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  1. Turn in your membership card and leave quietly
  2. @tommyp: Here is a zip with two different malfunctioning INFs per your request. HFSLIPWU.zip One goes bad because of codecs, the other goes bad because of addons (ignore the /HF installs). After even more testing, my original diagnosis is holding true. As long as there are no burps/hiccups/questions/problems everything is peachy.
  3. OK, I think I've got this annoying problem nailed down. Whenever the install process has to stop and ask the user (me) to locate a file that is missing, I consistently get a dorked-up DX9c installation that dxdiag.exe reports as DX7. The point in the process that I am referring to is the "Registers components" phase, I believe. That is where setup/hfslip installs addon packs and registers HFEXPERT/CODECS. If there is an INF in CODECS or one of the addons that doesn't point to the right file, there is a train wreck behind the scenes and DX9 is derailed. It doesn't seem to matter which addon/codec/file is missing; if the installer has to stop and ask then DX9 won't report be reported by dxdiag properly. I wonder what else might be going wrong along with DX9...
  4. @FDV: Thanks, and welcome back! I just ran HFLSIP with a lot of variables eliminated and DX9 came out alright...I am adding things back in hopes of discovering the culprit...it seems to be one of the addon packs that I am using but it will take some time to figure out which one(s).
  5. Thanks for the idea, but I don't think that is the issue. I built/installed my workstation OS in SEP05 and the patch is supposed to be for OCT-FEB. Just to be sure, I checked the patch INF and saw that its main function is to add a bunch of registry keys. My registry already has those keys so I believe that I'm OK. Unless you think I should run the patch anyway?
  6. Thanks for adding the changelog to the first post; quite handy. Suggestion/Request: add the contents of HFAAO to ERROR_REPORT.txt. - Sub-suggestion: add contents of FDVFILES to ERROR_REPORT.txt...not sure how useful that would be, though. DX7 vs. DX9 is still giving me problems. I now revert to DX7 when I use addons even without CODECS (or codec addons). Still trying to get the problem accurately diagnosed...
  7. @FDV: Will you update this on your site?
  8. This would be cool as an addon pack. Has anyone tried to build one yet?
  9. This version appears to have fixed the problem that I was having. I have a few different configs to run through, though. But at least one config that was consistently giving me fits now works. I'll do more thorough testing this weekend and hopefully post some codec info/packs.
  10. Moving my /HFEXPERT/CODECS/ elsewhere (running HFSLIP w/o CODECS) brought back DX9.0c. That was the only change that I made. WTF? Could it be the Windows Media codecs? Here are the contents of the codec pack in question: * DivX Pro 5.2.1 [Decoder] * XviD 1.1.0 Final [Encoder/Decoder] * Windows Media 9 VCM [version] [Encoder] * Windows Media 10 [version] * Cyberlink DVD decoder [version] * Elecard MPEG 2 Demultiplexer [version] * Ligos Indeo XP [version 5.2820.15.58] * Intel Indeo [version] * Intel Indeo [version] * Intel I.263 [version] * MS MPEG-4 [version] [Encoder] * MP3 Decoder (l3codec) [version] * On2 VP7 [Encoder/Decoder] * Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 DirectShow decoder [version] * Fraunhofer IIS MPEG Layer-3 Codec for MSACM [version] * WMA DirectShow decoder [version] * VobSub [] + CPL * AC3 Filter 1.02 test8 + CPL * Ogg Vorbis [version 1.1.0] * Quicktime [] * Real [] I am reporting my DX status with dxdiag.
  11. I am almost positive that it was the author's fault since most of the packs ran fine. But here were my problems so far: I may have found a problem with the current HFSLIP...I keep getting DX7.0 even though I have the latest dxnt and bdant in my HFCABS. Not sure what the problem is. I've re-downloaded and unpacked but got the same problem. This issue is slowing down my codec project :/
  12. tain

    HFSLIP your codecs

    I'm still working on this. I really like tommyp's idea of a separate zip containing and INF and the associated files for each different codec. It shouldn't be too tough to do but I am also a big fan of turning one of the big-name codec packs into an addon pack and just leaving it at that. I like the addon method for three reasons: 1) easy to update 2) more versatile/reliable pack since those devs seem to know a lot more about how codecs work together and use other tools (like ffdshow) 3) addon packs are cool! @Kramy: thanks for the tip.
  13. On your other Win2K page, can you please explain this in more detail? What are the pros/cons of either option? Using just option 2 will give you full DX9 funtionality? A bit of this was addressed in http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=67203&hl=d3dx9 but some of us knuckledraggers could still use a summarized clue
  14. I've run this version several times this evening while troubleshooting some codec issues. 60301 runs great and installs all 14 of my addons. There is an issue or two, but I think they are attributable to the addon pack authors. I really like the new addon pack feature. I am building a list of things to create that take advantage of all this new functionality.
  15. I'll be using this new version tonight along with quite a few addon packs.
  16. tain

    HFSLIP your codecs

    Not sure why...I zipped it using 7-zip and these settings: Zip format Ultra compression BZip2 method I will post a new version tonight anyway. Thanks for the feedback!
  17. So post #5 still links to the latest version?
  18. Hot on the heels of RC3 is....RC4! Download: http://www.majorgeeks.com/OpenOffice.org_F...dows_d3461.html Release notes: http://development.openoffice.org/releases/2.0.2rc4.html
  19. tain

    HFSLIP your codecs

    Sure thing. Just gimme some time to iron out some bugs and write up a thorough post...I'll probably steal most of your first post Sorry about all of the delays! For those who are interested: Please post your preference for how to implement codecs with HFSLIP. ie, the current "dump a zip" method vs. the new addon pack method vs. one of the myriad other methods. Right now I am thinking of staying with the zip dump and then posting an addon pack version of the same fileset. Thoughts?
  20. Odd, I've never seen it load into my tray. I always use the context menu entry.
  21. No, not at all. I had just spent quite a bit of time researching different methods of integrating codecs into an HFSLIP build. My research was nearly complete until I saw this post offering addon support...and some of the addons available are codec packs
  22. tain

    HFSLIP your codecs

    Go ahead, but you may want to wait a bit. I discovered a couple of problems with it and will be posting a fixed zip soon.
  23. Good question...haven't heard from FDV in a while either... Thanks, tommyp.
  24. Outstanding work! This method is fast, easy, and effective. It works great with HFSLIP. Thanks!

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