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  1. We are on server 2003. Running Exchange. The problem is that we have deleted an old user from the server. The entire profile, and from all distribution groups etc. Now when people send a meeting mail from outlook 2007 to one particular user it also tries to send to this old email adress which is no longer present. So it will send to the correct recipient and also send to the old user as well and then we will recieve an undeliverable mail for the one adress and the present party will recieve the meeting mail. I suspect that it could be linked to the calender since I have not been able to find traces of the old email adress anywhere. This problem has been going on for about 4 months now and still no solution. thanx Grant This is the error: Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Subject: Sent: 11/6/2008 11:18 AM The following recipient(s) cannot be reached: Paula Field on 11/6/2008 11:18 AM The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to. Check the e-mail address, or contact the recipient directly to find out the correct address. <meropa.co.za #5.1.1>
  2. have you done all the updates. This is very NB at the moment!
  3. GTO

    PC Clusters

    I have a HP intel notebook with vista and a desktop with xp. I was wondering if anyone could give me more info about clustering these two machines and wether or not it would improve the gaming performance. I cant find two many articles on the web. Please point me in the right direction. thanx Grant
  4. GTO

    Vista Rocks

    supreme commander finaly made my machine lag slitely at the very end of a skirmish match, where both teams had all units maxed out and settings were all on full and everybody was attacking everybody else. That is not bad going. In the past i have never even been able to play a game with AA enabled, so not bad vista If your looking to get a new machine and O/S vista will not be a bad choice. The only real problem I have at the moment is that I am a sound engineer and most audio software does not support vista yet. Cant wait for reason 4 to be released.
  5. GTO

    Vista Rocks

    I bought a HP 6599ee with vista home premium and I must say after getting used to it and adding all the necesary updates, it really does blow XP out of the water. Yes it does have a few teething problems but that is to be expected for a fairly new o/s. Just so you get the idea, I have been playing Supreme Commander on a notebook with all settings on max, that includes 8*AA and the game is running smoothly. Oddly enough I read an article about how vista framrates increase with AA on, so I tested it out and it really is true. I have not tweaked any settings in my vista and norton is running and I still get smooth performance. I am truly amazed. Just thought I needed to pass on the good word. In the future this O/S will truly fire on all cylinders. If I run into any problems I wil be sure to update this post. Be sure to download vista update KB940105. It made quite a difference to my games performance. If anyone has any problems with this update please feel ffree to post here. thanx Grant
  6. from what I have read it is not possible to slipstream direct x with nlite. I was wondering if I use the nlite addon maker to install it as a seperate application
  7. thanks for the reply. One question. I seemed to load all the nvidia mainboard drivers just the graphics drivers did not take. Do I have to add the .sif file, and if so are there any precompiled files out there Also I was thinking that maybe nlite could use black vipers list as a preconfigured file to choose a basic type of setup.
  8. first of all, thank you. I am still getting to know nlite but it is a dream come true. I am requesting some more user friendliness if you have the time. These are my specs. AMD nforce 4 motherboard 1gb ram sli 6800 LE graphics by 2 xp x64 x2 CPU sataII HDD If any one can help me it would be appreciated I am a sound engineer working with pro tools le 7 at home. I am looking for a script file to load my nvida graphics drivers and motherboard drivers. 6.85 MB and latest Graphics. Also I am trying to get my xp pro to barebone essentials. I need to play a few games C&C3 etc, run pro tools and access the web. I require a dual core hotfix and dual core optimizer for my pro tools and games. what I am looking for is the ultimate script file for this setup and how to for nlite. As well as the guy who writes nlite to add this into his settings as their are lots and lots of sound guys who know nothing about computers who could really benefit from something like this. I am quite frankly asking for help on how to get the perfect setup. At the moment my installation cd is down to 157MB but things are not quite right. I will continue to experiment, but like I said before any help would be greatly appreciated as time is not on my side. I hope I was clear enough. So many people need this. Just take a look at digidesign DUC forums for specs. Many thanks regards grant osborne gto@eject.co.za
  9. I have been running vista as a test and all I can say is this. IT IS ABSOLUTE RUBBISH !!!. Other than looking pretty it is just another way for microsoft to make money by forcing people to buy new products. I hope Bill Gates will read this because I have reached the end of my rope with microsoft. In stead of simplyfying things they have complicated things. Instead of finishing a product like xp, and just making it perfect they leave it in limbo and move on to the next thing, vista. It is time for Linux to make its move. To all linux programmers out there come together and formulate a standard and make a serious move into all aspects of the market. To Bill Gates stop worrying about the business and make a better product. The bottom line is that the US military is going to have more headaches with vista than they had with xp. Microsoft should have just taken xp and made direct x 10 run on it and finally fixed all the bugs with xp and made a perfect system instaed of moving on to the next product. Basically people all that I want out of vista is direct x 10. And all I need is a perfect system. All microsoft and Bill Gates are about is the money. Come on Linux I want to be able to run all my games and programs like fruity loops, reason protools etc on linux. I want to be able to go and buy a program in a store and see Linux compatability. The bottom line is that microsoft uses Linux on all there main servers instaed of the programs that they create, to me that says it all ! Microft I suggest you make xp open source so we can have one perfect version of windowsinstaed of however many incomplete versions. catch a wake up microsoft !!! I am highly irritated with you and I will never purchase a microsoft product again and thats the bottom line.

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