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  1. Complete Installation. I made an office setup /a and help with ORK Should the result of the shrinker be included in the source? Actually I've installed first the whole office then uninstall then patch some codes in the registry. Then when i shrink office the second time around it worked... I didnt add the log file in the source... Then i made an installer with 7 zip, worked on my computer... I just wonder, would the log file affect the installation on other computers?
  2. Done that... but Im getting a bunch of message box (errors!) then compression rolls back... What should i do?
  3. Im sorry if my topic sounds illegal... I hope the moderators could understand me... Anyway, thanks a lot guys!
  4. Good day guys! I installed deepfreeze 6 in my computer a month a ago and I can say its a nice program... Unfortunately, i was about to install a game in my computer but i forgot my password... Is there any way i can bypass, save changes or simply disable deepfreeze... Hope you guys could lend me a hand...
  5. Good day! Im planning to make a batch file that will install adobe reader 7.... Can somebody help me out what's the correct format / parameters for this application? Thank you very much!
  6. Good day!!!! How can i combine an Office 2003 installer to a Windows XPSP2 in a 700MB CDR? WinISO should do the trick in combining but i always get 900+ mb (which exceeds a typical CDR capacity) Is there any other way? Hope you could help me guys with these problem... Thanks a lot!
  7. Can i verify where can i place winnt.sif coz the i cant find right now the old file in the ISO i made from WinISO... If there's no old file can i just drag it to the directory and add it? Thanks
  8. I tried making an answer file using setup manager and renamed it with winnt.sif but as i transfer it in the WinISO explorer, the filename is winnt.sif.txt??? Is this correct?
  9. Good day! How can i use the PIDKEY parameter of Office 2003 in a batch file? Um, is it a good idea or its best that i should slipstreamed it in my unattended winXp? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks a lot! Hmm, so i should delete first the old winnt.sif then replace it... I'll try it!
  11. Neji


    Oh im sorry..... Im just new here.... Thanks!
  12. Good day! Um, just wanna know, how can i get / post an avatar here? Thanks!
  13. Im starting already making an unattended Windows Xp installer, since my source has SP2, i skipped step 2 and 3... Right now im trying to make a winnt.sif from the setup manager wizard. After i make one, would it be a good idea if i just could use WinISO creating an image source and insert the file?

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