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  1. To anyone that cares.. Looks to be a DNS issue with our another domain in our forest in another state.
  2. My users and I are having an issue when trying to hyperlink files within Outlook 2003. As you know Word can be and is primarily used for the editor in Outlook. When I create a new email, goto Insert > Hyperlink and then select our company wide shared drive it takes at least 5 minutes for it to pull up. it used to be very speedy... and I'm not sure what the issue is. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. As most have said I would most definitely go with Intel..
  4. Perfect Disk for home and Built in Windows defrag for work machines/machines I don't care about ;P
  5. Windowz Pic & Fax Viewer for me... quick, easy and dirty. My kinda app...
  6. I've seen this issue before on locked down domain machines. Be sure you're logged in with Admin rights.
  7. FF 2.0 here... love all the plugins... makes surfing much more fun
  8. Alright... next question... a board that supports/uses DDR3... does it also support DDR2 of all speeds?
  9. So I'm looking into building a new C2D system with most likely an E6600 and DDR2 8500 @ 1066MHz. I'm seeing all these boards on Newegg saying the following: "Memory Standard: DDR2 1066 / 800 / 667 MHz The chipset officially supports the memory frequency up to DDR2 800MHz." First of all, what does it mean when it says the board 'officially supports up to DDR2 800MHz'? Does this mean the bus speed on the board is meant for that speed and 1066 would be pushing it and not getting the max results from the RAM and the 1066 FSB of the CPU? Perfect example is the Striker Extreme... which appears to be the baddest of the bad but it says it only supports up to DDR2 800. I've always been told and seen that matching RAM and CPU FSB speeds are a good combo, but then of corse I always see someone running an 800MHz FBS CPU and DDR2 667 RAM. In short, for an E6600/6700 and Crucial Ballistix 2X1GB PC2 DDR2 8500 what would your recommendation be on the best board? I'd like to get a board with support for Quad CPUs/1333MHz FSB as well as DDR3 for future upgrades. Thanks MSFN!!
  10. Yup. Right click > props > Startup Type = Automatic. Apply, close.
  11. Schweeeeet! StarCraft is an awesome game! Spent countless hours
  12. Server and workstation services need to be started. Be sure you have the NTFS permission setup right.
  13. I use looklocally.com to promote my site and keep it within the top 5 results of a search. But, basically... all they really do is change up the wording of your site and use repetitive tactics so that when Google indexes the site it gets tons of repetitive words. Check the site out and you'll see what I mean. Works good though, out of 10 difference searches the lowest rank I have in my particular area is 3rd.
  14. Cool, thanks Ripken. You know I'm leaning towards the ASUS P5WDH, I don't really need the Wifi and have read a few bad reviews on Newegg regarding the SATA controllers and other things. What would be the best high end board in your opinion to host the E6600 as well as future upgrades?
  15. Alright, we'll see if I can get at least that. That would get me the E6600 and the ASUS P5WDH! Now the only thing I need to decide is do I want to keep the PC2 6400 Ballistix I already have or buy the PC2 8500. What do you think, is the upgrade from 800 to 1066 worth it? Just trying to stay inline with the CPU FSB.
  16. What I'm looking for is a general depreciation, just like any asset and especially with computers they depreciate quickly. I don't think $450 is asking to much, would you? I mean the only things left to buy for the buyer would be a case, HD, PSU, DVD drive. Few extra hundred...
  17. ASUS P5WD2P - Paid: $252.50 Current Retail Average - ~$170.00 ? (Hard to find good reliable sources) Intel 3.4GHz P4 Prescott - Paid: $269.00 Current Retail Average - $100 4x512mb Crucial Ballistix DDR2 PC2 6400 - Paid: $198.98 (2x512 Initial Build) + $140 (2x512 Upgrade) = $340 Current Retail Average - 2x512 @ Newegg = $133.99 * 2 = $268 Zalman 9500 - Paid: $65.00 Current Retail Average - $53.99 @ Newegg Total Paid: $926.50 Current Retail: $591.99 Hope this will help.. certainly gave me perspective through research. My ultimate goal is mainly the E6600 with a high end mobo like the one mentioned earlier. Obviously the more cash obtained through selling these parts the easier it'll be to buy the latest and greatest. Thanks for any help in trying to figure out the worth after a year of use. -Ringfinger
  18. Gang, Looking to upgrade the core components of my machine and I have a buyer looking to buy used parts. Just curious what the general depreciation is and what you think they'd be worth. They have been in use for a little over a year. ASUS P5WD2 Premium Mobo 3.4GHz P4 Prescott Zalman 9500 4x512mb Crucial Ballistix PC2 6400 The hardware is still very stable and in great physical shape. However I'm looking to upgrade to an E6600 with a ASUS P5W DH DELUXE Mobo and 2GB of Ballistix 8500 w/ a Zalman 9700. Any help in trying to figure out individual costs would be greatly appreciated. THANKS!
  19. I use content advisor on a couple PCs in my network which cannot pass through our normal proxy.pac. To allow access to the entire website, as long as the original domain name stays the same I use a wildcard. Example: http://www.cnn.com/* . Like i said though, if there are any redirects to another domain name, CA will pick it up. Good luck.
  20. Good idea on the recovery... and complaining won't help
  21. Is there anyway you can connect to these services using normal protocols to be able to verify that it's alive? Telnet? HTTP? Direct TCP/IP? If there is I'm not sure how to... theres gotta be some simple app out there that will take care of this task!
  22. I looked at the customs sensors area in the app and didn't see anyting dealing with services nor anything on the site. maybe I'm just missing something?
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