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  1. Very nice nuhi. Compatibility works like a charm....
  2. Nuhi, this is excellent. You're a wizard!!!
  3. I'm answering my own question: The tool to use is Process Monitor from Sysinternals. It's free. It shows what each process is doing any second. If a program tries to load a file and fails, you can see it. With this method, I found out that Korean language support is needed for KMPlayer.
  4. Korean language support is needed for KMPlayer. If you remove it, the program doesn't launch. It doesn't even show an error message. You click the exe and nothing happens.
  5. We don't seem to have a "What shouldn't be removed for which program" thread for vlite unlike nlite, so I'm posting this as a new topic. If you remove Korean support, my favorite media player KMPlayer doesn't launch.
  6. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find it. KMPlayer doesn't launch on an nLite'd installation. I want to find out which files it expects to find but doesn't, so I'll exclude them in nLite. How can I do this?
  7. aydc

    0.9 or RC1 ?

    Yeah, it's not like nuhi is getting paid for helping us. Let's show more appreciation rather than trying to push him.
  8. Actually it's 2.73 now, after installing a few things, as you can see in the screenshot below. If I remember correctly, I removed everything other than Aero. All I use from Vista is the taskbar and the start menu. For everything else, I have third party programs which are way better than Microsoft can make. If it was possible to remove eveything I want, my Windows folder would be 50MB.
  9. I finally got around to using 0.8 today. I deleted my old Vista installation and for the first time installed Vista from a CD. That was unbelievable!! It installed a lot faster. It boots faster. It shuts down faster. Windows folder takes just 2.64 GB. No problems so far. nuhi, thank you very much. I had almost decided to stay on XP, but Vista with vLite is almost good enough to be used as my main OS.
  10. I guess it would be easier for nuhi to write his own OS.
  11. I though Glass was faster than anything because it runs on the video card, not cpu. It takes RAM, but not CPU. It's worth a bit of RAM I think.
  12. aydc

    Wim Filter Error

    I did that. I right clicked and selected install. A window popped up. the wimfltr.sys file was copied to c:\windows\system32\drivers. I manually verified that the file was copied there. Still the same error. I even copied the sys file from my Vista installation and tried with it, but still no difference. My XP is heavily customized. I've turned off many services, deleted many unnecessary files. Maybe that's why we're getting this error. We've deleted something that should be there for vlite to work. Nuhi, have you tried vLite on an XP installation that was heavily cut down with nLite, or are you developing it on a full XP? If not, could you please try it once with a minimal XP installation?
  13. aydc

    Wim Filter Error

    The error message is not clear. It's like the old "Windows Protection Error" messages on Windows 95. It tells nothing. Nuhi, maybe you can make a special debug version that logs all the steps when vLite is attempting to connect to the wim filter. By looking at that log maybe we can understand what goes wrong.
  14. aydc

    Wim Filter Error

    No I'm running RTM Vista, but I don't see any errors in Vista. I only get the error in XP SP2.
  15. aydc

    Wim Filter Error

    Here's a screenshot of the error message. Click on the image to get the bigger picture.

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