. They/we: -Don't post an error_report -Put the text of error_report into their post -Need to add another file that is requested by the devs Maybe it would be easier if HFSLIP output an ERROR_REPORT.ZIP (or CAB) that contained: -ERROR_REPORT.TXT -HFSLIPWU.INFAnd maybe even: -TXTSETUP.SIF -DRVINDEX.INFBut that may make a large zip. DRVINDEX isn't too bad, but TXTSETUP.SIF tends to be quite large even though text files compress well. Anyway, this takes a few steps out of the user's hand and they can "just attach the zip."
  6. That is correct. I don't have much experience with bbLean but there were some attractive 'syles' on the right-click menu. Some were quite ugly as well. boxshots.org has a nice sample of what bbLean can do.I'm not sure that removing explorer.exe is the best idea. Even though I use litestep and xplorer^2, having explorer.exe around comes in handy. I think it would be an interesting project to cook up a reducer/addon combo that cleans explorer and replaces the shell.
  7. tommyp: Welcome back, saugatak! I don't think we've seen you for a while...
  8. tain

    Replacing Mediaplayer

    NViDiA's PureVideo: http://www.nvidia.com/page/purevideo.html List of cards that support it: http://www.nvidia.com/page/purevideo_support.html
  9. bbLean is apparently dead due to an MIA dev. Some other folks have taken up the torch and they hang out here. The latest version is buried in the thread but you can find it here. How does it compare to xoblite? I am still a litestep man but bbLean is nice, too. litestep does use more resources, but not very much more and it is far more configurable and usable.
  10. Woohoo! 60318H-expert slipstreamed great with HFEXPERT/WIN/* and HFCLEANUP...and even the control panel additions work! /SYSTEM32 and HFAAO control panel files are all working properly now. You guys RULE!
  11. Option 2 sounds more prudent to me. Is it even an issue with HFAAO? I didn't think that they were processed until later...
  12. I was asking myself a similar question earlier...do I have to delete SOURCESS before running HFSLIP? I know that the ISO gets written over but I'm not sure what happens to SOURCESS. I always delete SOURCESS before I run HFSLIP but it would make life a bit simpler if I knew that I could safely skip it. @taco: once your SOURCES is good to go use Tomcat's excellent page to determine what other files need to go where.
  13. Good find! Gosh put out some great info...too bad he is MIA. Speaking of MIA...FDV and Oleg are sorely missed :/ And what about C&B, saugatak, Dirtwarrrior, and Bilou? Did we scare them away?
  14. It looks like we are back on track Now back to that CPL issue we were working on.... In HFEXPERT/WIN/SYSTEM32 I have: 03/14/2006 10:06p 4,286 myuninst.cpi 11/25/2001 05:18p 131,072 myuninst.cpl 05/14/2005 08:02p 33,792 myuninst.exe and in SOURCESS after HFSLIP_60318f-expert I get: 03/14/2006 10:06p 4,286 myuninst.cpi 03/18/2006 02:23p 53,913 myuninst.cp_ 03/18/2006 02:23p 29,325 myuninst.ex_ But on my installed VMWare system I end up with: 03/18/2006 07:23p 131,072 myuninst.cpi 03/18/2006 07:23p 131,072 myuninst.cpl 03/18/2006 07:23p 33,792 myuninst.exe The .CPL is getting copied over as the CPI and the CPL. The real CPI is gone. Would you guys like to address this? If not, I can try to turn this into an addon (which I was considering anyway) and go around the problem.
  15. I'd be willing to donate as well. There needs to be an HFSLIP-DEV paypal acct that sends cash to tommyp/FDV/Tomcat among others. Much love! erm...straight love
  16. 18E + HFCLEANUP = missing NT5.CAT Reloading my HFCLEANUP from scratch in case I put one of those HFCLEANUP addons in there and forgot about it. Those things give me nothing but trouble! But the HFEXPERT/WIN thing seems fixed. Thanks for all the help
  17. I had issues with E but I am now testing F...
  18. Problem confirmed. HFSLIP18d=OK HFSLIP18d+HFEXPERT/APPREPLACEMENT(empty)=OK HFSLIP18d+HFEXPERT/WIN(empty)=dorked TXTSETUP So on an otherwise OK config, just adding the HFEXPERT/WIN folder causes TXTSETUP to be completely borked. Error Report/TXTSETUP attached. txtsetup.zip
  19. There is no such thing as a dumb question with me I am positive that there are no folders with spaces anywhere in HFEXPERT. I do have the pleasure of reporting that 18d has fixed the oddly-named control panel entry. Whatever that was, it is gone now. 18d w/o HFEXPERT installed like a dream. Running HFSLIP with empty HFEXPERT/APPREPLACEMENT now...
  20. Well that was fun I started with this structure: -HFEXPERT (just subfolders) --APPREPLACEMENT (empty) --WIN (just subfolders) ---CURSORS (just cursors) ---FONTS (just fonts) ---SYSTEM32 (misc stuff) And then took these steps: 1) Deleted S32 and a similarly dorked TXTSETUP as before. 2) Left S32 out and also deleted CURSORS...similar TXTSETUP as before. 3) Left S32 & CURSORS out and also deleted FONTS...similar TXTSETUP as before. So for #3, I just had this: -HFEXPERT (just subfolders) --APPREPLACEMENT (empty) --WIN (empty) And I *STILL* got a dorked TXTSETUP. So then I deleted HFEXPERT *entirely*, even though it just had empty folders, and HFSLIP 18d ran like a charm. WTFO? I am pretty sure that I have run this before with just an empty HFEXPERT/APPREPLACEMENT and not had issues, but I will test that now. It looks like the mere presence of an empty HFEXPERT/WIN causes HFSLIP to vomit on screen.
  21. I'll tackle that after I am done stomping HFEXPERT/WIN.
  22. @Tomcat: I'll start selectively reducing my HFEXPERT and report back. @tommyp: The odd characters were in the *intalled and running* OS...I can check what the TXTSETUP says but I'll have to generate that config again. Low disk space != good records
  23. You're right; 18d didn't help I can try selectively removing things from HFEXPERT/WIN if you think that may narrow it down.
  24. Isn't task scheduler a standard control panel entry? The only other thing it could be on my end is a bad CPL entry in an addon...I will check that next. Either way, there are no other *.CP* in HFEXPERT.Just tested again with 18ce. Same TXTSETUP problem as before. I would attach the file and an error report, but there doesn't seem to be any change from the last time I posted them. EDIT: I see that 18d is posted...will test now.
  25. Yes, but the dorked txtsetup prevents me from seeing if they all get installed in the final product properly. Gibberish...it looks like bad ascii codes or something...just a few tall rectangles similar to [] but as one-character, completed boxen.

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