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  1. hey guyes, we all kno msfn stands for microsoft software forum network but can u think of something else? ex. My Software Found Nothing ok i kno mine sucks but i bet u guyes have thought of one once or twice!
  2. ya i saw that on the news too, a computer engener made all that stuff! Poor poor neibhors!
  3. hey, go to my site, My Webpage then come back here and vote on it! oh and make sure u go to the "settle a bet" page
  4. wolf7448


    Now this post proves you did not read my comment above. Let me repeat it: POSTS IN THIS FORUM DO NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR TOTAL POST COUNT!!! thats true too
  5. wolf7448


    good on you for pointing that out! i was hopeing someone would anyway what happened was i made a post and the thought, nah noone cares about that, so i had an idea! I then took the screenshot (with hopes someone would point that out) and edited the post! mystery solved! and posts in the forum dont count toward ur total post count!
  6. wolf7448


    while were on the subject of stars and post count, how do u change the wording directly above your stars, if u dont know what i meen i included a pic
  7. wolf7448


    lol Jeremy, I see how you have 3000+ posts. its because he doesnt walk on the chickens lol
  8. wolf7448


    Hey guyes lets make a little order in the funny farm so lets post all movies, pictures and flash games here and, just word based jokes normally (if its picture and words post it normally) (make a new topic)
  9. heard it a million times but its still funny start a new topic, dont add a joke into a other joke
  10. Well welcome, Dont feel intimidated about being new, were all just here to help!
  11. ya i'll join u to, lol anyhoo dont feel intimidated about being new, u'll earn a star soon enough
  12. 1.Microsoft Windows Xp(because its needed to run most of the ones below) 1.Internet explorer(because its needed to run most of the ones below) 2.Windows Live Messenger 3.Limewire 4.Windows Live Mail 5.Windows live Safty Center 6.Dell Photo Editor 7.Microsoft Word 8.McAffee 9.Ms Antispy 10.Zonealarm firewall
  13. might i ask which one you are submitting?
  14. Here is mine I know its plain but i think the background suites this time of year! plus, everyone likes the coca-cola bears clean dirty
  15. In this day and age OF COURSE U SHOULD HAVE A PASSWORD!!!! its more secure and u never know who is going to hack ur account (or make a failed attempt to with a password)
  16. sounds to me like a spyware problem NOTE:Internet explorer and windows explorer are linked so if theres a problem with internet explorer there will probably a problem with windows explorer (food for thought is all )
  17. Wolf7448, it is fixed. It is being balanced by Harry Potter. And I don't have the money for a new computer. God knows I want one, though. thats good its fixed! happy computeing!
  18. You kno every once and a while i come accross people like you, You should have called them first (they answer prompty) and asked if that could be done! And it not dells fault that that cant be done!!! your just trying to place blame! And dell always askes you u rate there service and if u had a problem with there coustomer service u should have told them! And dell has been EXCELLENT to me! so to answer your questions A} NO it is nothing near ''crap" as you put it, It is EXCELLENT B} Of course i would buy from dell (there prices are right and the quality is excellent, PLUS - there is no reason to stop buying dell products because dell cant do something that is impossible to do)
  19. Just install the drivers , it will go away after that
  20. It soundes bad, if u can get a new computer or get one with out a hadrdrive and ram, (the stuff u allready hav) and implant that stuff in the new computer, (if u kno how) or get someone else to help u too is it possible you have your windows critical restart thing set to restart after a certin ammount of time, try setting it to never restart! oh and has anyone thought to try system restore?
  21. This should be posted in the unattended windows instalation catagory shouldent it?
  22. Buddy, if u have a virus or spyware this will more than likeley fix it!, good luck!
  23. thank you, so it really doesnt use your own connection it uses "hotspots" connection or a WiFi Connection, that is somewhat surrounding the area?
  24. HOLY FUDGE, THAT IS SO FUDGEN UNTRUE ITS ALMOST FUNNY! That article almost makes microsoft sound as corrupt as the FDA your signature image is the only one i have ever seen that is actully right! Good work!

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