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  1. i got the log file cant really find out where is the problem, ill attach it here so u may find whats the problem i hope IntelChipset.rar
  2. i tried that one same thing, once it starts installing less than a second its telling me its finished, wonder if there is something i could force it to install..
  3. Hello Guys, i have windows vista ultimate 32 bit installed on a P35 chipset motherboard, till now each time i try to install the INF utility, i carry on with next next next then in less than a second its tilling me finish like it didnt install the utility!! any idea how to install it properly?! because im sure its not installed, every time i connect my webcam its telling me ur connection could be faster which means the intel chipset drivers not well installed !! pls help meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. hello guys, i have and IP address and Gateway to set on a PC at my work, but how to find out the subnet mask without those calculations methods, any software or command that it can provide me the subnet mask of that IP since my PC (2nd PC) on the same network as well, but another VLAN !!
  5. Hello guys, i have MS Access Database located on windows 2003 server, and other users with windows XP got a shortcut to that Database, the problem is that they cant access the Database at the same time, only one user can a time, but they said before they could do it, so is it something to do with the windows 2003 side!! or the client side!! or something to do with MS Access?!! any hint will be appreciated..
  6. hello guys, im really suffering of my internet proxy, our ISP blocking badly everything, its like i can only check my email now while im paying around 75US$ every month, even hi5 is blocked, and the reason is dating lol its so funny, anyway if u know about any easy to use software which can let me get through pls pls pls tell me about -
  7. ya its great with the heavy load, but as i read 3.8 is the max for this processor and it has to be with changing the voltages after that it wont be stable, anyway i prefer not to play with the voltages, 3.5GHZ, 1000MHZ, 2000MHZ, CL4 wow awesome numbers to me
  8. Ok i did an OC last night i reached 3.5GHz with 1000MHz RAM bus speed, so i gained a RAM speed of 1000 weeeeeeee
  9. Hello guys, i got E6850 Core 2 3GHz lately, 333 X 9 multiplier, 1333 bus speed, and i got the 8500DDR2 1066 bus speed RAM, when i checked in CPU-Z i found the FSB:DRAM was 5:8 and as i understood the best performance i could gain when its 1:1, so i had to low my RAM FSB to 667MHZ to gain the 1:1, now my question is, why we are paying all this for 1066 while we need 667 with the best core 2 duo processer till now!! and is it what i did right to lower my FSB speed!! is it really 1:1 will get me the best performance?!!
  10. hello ppl, for those who use Powerdirector 6 i have a question, is it possible to add a layer ? my problem is that i want to add 2 PiP to run at the same time, so the only way i thought of is to add another PiP layer if possible, or maybe there is another way? any idea pls helpppppp
  11. hello guys, lately i bought the Saitek Rumble 2600 gamepad, it works with windows XP very fine, but with windows Vista i cant get the vibrator working, but already installed the Vista drivers, any hint if u have this gamepad pls im stuck -
  12. thanx guys i appreciatred i made my order today
  13. the ram model is >> 2GB kit(1GBx2) DDR2 PC2-8500 Ballistix Tracer 240-pin 1066 2.2V<< motherboard >> Giga-Byte GA-P35C-DS3R << i couldnt find good 8500 ram less than 2.2V as well and i really dont want to pay alot for that, i found this ram will be great for my games!!
  14. and if i turn the voltage to 2.2 in my motherboard!! any side effects?

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