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  1. So far I've gotten away with a CPU upgrade, hard drive replacement (same make/model), and a video card upgrade. I had to reactivate after reinstalling on the new hard drive (obviously) but not for the other hardware changes.
  2. You must be using the wrong HAL. Windows 2000 handles up to two physical CPUs (cpu sockets). Windows uses the same HAL for multi core and multi cpu systems. Your admins may need to select a "custom" HAL at the time Windows is installed. http://www.microsoft.com/hk/windows2000/faq.htm On topic, Windows 98 isn't going to do to SMP any time soon. It's time to move on to a modern operating system fellas!
  3. Starter only comes with a few low resolution wallpapers. You won't find the full ones on the install drive or WIM.
  4. I completely disagree with your statements. Adding an additional Vista SKU is a monumentally bad idea. Obviously, Windows is not for you. Have you tried Linux? Windows 2000?
  5. Sounds like an absolute waste of time unless your computer has 64 megs of RAM. Why can't you use MCE for the "cinema experience" AND gaming?
  6. 1.) No. It is a generic chipset driver that works for many chipsets. Why is this so hard to understand? Post your INF file and I'll show you. 2.) You're right. 64-bit and dual core cpus aren't faster on Windows 98. They are multiple times faster on everything else though. I see you don't even understand the concept anyway. 3.) How many patches and hacks did you need to get 1GB working? 4.) Enjoy the computing stone age. 5.) I take it that was a joke. DEP is a real security technology you'll never get to use. 6.) Show me a Windows 98 crossfire or SLI system, please. 7.) Feeling the burn from what? You? You're a misinformed computer user clinging to a legacy operating system for no real reason. 8.) And that relates to Windows 98 how? There's no multithreading on any 9x OS.
  7. I have an X600 64 MB card in my laptop. It runs Glass at 1400x1050 just fine. Glass is enabled as soon as you start up Beta 2 (and later builds) for the first time. Can we put this to rest now?
  8. Well that's good. I would congratulate the device manufacturer since Microsoft doesn't write drivers. I guess you overlooked that. Good luck using dual core processors or anything 64-bit. Oh yeah, good luck with > 512 MB RAM, security and bug updates from Microsoft, Blu Ray and HD-DVD support, Dual core and Hyperthreading CPUs, CrossFire and SLI, Data Execution Prevention, and most brand new retail software.
  9. What a lamer. You haven't given a single reason why this operating system is "RUBBISH." Until you can qualify your extremely bias opinion, please keep it off of message boards. Have a nice day (and good luck getting that scanner working in Linux).
  10. So you were what, 15, when Windows 98 launched? And you would have been 12 when 95 launched and 13 when NT4 launched. Need I say more? Yes, Windows 98 is antiquated now. I think there are far, far better alternatives available. Back in 1998 it was as good as it gets. ...but it is not 1998 anymore. Get on with your life, boy.
  11. Uhhh...yeah. XP Home doesn't come with Remote Desktop Server. Only XP Pro does.
  12. I don't think it was meant to be a public download. Someone found this URL somewhere (ripped from software or maybe Vista itself) and got lucky. If you haven't noticed there are no CD keys and no activation codes provided with this download. You won't be able to install or activate this software without a pirated key.
  13. "Modern" CPU (Athlon 64 or Pentium 4) 512 MB RAM (DDR 333, DDR 400, DDR2 533+) DX9 Graphics Card (Radeon 9550 or 9600, NVIDIA FX5200, 6200) That's what you need. Not exactly strong. You could probably go as far back as an Athlon XP or older Pentium 4 for the CPU. When Vista is released next year, these hardware requirements will seem even smaller.
  14. Posted verbatim here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?act=ST...t=0#entry487329
  15. Cross-Posted in two sub-forums Title is in all caps Post is in all caps Little punctuation Help you?
  16. Interesting replies. I used Nero 6 to burn the image and my boot sector was ripped from an original Windows XP SP0 CD. The problem as I see it is that Windows can't handle copying more than 4 GB from a DVD. It chokes on the first line of txtsetup.sif (the very beginning of the file copy process). There is absolutely no data on line one of txtsetup.sif. Weird.
  17. Take of a screenshot of your XP mouse properties and then do the same on Vista. They're exactly the same. Wishful thinking perhaps?
  18. I'm creating a Media Center Edition 2005 unattended DVD. Just the other night I added some rather large applications like Adobe Creative Suite and Macromedia Studio MX. The install source was just over four gigabytes in size. Much to my dismay, I could not start Windows Setup in a virtual machine. I kept getting an error on line one of txtsetup.sif. I recreated the ISO and tried again, same thing. I burned to a DVD and booted with my computer - same thing. I discovered that there's a 4 gigabyte (4096 MB to be exact) barrier for CD/DVD based installations. I took out OneNote and Studio MX and my DVD happily installed Windows for me. I just thought I'd pass this tidbit along. I searched the forums and didn't find any other mentions of this condition. So much for filling up that DVD9 with your favorite apps.
  19. Microsoft doesn't read this so what's the point of this thread?
  20. It depends on the SKU but the most I've seen so far is 10.
  21. I kill the index service along with several others following a fresh installation. Yeah you better ♥ Longhorn. It's one of the best flavors of NT6 there is. Vista killed this feeling forever. O_o *pokes the entire thread* *stabs Vista* **** the repository. It's a complete waste for all end users. I don't see what the devs need with it either since I'm a dev. O_o Maybe it's for hardware. I have gone so far as booting PE and deleting the entire repository and THAT helped. For any annoyances besides these, you're out of luck. You also stated that you'd need a 15K SCSI drive to run a 5xxx build efficiently so your reputation = 0. You obviously don't understand the development/build process either. In reality, we probably won't see a 6xxx build, ever. The Feb CTP will contain the same debug code as previous betas/CTPs so expect RAM usage to be the same. MS won't get to performance and optimization until winmain is feature complete.
  22. There's an indexing service that attempts to index all the files on the Vista partition and perhaps the entire drive. The activity should die down after a few days...
  23. Windows Embedded is Windows for embedded devices. Understand? The Windows Mobile operating system for PocketPCs and SmartPhones is built on Embedded. You'll also find it in cash registers, CarPCs, even SOHO routers. It it designed for devices that have hardware that doesn't change.
  24. If you don't know what it is/does, you don't need it. Stuff on most IRC channels is considered warez.

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