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  1. I consider it quite relevant to the topic, actually. The more users that help other users realize how crappy Dell is will hopefully influence more and more users to use their heads and build their PCs and feel good about what's inside their case, instead of worrying how long it will run before overheating. what i meant was thats not the question were trying to answer
  2. oh come on guyes, just give it a try! i'm not even a beta tester and i want to try, it sounds fun!
  3. ok we all know that it is called "windows vista" but y? and no one give me that cleer, confident, connected crap (or as i call it.. the 4 c's) anyway heres y i think they called it "windows vista". Because vista blinds go on windows , what are your thoughts?
  4. heres mine, a vista twist on a Xp favroite!
  5. can someone explain to me what service pac 3 will include and what will be different? Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  6. PrtScn Button and any imageing software, nice and simple:D
  7. 20(songs on each cd) x6(cd's) ---- 120(mp3 files on cd's)
  8. may i remind people this is not a dissussion of wheather dell "sucks" or not, back on topic if we could, thank you
  9. You can make your computer run like new, every time you reboot it! if u use a program called faronics deep freeze! Not to mention it virtually makes your system inpervious to viruses and other threts! The secret is it "freezes" the computer in a perfect configuration mode (well u have to first put your computer in a perfect configuration) and whenever you restart your computer it irraticates all changes made to your system keeping it perfect, day after day, month after month, year after year, decade after decade! insureing no update to your computer need ever be made, no patches, no hotfixes nothing!, because you will always have a perfect computeing inviroment and no viruses, worms, etc. can survive in a deep freeze inviroment once the computer is restarted! If you choose to install faronics deepfreeze you must partision your drive! in one partision put your doucments and settings folder and in the other one put everything else. so when it askes you wat to "freeze" do not select the drive letter you gave your doucments and settings folder, because if you do, deepfreeze will erase anything you might save to my doucments! if you would like to learn more you can go to the deepfreeze website
  10. i dont get it, is his problem fixed or not?
  11. ur not answering the question so y r u posting?
  12. theres something about it but i dont kno what
  13. i've notised people want to make things, "less bulky" or "less bloated" more and more thease days, my guess is its just a trend, one days u'll want that bulk back!!! ONE DAY (ok i'll go stand over there now )
  14. country and theme songs from shows! its sad to see that country music is given such a bad rap around here
  15. for me its just boreing old msn, i got deepfreeze on my computer so i'm to lazy to thaw it and change it
  16. i say dell (i forgot to add the pole sry)
  17. you can win them off the internet!
  19. truely the best! u said that was xp and if it is that is just SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!
  20. its ither a problem with your netowrk card or the cable itself!
  21. get ur xp disk and do a repair, thats all i can think of!
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