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  1. I ran 60313a yesterday and just got around to looking for any problems today. An odd problem has popped up that I never noticed before... These are the files that I have in /WIN/SYSTEM32: D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\2ksp5.htm D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\ARJ.EXE D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\Arj32.exe D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\calc.exe D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\Cyclone.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\drempels.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\Euphoria.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\EXTRACT.EXE D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\FieldLines.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\Flocks.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\Flux.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\Helios.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\hfnetchk.exe D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\logon.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\matrix-camtech_binaries.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\mplayerc.exe D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\myuninst.exe D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\notepad.exe D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\oeminfo.ini D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\oemlogo.bmp D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\pkunzip.exe D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\pkzip.exe D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\Plasma.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\qchain.exe D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\scrnsave.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\SolarWinds.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\ssstars.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\winhttp.dll D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\wordpad.exe Almost all of them get copied into c:\winnt\system32...but these ones do NOT get copied over: D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\logon.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\ssstars.scr D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\winhttp.dll D:\HFSLIP\HFEXPERT\WIN\SYSTEM32\wordpad.exe I have some other stuff in /WIN/CURSORS and /WIN/FONTS but they all get copied over fine. Some of the apps in there, like notepad, may be better off in APPREPLACEMENT but I have them in there because they get removed by HFCLEANUP and I want to put them back. They are the stock files...it is just easier to have them in there while I am addressing HFCLEANUP issues than to keep deleting HFCLEANUP, re-adding the default pack, and re-deleting the files I want to keep. Does that make any sense? Anyway, I found this interesting and thought you guys might like to see it. Cheers!
  2. Just a quick note on my lunch break...I also had issues with the Attributes Context Menu addon, but I just removed it from my setup and worked on some other issues.
  3. @RogueSpear: Thanks for creating your VMWare Tools addon. Nobody else has been able to do so! Any chance of you releasing an updated version that is more of a 'standard addon' than your 7z/vb/OEM version?
  4. Cool, thanks. I'll just wait for your new program:)
  5. I get an error every time I try to use this addon. Can't initialize cabinet module
  6. That link takes me to a page with at least two full tutorials. One of them seems aimed at themes. There are also lots of tutorial-like links on that page. And none of those seem to be 'the svcpack method' or 'the sysoc method'. The only tutorial I've seen that seems to fit one of those descriptions is this one that you indirectly pointed out to us in the first posting. Thanks for trying to help me along this path, but I need a bit more guidance. I have several ideas for HFSLIP-specifc addons once I get this ironed out
  7. tain

    HFSLIP Newbie

    Did you have any problems? Do you have any questions or do you just want advice on your configuration? My first piece of advice: follow instructions for creating an ISO automatically. It saves me tons of effort/time. Welcome to the board
  8. One of the links you provided has SVCPACK instructions but I can't find instructions anywhere for creating SYSOC addon packs. Can you post a link? While you're at it, can you post direct links to tutorials for creating addon packs that are HFSLIP-supported? There are quite a few tutorials out there (svcpack, 7z, rar, switchless, etc) and it is confusing trying to find the best one.Thanks!
  9. Another vote for removing the rating feature. There is no accountability or true usefulness since anyone can rate a thread anonymously. Perhaps it would be more useful if the thread tracked who gave it a rating...similar to how the poll votes are tracked.
  10. FYI, The .cpl issues that I mentioned in the main thread were not HFSLIP's fault.
  11. I would like to place a shortcut in the control panel that launches an external program. This would be included in an addon pack. There are a few guides for programmers, but nothing short/simple for knuckledraggers...except for manitool's generator, but it doesn't work. Any suggestions?
  12. @DigeratiPrime: Can you post a link to a guide that explains how you created the pack? I thought I'd seen a RAR guide before; but now can only find a 7ZIP guide.
  13. Thanks, Tomcat. I have run 60310 a few times on 2k in English and have had no issues with KB842773.
  14. Funny you should mention a .cpl issue...I've been bug-testing all morning on a .cpl issue with an addon that I am making. I can't figure out if the problem is my incompetence or a bug in HFLSIP
  15. I thought I understood the difference until I read those two entries. It just confused me a bit and I wanted to make sure my brain wasn't meliting
  16. From http://www.vorck.com/hfslip-info.html: From ERROR_REPORT.TXT: Are those inconsistent or am I confused?
  17. @DigeratiPrime: Please post a new version of your UA for this.
  18. tain

    New logo to use

    This has a lot to do with many factors such as video card, display mode, and the user's vision. Some people can tell the different qualities of HD (1080i vs 1080p) apart while many can tell no difference.
  19. Any volunteers for posting a new topic with all of this stuff consolidated into an easier-to-read guide?
  20. We seem to have entered a bug-free lull, so how about some feature requests to heat things up? I'll start - Add a progress meter in a "expanding bar" or "Step 1/5" format. Display statically so we can tell where HFSLIP is at in the process. The individual steps have a "% done" indicator, but an indicator for the overall process would be handy. This may also help in debugging future issues.
  21. tain

    HFSLIP your codecs

    After much scouring I have compiled some decent codec tester movies. I stashed the pack on rapidshare. Enjoy. I am still loooking for more resources, though. So please post any links you have and I'll integrate them to ensure we have the best test vids possible.
  22. tain

    HFSLIP your codecs

    I found one cool site but would like another reference for completeness...
  23. tain

    HFSLIP your codecs

    @sunamigaza: Those are definitely on my to do list I am working on the codec pack again after bug-testing the crap out of lots of codec/hfcleanup/addon configs. Can anyone point me to a "codec test pack?" I would like to download a pack of videos that conform to standards such as WM9, xvid, Indeo, MPEG2/4, and so on so that I can more efficiently/accurately test codec installations. Google isn't helping me much but I have found a few good test files. Can someone recommend a good resource?
  24. tain

    New logo to use

    Well then I retract my statement accusing you of being a web designer
  25. tain

    New logo to use

    Here is a transparent version of the smaller one. Can someone host it? I want to use it in my sig And a blue one...

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