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  1. Folks, I am having some trouble with getting Java applets to work. For example I do a lot of weather research using The National Weather Service web site as well as Intellicast, WeatherUnderGround, and Weather.com. I can get the weather radar to loop in some of the NWS products but not from the other sites. I am using Windows XP (SP2) and I have Java 1.5.0_10 installed and in IE 6 [Tools][internet Options][Advance] I have the Java box checked. Under [Tools][internet Options][security] I have the Java box checked and the security level set to low. Any idea what I can do to troubleshoot my system in order to get Java to work correctly? Thanks Rick
  2. I was deleting a program using Window's Control Panel> Add or Remove Programs> feature. I did that OK but in the process noticed a large installed "program" called "Pinstripe Stationery." Control Panel shows it as currently installed as Pinstripe Stationery and it's 4,095.00 MB in size. That's a large file. Clicking on Support Information gets the following: Publisher Microsoft Corp. Version: I searched my C: Drive using Explorer for such a directory or file but found nothing. I searched Microsoft's Knowledge base and also came up empty handed. Ditto a Google search of the Internet. Does anyone know what this "program" is and whether it can be safely deleted? I've not tried uninstalling it yet until I know more about it. I'm running Windows XP SP2. Thanks in advance for your help. Best Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  3. Suddenly I can not get windows xp home (sp2) to recognize or play any file (audio, text, executable, etc.) from my cd_rom. The only software I've installed recently is Norton Systemworks 2006 but the CD-ROM worked after that. I haven't installed or removed any hardware. I have tried to correct the problem myself by using a number of steps but to no avail. The device is recognized by windows. When I go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>DVD/CD-ROM Drives my hardware is listed (Mats***a UJDA330). Selecting Properties>Drivers>Driver Details shows drivers present including C:\Windows\system32\drivers\cdrom.sys and C:\Windows\system32\drivers\cdr4_xp.sys (provided by Roxio) plus a couple of others. I deleted the cdrom.sys file and restarted windows and a new cdrom.sys file was created with the same date as the deleted file. I can see the drive (D) in Windows Explorer. But clicking on the drive doesn't bring up any files even though there are some on the CD. I've searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base and Symantec web site couldn't find anything there that helped me with my specific problems. I also checked with the manufacturer (Dell) and they too were not able to help. They could only suggest that I reinstall the cdrom.sys driver which I've already done. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Best Rick Cremer Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian

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