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  1. I noticed that this disappeared several builds back and was most upset. I manage an enormous media database so it tends to come in handy when moving through hundreds of different folders. This is the first time i've seen someone ask about this and im curious to know as well.
  2. LOL! No, no, no, no, no, and no, but it's a nice thought. You can only upgrade to any version of Vista after you have installed XP, no slipstreaming.
  3. Yes, there IS something you're missing, it's called explorer.exe. That's where the My Computer icon is. You'll see this file in your Windows folder.
  4. You should give up on this idea of yours. You're not going to find someone who is able to do what you want done, and even if there was someone who could or would rewrite the kernel, I suspect he or she moved on from 98 years ago, like most people have. I'm not telling you not to dream or anything, I just think you're wasting your hopes and dreams on something that isnt going to happen. Good luck anyways.
  5. Yes, it's normal. When you use the "god" administrator account, UAC sees you as the full owner.
  6. Windows Vista 32 and 64 bit drivers ForceWare Release 158 Version: 158.24 Release Date: May 2, 2007 Beta Driver 32 Bit Download 64 Bit Download Release Highlights: * This driver fixes a problem when trying to enable NVIDIA SLI using the international versions of Windows Vista. * Increased performance in 3D applications. * PureVideo™ HD support. * Add support for forcing Vertical Sync in DirectX applications. * Updated NVIDIA Control Panel with improved user interface (Please see the Release Notes for more details). * Numerous game and application compatibility fixes. * This driver supports the following 3D features: o Single GPU support + DirectX 9 support for GeForce 6/7/8 series GPUs + DirectX 10 support for GeForce 8 series GPUs + OpenGL support for GeForce 6/7/8 series GPUs o NVIDIA SLI support + DirectX 9 support for 6/7/8 series GPUs + OpenGL support for 6/7/8 series GPUs * DirectX 10 NVIDIA SLI support for GeForce 8 series GPUs will be available in a future driver
  7. The Nvidia drivers are still in the beta stage, so at this point there is NO tray icon. Perhaps in the future as the drivers move into their final phase the tray icon will pop back up, but dont expect it any time soon.
  8. Right click, Personalize, Under tasks - Change desktop icons. Just click the Recycle box and you'll be fine.
  9. This file should already be in your windows xp source (I386) and this file remains the same regardless of service pack version. Ive attached the file your looking for. svcpack.zip I would also suggest you use nLite for slipstreaming service packs and hotfixes. http://www.nliteos.com/
  10. Well, other than vista icons and themes there isnt all that much to be had at the moment(aside from little 3rd party apps). It's mostly a question of choice and sense of style. I feel most people try to copy others setups instead of making it according to their own tastes. Oh well. So no, not at the moment, not till RyanVM releases another updatepack, then i'm sure i'll be adding more. I've been considering taking his packs and murdering all the old icons, avis and bmps, and do to total resource facelift. Anyone think users of his pack might like it?
  11. Sorry, This doesn't exist anymore. I'm all collage and no time.
  12. Well, unless there is some major update to the file..you could copy the version info (While in reshack) from the updated shell32 to the older one. Ive done this several times in the past and it works fine. Its either that to make a reshack script with all the icons so all you have to do is apply it to the new file.

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