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  1. "new: Image splitting support" btw, the component cache is coming back when/if you fix the windows update bug, right?
  2. [deXter], great! totally correct..
  3. bulls***! it's called a cache and the memory can be freed whenever an app requires it.. it has another drawback however - extreme hard disk activity during the cache population process.. and if you're operating in an extreme environment (constantly dealing - opening and closing - with lots of heavy apps) you may find out that the population process may never stop
  4. i've been searching and trying for several days now.. let's say that i have FormA which launches FormB.. FormB does some stuff immediately after it's been launched and i want it to update a label, and some other stuff on FormA.. how do i access that FormA label from FormB in the most simple way possible? thx
  5. 8300GT looks great.. there wont be an AGP variation of it though, i guess..
  6. What about Launchy? it's an opensource app launcher.. all u need to do is press the hotkey (default is alt + space) and type the name or part of the name of the thing u want to launch.. no more digging around in the start menu or elsewhere..
  7. u have to preserve 300 megs of Korean files for it to run? wow..
  8. i've had it successfully install on a 6-7gb partition on my VM
  9. it's superfetch go to start-> type services find superfetch, right-click, select disabled and click stop
  10. it would be nice to see this implemented.. i dont have a DVD drive and i dont plan on having one soon anyways, vista runs great here, and i dont want to vlite everything out of it just for the sake of burning to a CD i can now get the iso to 1-1.4 gigs keeping everything valuable
  11. nuhi, nope i just asked if keyboard layouts are considered "components to be added later".. seems like they're not i thought that removing the cache will prevent me from installing additional keyboard layouts..
  12. why dont u just disable it? there arent many apps that could find that problematic..
  13. about the component cache removal.. is an additional language bar layout considered a component?
  14. i always remove that bloated piece of crap
  15. go get them at http://ati.amd.com/ just tried it.. full native opengl support.. seems to work great, just like in XP!
  16. wasnt it fixed for 0.8beta? anyways, gj nuhi
  17. no one can say 100% vista compatible.. that's what "we" (the users) said.. it works great.. no glitches, no anything.. except for that half-open thing.. anyways the default value for net.max_halfopen is below 10 so there shouldn't be any problems.. the thing is, we're used to the patch and we have a high setting for that which kills vista.. we need a vista patch!
  18. heh.. i was just gonna ask him the same thing EDIT: ah, blindness just saw what i previously opened (the deviantart link)
  19. lots of memory? superfetch enabled?
  20. a week ago i decided to vlite my copy and install it i applied this tweak.. everything worked great except that it has some problems with cyrillic fonts in certain apps (winamp's playlist, qip, ..) can anyone confirm that that's the problem or that i've removed something wrong?
  21. not bad, but it doesnt seem to support shared networking, or am i wrong?
  22. @dexter.inside ... WOW.. so much stuff on such a low-end PC incredible is that vlited?
  23. it works like a charm.. i use it to share appdata profiles for certain apps with my XP installation

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