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  1. Friends, one of my clients pc's system date ( year only )automatically changing to 2005 i changed the cmos cell.. i hope the problem with virus .. anyone know about this virus ? Plz dont recoment to scan for virus - i already done it....
  2. Friends, Which is the best free helpesk software thanks in advance ...
  3. friends Which is the best and free network inventory system ? I want to collect all the information like hardware, os , software Thank u . .
  4. I want to configur a local mail server for 25 Users. Which is the best software for that
  5. i can install the software but some errors getting while updating ... is there any solution
  6. I am getting a "Macromedia Projector" error that says :macromedia projector has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry..." This happens when trying to run an .exe file from a CD.
  7. i want DD.MM.YYYY For my application i can chage to this format but after some time it will automatically resetting to DD.MMM.YYYY. How can i make it stable .. OS = 2000 Prof + sp 4 ie6 +sp1
  8. Under normal XP boot - CD drives read all CD's as 'Audio' CD's with a single track whic will not load. Booting in safe mode the CD drives will list the files on the cd's, but the CD's can't install in Safe mode.
  9. Friends, I created a storage space for my organisation. with two 160 Gb HDD, Its to save the mail backups and other shared files. I want to monitor that storage space. I mean, Some times Somebody copying bulk unwanted datas to here, like movies and songs in different locations. I want to know if a file is copyed to thos computer and also from where it is copyed ? ( i mean the ip address or location ) How can i do this ? I expecting you valuble help thank you
  10. Yes its enabled in bios its happend after a hotfix installation. thankyou
  11. Friend, I am using windows xp professional.Nowadays my standby button is showing disable. how can i enable it ? Thank you .
  12. before installing service pack 2 it was ok .. how can i enable it in SP2 ? ( its possible. Once i saw in an office ) Please help me ..
  13. Friend, i configured the remote desktop web connection, i can access it from other computers, but i want a multiple user sessions in remote desktop. is there any way to configure it ? Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. Please follow XP Forum Rules from now on. --Sonic
  14. Friend, When i am trying to update the Windows Defender, there is an error message "0x80040154 : Class Not Registered" how can i update it ?
  15. Friend is there any way to push windows patches to the network computer ?

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