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  1. yes its available for firefox!, with the righht add-ons personally I love that scan! i have recommended it lots on msfn!
  2. good, i'm tired of people always saying "i want a invite, I want a invite"!
  3. they are 2 seprate issues, make sure u have the remember me option checked in the account properties in outlook
  4. invites arnt given out for windows live mail, you have to sign up here and wait ur turn!
  5. i'm more confused than ever, thanks This sounds right But i'm not sure Thats correct
  6. Do you think bill gates has a msfn account? I think its possible but i have no proof
  7. sry i realized it right after i wrote it, i wasent thinking
  8. very good question, would someone PLEASE answer it
  9. I'm grateful for ur reply and help, but I wonder, have you ever used Total Commander and tried ur suggestions before u post them I would like to use it without some third party app like the one u suggested, if it isn't possible that it ain't matter. Thx anyway mate nope
  11. It even applies to bytes of RAM! bits, bites - to-ma-to, tom-at-o did you know the tomato's a fruit? which brings me to my point, dont put a tomato in a fruit salad ok i'm gunna go stand over there now
  12. well I'm 14 so its probably a good thing I'm not married and have no kids
  13. i've been waiting for someone to say that
  14. i have it! I love it, the only thing i would like to see in M5 is being able to attach a signature and a little more customizability
  15. use faronics deep freeze! it takes care of everything! viruses, worms, Trojans, spy ware, with a simple restart! and does not affect system performance! it sounds like the best solution for u. I'm tried of explaining the magic of it so just go here for more info! It doesn't say this there but if u expect to be saving anything u must partition Ur "docs and settings" folder into a separate partition and when deep freeze askers you what to freeze..dont select the drive letter u gave Ur docs and settings folder!
  16. find ur file in explorer and right click it, go send to>mail recipient send it like that
  17. keep pressing tab until its highlighted and then press the right aarow key
  18. psst... just nodd and smile
  19. way to many people hav that display picture

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