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  1. i dont understand the question
  2. is there a way to steel a flash video or whatever from a site?
  3. First off, its simple, just get internet explorer to show it and copy what you see in the address bar into windows explorer and modify the file Seccond off, this has nothing to do with Windows NT4/2000/2003 and should be moved to the Software hangout
  4. Option 1: System Restore {start, all prog,accesories, system tools, system restore} Option 2: I wish I knew
  5. Heres how to do it... (for the icons) download the icon set here download icon packager here Use icon packager to set up your vista icons enjoy
  6. ...did i forget to say that if u try to log off normally it should work now
  7. It really depends on what ther person is useing it for. u kno... Xp Home for home users Xp Pro for businesses/many users Windows Server for people who use a server Media for the extreem TV/Video watches and Windows Xp Pro 64bit Edition for geeks Just kidding of course! cuz i'm a geek too
  8. i'm not a moderator but it says in the rules, not to use names for topics like that...
  9. faronics system profiler, it will tell u everything about ur system! Click Here
  10. sry buddy, i dont, hes going to hav to adjust
  11. Programs can choose to stop a shutdown, logoff, or standby, now if u want to force a shutdown/logoff (and show your computer whoes boss ) Hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and go ahead and under the "shutdown" menu choose ither, shutdown, logoff, standby, etc. hope that helps
  12. i think its virus infection, not spyware or adware, if u just want ot stop it from running find out its system name is called then in ms antispy go to that system explorers part and tell it to stop it from running!
  13. first of all, i believe its =SUM(
  14. oh, i knew that, haveing a blond moment , sry
  15. I also agree thats not answering the question... the question was.."what your favorite PC make" please stick to the topic!
  16. what is the basic function of the motherboard anyway?
  17. Man. Xpero how come a salt shacker comes into the scene. Cant it be left out. i Also wish we do away with the golden colour and the Jazzy colours. How about a simple blue screen White colour XP and silver coloured IZE. We can have a little glow in the blue background and sparklish silver colour. Can anyone Make something on these lines.? I really cant paint a picture of what ur asking in my head, a little more direction would be nice!
  18. Anyone have any good new years wallpaper?
  19. [quote name='Jeremy' post='441173' date='Dec 28 2005, 11:23 PM']Just use one. Type it in 5 times and you've got it mastered. Don't use a word. Use a combination of letters and numbers. Does XP support symbols in passwords? I know how to get unbreakable passwords. Check [url="https://www.grc.com/passwords"]this[/url] out. I have one of the letters-numbers-symbols 63-character written down in my notepad. It took me 2 minutes to write it, lol. It'll be my master password for when I use Hamachi in conjunction with my future network.[/quote] i believe the experts say if you repete something [b]10[/b] times it kind of locks it into your long term memmory (food for thought is all )

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