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  1. well u know the saying, the more the merrier, it applies to bites of RAM too
  2. da da da... get ready for another month of wolf's boreing desktop! I was feeling vista-ish this month Cleen http://img453.imageshack.us/img453/4627/1a8ak.jpg Dirty http://img487.imageshack.us/img487/4020/2b6hw.jpg
  3. ok then, whoever said reinstall IE, do wat he said that probably the right thing to do
  4. I agree, they are just recently becomeing popular, we lived with out them before, but in a couple years they will be as popular as windows 3.1! but no dought they are good to have, i like ccleaner
  5. Question: Does it happen with all programs?--Does the program close, itself? and just stays in the prossesses list? Potential Sloution:in task manager go, View>Update Speed>High. that should fix it
  6. i would go ahead and do a virusscan and a spyware scan if it doesnt find ur "pinstripe stationary" then just go ahead and delete it, such a hudge file it uses up too much system resources!, i googled pinstripe stationary and found this, but i dont think thats it, as u posted it in the win xp catagory! But ya, go ahead and get rid of it!
  7. well whats the maxium ammount of ram ur computer will take?
  8. Not true, u just havent done your research! Lexmark are not making the printers for Dell, yes they are VERY alike BUT have you looked at a Brother printer lately? they all just followed a patern to make printers! Yes lexmark chose it first But it is just a patern, noone is making printers for anyone and if you look there are little differences. And no dell are not trying to take hp "on" in the printer business, they are just trying to get into the printer business, a failed atempt i must say, cuz u cant buy there F%$#@^ ink cartriges from anywhere except staples and ther always sold out! I'm ok
  9. dell dell dell dell dell What does this hav to do with windows xp? and its kinda funny, cuz i posted a topic like this here and almost everyone said custom built, i guess its further proof that its the way too go (but not for me cuz i'm to lazy )
  10. woops heh heh http://spaces.msn.com/members/MessengerSays/ ***Edit*** I have 5 WLM Invites! Who Wants ONE?
  11. CCleaner ROCKS... its really easy to use and it does just wat it says -- Cleans The CRAP it really makes life easier!
  12. happy to announce that i am a total id*** , i forgot i'm running deepfreeze and a simple restart cleared it up (my display pic speeks for itself )
  13. Ya, i have that neowin patch thing, (it was still there when i installed it) and i used a windows vista theme where there was no start just a circular windows icon!, and when i went back to the regular one as u can see there was no "start"
  14. this should be pinned to the software forum
  15. how often do you clip ur toe nails? (i dont expect you to tell everyone but just vote)
  16. Which late show do you like best? I like Craig Fergusion (The Late Late Show) (UGH THEASE STUPID POLES NEVER WORK FOR ME)
  17. Jeremy Hotz and Mike McDonald! i'm suprised noone said jerry stinefeld Haha Its funny cuz its true!
  18. heres one u probably didn't expect Click Here and here
  19. ok, i know the roumer that says the beta testers have 2 or 3 (I forget which one) invites but its not true, well at-least i dont anyway, and i'm a betta tester! now i could tell you where to get it but thats breaking the rules! cuz its a beta product! BUT i will give you the blog link (thats run by the WLM team) maby u might find what your looking for there, be sure to read Leah's postes (nudge nudge ) http://spaces.msn.com/members/MessengerSays/ and general Discussion is NOT A PLACE TO DUMP UR POSTS!!!, this should be moved to the software hangout!, i wouldent have found this if it wasent for my idea of posting a poll on how long u clip ur toe nails
  20. Hey guyes, heres my problem! on the start button where the word "start'' is suppost to be, is gone! The flag is there but it doesnt say start! i included a screenshot if u dont know what i'm talking about Ps: If you havent guessed i want it to say "start" again Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian it totally sliped my mind! sry its late
  21. I love that media player what skin do u use?, oh nvm its windows media center idtion isnt it
  22. u've been making up some really good ones! GOOD JOB!
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